BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List

In 2023, the most famous mobile TPP and FPP game is BGMI also popularly known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has gathered a massive following due to its comeback after its temporary suspension of services in the region. However, the gaming community often encounters discussions and concerns related to the security of player accounts. Recently, there has been a notable issue circulating online regarding the availability of BGMI Facebook IDs and passwords. Today in this guide, we will share the latest and working BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List with you.

When you start playing PUBG Mobile for the first time, your account is brand new, and it doesn’t have any UC (in-game currency), gun skins, or other rewards yet. And purchasing such costly in-game items and rewards isn’t a cup of tea for all gamers. Such game accounts have now become a virtual treasure for players seeking new challenges and diverse gaming experiences. As a result, the demand for the latest BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords has become an integral part of the gaming culture.

BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List

BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List

Whether you like seeing your character from a distance or experiencing the action up close, BGMI gives you exciting gameplay similar to its older version, PUBG Mobile. As a player, you know how crucial it is to have a powerful account for unlocking cool features and making your gaming experience better. So down below we are sharing a latest updated list of BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords.

Busterjay10 perez2003 Account active
Glacier goha4905 Account active
Pro659123 prouser659 Account active
fullbilgi agit2131 Account active
gamergamerst 8645384558st Account active
jokerboss2000 yusuf2005 Account active
linda95 linda5526321145 Account active
majorking5 55major55 Account active
michael2019 0234587412abc Account active
reymysterio4 619619619 Account active
screamshouttt 64851325454 Account active
utheneravip vipcocacc Account active

Please note that the above accounts will work on Facebook platform and are only for first come and first serve purposes. Players are requested not to change the password so other gamers can also take advantage of the above BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List to enjoy the game.


This brings us to the end of this guide for BGMI Facebook IDs And Passwords List. We can understand that BGMI enthusiasts like yourself are constantly on the lookout for fresh opportunities to join exciting matches, form alliances, and showcase their skills. And I’m sure that the above accounts will help you to gain all the necessary resources easily to achieve your in-game goal.

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