Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2

Are you looking for the best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2? The first person shooter game takes place in a shared environment where you can go head to head with other players in the PvP mode. Overwatch 2 was initially out on early access, but the label was removed once the game reached its sixth season. The hero shooter game has plenty of characters called heroes that you can choose from with their special abilities and skills. Overwatch 2 is a sequel to Overwatch, which had six heroes per team, but now the game has five. In this guide, we will take you through the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2.

Some of the main characters in the game have been reworked in the new version of Overwatch, and one of the tank slots in the team has been removed. The devs wanted to speed up the pace of gameplay, and removing the tank was one of the most effective ways to do it. However, now you will need to be more careful on how to control your characters as the stakes are higher. Zarya is one of the tanks who has also been through quite a few changes, and you should be aware of the counters that work best against her. Let’s find out what the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2 are.

What are the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2?

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If you are looking to increase your win rate, you should know how to take Zarya out effectively. She is one of the tanks that players use a lot in Overwatch 2, and this can make things difficult for you as she’s quite powerful. With two charges on her barrier shields, she can charge her beam up and wreak havoc against your team. A skilful player will make her carry most of the damage dealt out, so you need to know the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2.

Zarya has a Particle Cannon which gains charge when you inflict damage on her shield barriers, and increases the damage of her attack. Thus, the more you hit her shields, the more powerful she will get by soaking up the damage. The player might take damage on purpose just so they can hit back harder. So, you will need an effective strategy that stops your opponent from taking advantage of your hits.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be hitting Zarya’s shield barriers that make her Particle Cannon so powerful. These shield barriers last for two seconds, and Zarya is able to create two of them every ten seconds, so that’s about 40% of the time. The rest of the time, attempt to take her out because she can’t charge her shields if she’s dead. If you want to break through her shield to kill her, you should be prepared for the extra 200 Health that you need to get through first. Thus, you should ensure that everyone on your team is focusing solely on her.

Here are the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2:

  • Cassidy: Another powerful DPS hero who is one of the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2 is Cassidy, with his magnetic grenade ability that can deal plenty of damage in a short amount of time. You’ll need to ensure that the rest of the team is in on the plan, shooting at Zarya when Cassidy throws the grenade. While Cassidy has undergone a nerf in Overwatch 2, he still remains powerful and not to be trifled with. After placing the grenade, you should roll away and fire some headshots at Zarya to seal the deal.
  • Hanzo: If you’re looking for a DPS hero to counter Zarya, you can go with Hanzo, who has the ability of Storm Arrows which deals a lot of damage. Make sure to time your hits when Zarya’s shields are on cooldown, which happens right after she has used up both of them. However, if you accidentally hit a shield, you might regret it later as it will only charge up her attacking power.
  • Zenyatta: For a support hero, Zenyatta can be one of the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2. He has an Orb of Discord which lets him debuff Zarya when she’s not under her shield’s protection. This will ensure that she takes more damage from you, as long as you keep reapplying the debuff repeatedly. With Zarya taking down the debuff every time she puts up her shield barriers, this is a great way for you to know when she’s on cooldown, and take advantage of her weakness.
  • Moira: Moira is another support hero who you can use to direct energy to damage Zarya as much as possible. This will force Zarya to use her powers to protect herself, and make her unable to focus on the other players as she is busy saving up her health. By making Zarya force her shield barriers, you can control the gameplay and shoot her down when she is on cooldown. As Zarya doesn’t have as much health as a Tank character, you should be able to do this easily as long as the rest of the players are on your plan.
  • Winston: If you need a Tank hero to counter Zarya, you should consider Winston. You will need to take Zarya’s support system down when you are using this playstyle, which you can do one after another. As for Winston, he will need to avoid getting beamed by Zarya while using his constant attacking power to hit the support that surrounds her. As he will be taking the brunt of the damage dealt out by the opposing team, the rest of your team should be safe.


That concludes our guide on the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2. Remember that teamwork is key, and no matter what strategy you choose, you should relay it to your teammates so that they know what to do in order to take Zarya down. We hope that this guide helped you find some of the Best Zarya Counters in Overwatch 2. Make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 game page for more tips and tricks.

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