Best Artist Builds in Dead by Daylight (November 2023)

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror and action game you can play online. Five players are in a match, which is called a trial, and one of them is the Killer while the rest are Survivors. The goal of the Killer is to catch each Survivor and sacrifice them, while the Survivors need to fix five generators and avoid getting killed. The game is immensely popular and has various original and licensed characters from horror franchises. This guide will take you through the Best Artist Builds in Dead by Daylight in November 2023.

The Artist, or Carmina Mora, is one of the original characters in Dead by Daylight, and on release, quickly became a fan favorite. You will need your fair share of practice to use her character well. On November 2023, the character received an update that changed some of her perks and abilities, so players might be wondering how to use her best to trap the Survivors. This involves picking out the best perks by the powers of the Artist, so you’ll need a solid understanding of how it works. Let’s find the Best Artist Builds in Dead by Daylight in November 2023.

Dead by Daylight – Best Artist Builds for November 2023

Dead by Daylight - Best Artist Builds for July 2023

To choose the best perks for The Artist, you need to understand her power and how it works. You should also know her teachable perks, which can be combined to earn an Adept Artist.

If you read up on the backstory of the Artist, she had a tragic past. Assailants kidnapped the gifted artist for her outspoken murals on local corruption and chopped off her wrists and tongue. However, she was saved by a murder of crows, quite literally, and taken by the Entity.

Artist’s Perks

Perk Overview: Enhancing your strategy in Dead by Daylight, here are some uniquely crafted perks to elevate your gameplay:

  • Grim Embrace Perk: Achieve a pivotal game moment by hooking each Survivor at least once. Upon doing so, all generators are blocked by the Entity for a duration of 30/35/40 seconds, effectively halting Survivor progress. Additionally, the Obsession’s aura is revealed for five seconds, providing crucial insight.
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance Perk: At the trial’s start, four random hooks transform into Scourge Hooks, identifiable by their distinct white auras. Hooking a Survivor on these causes the most advanced generator to explode, losing 9/12/15% progress and regressing if left unattended. This explosion triggers screams from Survivors working on the affected generator, revealing their location.
  • Hex Pentimento Perk: This perk grants the ability to visualize the auras of cleansed Totems. Transform these into Rekindled Totems to impose cumulative debuffs on Survivors. The effects intensify with each Rekindled Totem:
    • One Totem: Slows repair speed by 20/25/30%.
    • Two Totems: Reduces healing speed by 20/25/30%.
    • Three Totems: Lowers recovery speed by 20/25/30%.
    • Four Totems: Decreases gate opening speed by 20/25/30%.
    • Five Totems: All Totems become blocked by the Entity.

Each perk is tailored to strategically disrupt Survivor activities, adding layers of complexity and challenge to your Dead by Daylight gameplay.

Artist’s Power – Birds of Torment

As for the Artist’s power, it is called Birds of Torment. This allows her to locate and injure survivors using Dire Crows. The Birds of Torment power can be charged by pressing the Power button, and then tapping the Attack button to summon a Dire Crow. This can be done repeatedly by pressing the Power button and tapping the Attack button.

Once a Dire Crow is summoned, it will stay idle for a short time. If a new Dire Crow is summoned, this time will be extended. Tapping the Ability button will make all idle Dire Crows take flight, following their Flight Path. Dire Crows can damage Survivors while on their Flight Path. Once they fly past their Flight Path or through an obstacle, they turn into a Swarm that can pass through any obstacle.

Swarming Survivors can reveal their location through Killer Instinct. If a Swarm collides with a Survivor, it will start to swarm them with a Murder of Crows. The Artist can see the Swarm’s Aura in white, except when it is being repelled. Survivors can repel the Swarm by entering a Locker or completing the Repel action. The Repel action will reset if they collide with an idle Dire Crow while repelling the Swarm.

Best Artist Builds in Dead by Daylight

The Artist excels at finding and injuring survivors but struggles with generator slowdown. The best builds for the Artist complement their strengths while improving their weaknesses. With so many perks available in Dead by Daylight, many choices work well for the Artist. Let’s find out which is the best as of November 2023.

Beginner Artist Build

This build focuses on tracking survivors and slowing down generators. As this is a beginner build, you can use the perks that come with the Artist. Or, you can find them in the Bloodweb of any killer. Here are the perks and add-ons that you should pick:

  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist)
  • Whispers
  • Bitter Murmur
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

Destroyer Artist Build

If you are looking for a more advanced build that helps you damage generators and prevent survivors from working on them, you should opt for this one. The ideal way to go about this build is to activate the perks as often as possible. Here are the perks and add-ons that you should pick:

  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist)
  • Overcharge (The Doctor)
  • Pop Goes The Weasel (The Clown)
  • Dead Man’s Switch (The Deathslinger)


We hope this guide helped you find a suitable build out of the Best Artist Builds in Dead by Daylight. Note that this guide has been updated for November 2023 to suit the present character specs. You should be able to use one of these builds to create the Artist you want and sacrifice the Survivors to win.

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