3 Best Roblox Alternatives for PC and Mobile

Rolobox once used to dominate the genre of 3D online game platforms and game creation systems. It gave the users complete freedom to surface their imagination into a whole 3D game. You can create an entire world with various objects, add multiple levels, and so on with their drag-and-drop editor. What’s even more intriguing is its availability on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and even on Meta Quest, and Amazon. Hence, after earning such a good reputation, it is quite tough to believe that Rolobox is now fading in the horde of such new titles.

After Rolobox, a lot of similar game creation systems were launched. Certainly, some of these titles did a great job of taking away the crown from the game. Today, many great alternatives to Rolobox offer you an even better game-creation platform. However, when it comes to their availability, there are hardly any matches. But if you want to try a Rolobox alternative that is available on both PC and mobile, we got you covered. Here, check out the 3 best Rolobox alternatives that you can play on your PC as well as your phone.

3 Best Roblox Alternatives for PC and Mobile

3 Best Roblox Alternatives for PC and Mobile

No doubt, Rolobox is still doing great business but today we have a lot of alternatives to try out. While some of them offer a similar experience, some are more dedicated to a particular section. But after going through an overall experience, we found out the 3 best Rolobox alternatives you would love to try out. So, let’s dive into it without any further ado.

1. Minecraft

To begin with the best Rolobox alternatives, we have Minecraft, which definitely needs no introduction. Minecraft is one of the most played world-building games across the globe. It offers you an endless world to explore and create whatever you feel like. The game provides you with blocks using which you can create anything out of your imagination. With unlimited resources and a huge map for exploration, it also brings some crafting and combat as well.

Additionally, Minecraft is also a multiplayer online game that lets you create and share maps with your friends. Dig out endless possibilities and explore different maps to find out what more it has to offer. Also, do not forget to carry weapons as zombies and spiders might be waiting for you on the route. In short, Minecraft is a perfect blend of a never-ending world which makes it worth checking out.

The game is available for both PC and mobile. In fact, it even beats Rolobox in terms of availability. You can get it from the link below and start giving a shape to your imagination.

Download Minecraft 

2. Terraria

Next, we have Terraria, another home for creative gamers. It is a sandbox-style game that offers you freedom in addition to a touch of classic actions. It has 3 modes, i.e., dig, fight, and create. The randomly generated massive worlds never let your exploration stop. Terraria offers you the entire world at your fingertips. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to delve in search of unique materials and treasuries, seek out powerful enemies, or carve out your own world while you fight for survival.

You need to keep searching for raw materials and create new structures to push your level. Keep enhancing your weapons and machinery to prepare for a fight against the mighty foes. Terraria’s key features are its sandbox play and free content updates. Besides, it has a highly active community that is always up for welcoming new players.

Download Terraria

3. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is another Rolobox alternative where you basically gather resources, craft, and build the world of dreams. As the name itself mentions, it offers you endless resources that you need to craft the blocks and create different items. Cubic Castles features a very basic UI, however, its potential can only be discovered after starting the journey.

The best thing about Cubic Castles is that it is available for free and it doesn’t even require any email. Account creation is extremely simple and takes only a few steps. Once you are in, you need to mine for materials and build new items. In the all-new world, you need to set up your own farm, raise cattle, grow crops, make smart trades, and do the necessary for survival. There are a lot of quests and adventures to complete. Moreover, you can create your clan and add your friends or join any existing clan. Lastly, two special things about Cubic Castles are that it lets you add music to your world to maintain the atmosphere and you get to drive cars for fun or participate in competitive races.

Considering everything it has to offer, Cubic Castles is a must-try for every creative gamer. It is available on Android, iOS, Steam, and the Web. So, invite your friends and start creating a new world out of the cubes.

Download Cubic Castles 


So, these are the three best Rolobox alternatives. Just like Rolobox, all these games offer you a similar experience with a vast world to explore, unlimited resources, and of course a tough fight for survival. Most importantly, if you were looking for the best titles available both for PS and Mobile, they are worth a try. In the end, let us know which one you like the most. Is it Minecraft’s popularity, Terraria’s Sandbox Play freedom, or Cubic Castles simplicity, which one caught your attention the most?

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