Best Ship Build For PVP and PVE Skull And Bones

Skull and Bones is an amazing action-adventure game that invites you to a perilous world where you strive to become the most fearsome Pirate. Revolving around the journey of pirates, it brings in a variety of ships to choose from. Each ship in Skull and Bones features different styles and buffs making them unique in their own way. As you start your journey into this open-world game, you take control of a pirate ship by default. However, as you dive deeper, you get to collect more ships throughout the game. But how do we know the best ship builds for PVP and PVE Skull and Bones?

Well, there are around 11 ships in Skull and Bones. And, as a player, you need to choose a pirate ship that best suits your gameplay. Since they come with versatile buffs and benefits, some of them are simply better and more powerful than others. However, it must often get confusing to choose the best one among all the ships. Fortunately, if you are not sure which one to pick, then here we are to help you out. In this guide, we will talk about some of the best solo ship builds that you can use for both PVP and PVE.

Best Ship Build For PVP and PVE Skull And Bones

Each ship in Skull and Bones is built differently. They are equipped with a range of weapons and most importantly, the buffs play an important role in deciding the turning point in your gameplay. This is why picking up the right ship helps you excel in your game. Below we have shared some of the highest-tier ship builds in Skull and Bones suitable for both PVP and PVE gameplays.

1. Brigantine

Speaking of the best ship builds in Skull & Bones, Brigantine is definitely one of the most preferred ships by players. The DPS specializes in dealing damage and status effects. Brigantine goes swiftly with an aggressive playstyle. It can be used for ramming singular targets and causing flood damage. It does a pretty balanced job in both PVP and PVE, however, you can leverage it to the fullest for the manufactury collection runs. The extra speed of Brigantine certainly compensates for the time-consuming collection runs.

Moreover, it also offers the Bullhorn perk in PVE which turns out to be extremely beneficial. The perk increases damage from knocking by 45% and applies flooded damage to the enemy. In addition, it also reduces the duration of Torn Sails by 80%. Thus, it allows you to deal heavy damage to the enemies while protecting your ship from theirs.

Brigantine Best Build: Weapons

Considering the basic features of the ship and that you have upgraded it to rank 11, we will now craft it with the best accessories and weapons to obtain the absolute Brigantine build. So, starting with the weapons, we will go with the Long Gun V. It covers a good range, hence, if you are at a distance from the enemy or following them, you can keep sniping them from the front.

On the sides, we can go for the Zamzama III and II. These demi cannons are great for PVE and also perform great in PVP as well. As for the back, we will go with the Shalei II. You can fire them quickly and deal good damage to the enemies. Shalei II is undoubtedly a life savour especially when you are being chased by an enemy. In the auxiliary, you can either go for the rocket or mortar. The mortar certainly offers a wider range and makes good coordination with the long gun.

Brigantine Best Build: Armor

The Royal Custodian is one of the best armors you can have for the Brigantine ship for a reason. Not only does it come with a 400 rating, it’s perks also justify its importance. The Royal Custodian applies the Fortified effect for 12 seconds every time you use the repair kit. This further increases the armor by 35%.

Brigantine Best Build: Furniture

Coming to the furniture, you can go with quite several choices. However, for a formidable build, you can select the rope locker as your major furniture. If helps to increase your acceleration to 300%. Additionally, you can pick the Torpedo Furnace, Iron Clading Station, front powder kegs, and maintenance forge for the rest of the 4 slots. A combination of these furniture provides a perfect balance in range, damage, and restoring damage.

2. Sambuk

Once again, another DPS type, the Sambuk is well equipped with an aggressive playstyle. Being a DPS, Sambuk specializes in dealing damage and status effects by dishing out fire damage and burning the targets. It eventually gets better in close-range battles being able to tackle multiple enemies within its range. Sambuk is considered the best option for PVP so far.

While using Sambuk, you get the perk Scorched. Every time you apply the Ablaze effect to an enemy ship, Scorched deals 5000 burning damage. The Ablaze effect can be applied within a range of 150 meter radius and it increases the damage to ships by another 50%. You can craft the Sambuk in multiple ways depending on your playstyle. Yet here is a complete build that certainly makes the Sambuk extremely powerful and aggressive as a DPS.

Sambuk Best Build: Weapon

The first weapon of choice to get the best build for Sambuk has to be the Blue Specter bow from the Ghost ship. On the sides, you can have the Fire Bombard II and the Fire Bombard III on the back to deal with the violent damage. Finally, for the auxiliaries, we will go with the Termites III. It deals extremely heavy fire damage, although the camera angle might make it difficult to get a shot with this rocket launcher.

Sambuk Best Build: Armor

Again for the ship armor for Sambuk, you can either go with the Royal Custodian or the Oroboros. Both these armors can be used as an alternative for the other. However, the Royal Custodian provides more resistance against various types of damage mitigations.

Sambuk Best Build: Furniture

For the furniture, you can consider the rope locker as the major one. Since Sambuk is not among the fastest ships in Skull and Bones, the rope locker will help increase its acceleration. Apart from that, the Volatile Fuel helps increase the charge rate of the ablaze effect by 10%. For the third slot, the Gunpowder Bench increases damage to enemy ships with the Ablaze effect, and the Seafire Works increases the elemental damage multiplier of sea damage by 19%.

3. Padewakang

Padewakang is one of the first high-tier ships that you will get to play with in Skull and Bones. Once again, a DPS-type ship capable of taking on multiple enemies with appropriate build. The Padewakang is much better in PVE content when you fall against a huge number of enemies. It is not really recommended for PVP content.

Just like the other ships, Padewakang comes with the perk, the Detonate. It increases the explosive hit chances by 70% to trigger an explosion. Moreover, each explosion deals 1000 damage within a range of 125 meter radius. In case, the target ship is Ablaze, Detonate further increases the chance to 100%. Additionally, it also increases damage to structures by 50% and weapon damage radius by 12%. Padewakang is the best pick, especially for the mid-game. If equipped properly, you can counter multiple enemies easily.

Padewakang Best Build: Weapons

Unlike with the other ships, the Padewakang is specifically built to take on multiple enemies. Hence, you will be dealing with a lot of explosions from everywhere. Thus, to get the best build for the Padewakang, set the Fire Bombard II on all sides of the ship. And for the auxiliaries, get the mortars to ensure maximum damage dealt.

However, with this setup, you need to maintain some distance from the enemy. Otherwise, it might get difficult to get your shots at the right spot.

4. Snow

Lastly, we have Snow, a tank ship that specializes in bracing against incoming damage and excels in defense. Snow has high durability and can withstand heavy damage in a battle. The ship comes with the perk of tenacity. It recovers brace strength by 4% per second during bracing. It can further increase the brace strength by 50% and brace recovery strength by 150%.

Compared to Brigantine, the Snow carries a brace strength of 25000. Besides, it also comes with more HP and hell health, and a huge cargo capable of carrying tons of stuff. However, it is much slower in terms of speed. It features 5 weapon slots but only 4 slots for the furniture which makes it extremely difficult to upgrade it to a rank 11 ship. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop you from having your weapon of choice on the ship. You can customize the Snow in a variety of ways as far as it suits your playstyle. Here’s an ultimate build for snow that you should definitely check out.

Snow Best Build: Weapons

Although you have the freedom to choose any weapon, we prefer going with torpedoes or bombards at the front. You can go for the Shalei II on the front and Flooding Demi Cannon III on both sides. These cannons are great for putting flooding on the enemies and come with a decent range too. Make sure to go for a bombard at the back to deal heavy damage to enemies chasing you. Considering the current setup, you should pick the rocket for the auxiliary instead of the mortar. The mortar surely deals good damage but the rocket certainly offers better shot accuracy compared to the mortar.

Snow Best Build: Armor

As for the ship armor, you can again go for the Royal Custodian. It looks great on any ship and offers more damage mitigation than the other armor.

Snow Best Build: Furniture

For the major furniture in the Snow, we chose the Signal Gong. This increases damage by 15% after a crew attack for the next 30 seconds. In the second slow, we will go with the Maintained Arsenal offering a damage increase of 10% from auxiliary weapons. Additionally, we have the Rocket Works and Spiked War Horn in the third and fourth slots respectively. The Spiked War Horn increases the charge rate of crew attacks by 10% and makes great coordination with the others.


Being a Pirates game, ships are undoubtedly the most significant weapons in Skull and Bones. Before you look for anything else, you should get a good ship to withstand the battles in the game. This article basically provides you with an insight into the top-tier ships and their best builds. However, you are free to make any changes to them as per your requirements and playstyle. If this article was helpful, let us know in the comments below. Also, mention your favorite ship builds in Skull and Bones.

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