Best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

Seasons of Arrivals expansion in Destiny 2 brings with a lot of cool new exotic weapons for players to select from. Exotic weapons are basically golden or yellow tier weapons that have extraordinary stats. The only catch that comes with these awesome unique weapons is that players can only equip themselves with one exotic weapon or exotic armor. This means that at the same time, there will only be one yellow item on either side of the load-out setup screen. 

In Seasons of Arrival, players won’t have to collect many Sunspots as all the weapons will have the same stats as another. Bungie has also brought improvements in the armor mechanics as they will have increased agility and higher damage recover similar to the original Destiny’s sub-classes. 

About Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

There are many different ways to get an Exotic in Destiny 2:

  • Complete certain quests and objectives
  • Decrypt Engrams
  • Random drop from events or matches
  • Vendors like Xur
  • Three of Coins

Naturally, the best and most potent exotic weapons will take some amount of time. It may require the player to unlock certain specific quests that may involve several steps and, in certain cases, even an elaborate ARG-themed puzzle. Players can even upgrade certain exotic weapons in Destiny 2 using the Masterwork Catalyst. However, finding them in Destiny 2 requires players to complete certain quests and a lot of luck. 

Some players may actually find it difficult to figure out which weapons are worth tracking down and adding to their weapons inventory. Especially if the ones locked behind long quests aren’t all that powerful. So now, we will go through all the best exotic weapons and how to get them in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. 

Best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

Below listed are all the best exotic weapons from SoA in Destiny 2:

Trinity Ghoul

The Trinity Ghoul is one of the easiest exotic bows that players can get their hands through any exotic engram in Destiny 2. Its special ability gets activated once players find the catalyst for it. The catalyst will trigger chains of Arc damage against enemy opponents. Each timing arc energy is used. With the catalyst, players will also notice greater charging speed and increase bow draw speed. Once the catalyst is ready to go, the Trinity Ghoul in Destiny 2 becomes one of the best bow-type weapons. 

Outbreak Perfected

The Outbreak Perfected is one of the best exotic pulse rifles in Destiny 2. Players can get their hands on this after successfully completing the Outbreak Perfected Exotic quest. Using this weapon, players can acquire precision kills at a high rate. This will also produce SIVA nanite swarms that are capable of hunting down and dealing with damage to enemy opponents. It can also interrupt unstoppable enemies through the seasonal armor mods. 

The Anarchy

The Anarchy is an exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2. Players can get their hands on the Anarchy after successfully completing the Scourge of the Past raid. Using this weapon, players can generate chains of arc energy that can easily melt anything within its range. 

The Ace of Spade

The Ace of Spade is one of the most famous exotic hand cannons in Destiny 2. Players can get their hands on this exotic after successfully completing the Cayde’s Will quest. What makes the Ace of Spade different from all the other hand cannons is its unique ability to deal with critical damage using the Memento Mori perk. Players will get an entire magazine filled with more powerful rounds once they reload after making a kill. 

Bad Juju

The Bad Juju is another exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2. Even though it may not be easy to master, it does bring a lot of special abilities that make it worth the while. Players will receive super energy after making kills, weapon damage can increase and magazine while killing enemies. In order to get it, players must complete the Calus’ Leviathan exotic quest. It can also interrupt unstoppable enemies through the seasonal armor mods. 

Izanagi’s Burden

Izanagi’s Burden is one of the exotic sniper rifles in Destiny 2. To unlock this weapon, the player will have to go through a very long quest. However, it is definitely worth the trouble as Izanagi’s Burden is one of the best heavy-damage weapons owing to its ability to deliver a single shot that has all the ammo charge in it. 

Whisper of the Worm

Whisper of the Worm is another good choice for an exotic sniper rifle in Destiny 2. Players can get these weapons after completing a special quest on planet Io. It is recommended to go with a full fireteam as its not all that easy. 


The Witherboard is another great exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2 that can be acquired through the Battle Pass. Using this weapon, players can inflict critical damage, damage-over-time, along with the area of effect damage against enemy targets. It is a very powerful grenade launcher and has been balanced since the beginning of the season. 

Eriana’s Vow

The Eriana’s Vow is an interesting exotic weapon, as it is a hand cannon that functions as a fusion rifle in Destiny 2. It can only be acquired using the exotic cypher from the Battle Pass from Rahoul at the Tower. 


The Divinity is an exotic trade rifle in Destiny 2. Players can get their hands on the Divinity after successfully completing the Garden of Salvation raid. What makes this exotic trade rifle unique is that it can make all damage sources hit harder against an enemy along with its own damage. It is the most sought-after endgame weapon. 

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