Biomutant: Buy and Sell Items, Upgrade Points, Increase Stats

In every open-world RPG, you will surely need an ample amount of the game’s currency to purchase items in the various shops. With Biomutant, it’s all about the best ways to earn green in the game so that you can buy consumables, weapon add-ons, make upgrades, and more. These are your ultimate money-making methods.

Apart from this, in Biomutant, you have to upgrade points to change perks and combos using which you can able to access some magic and crazy Biomutant abilities. Simultaneously increase your Stats points also essential in order to survive in the Biomutant open world.

But, did you know how to buy and sell items, upgrade points, increase stats in Biomutant? Then, tighten your seat belt because you are going to experience all these in this walkthrough. So, without further ado, let get started.


Biomutant: Buy and Sell Items, Upgrade Points, Increase Stats

As we know, if we need to buy anything, we need green (Biomutant currency). But, if you still have no idea about green money, then don’t worry! We will explain to you everything regarding this further in the article. So, let’s dive into it.

How To Buy And Sell Items in Biomutant

Well, if you are still in the tutorial phase of the game, then forget about buying and selling things and first complete the tutorial phase. Until you reach some specific point or part of the game, you’ll not be able to buy or sell the items. For example, in the tutorial phase, players have no idea what green is because, in that phase, they don’t need it to use anywhere.

In contrast, if you have already completed the tutorial phase, you can start playing the game’s main theme, i.e., Tribe play. Then, you just need to explore the locations that are within your reach. When you locate random bushes around, and just after that, when you conquer your first enemy tribe vanguard, this is the time when you can use your money.

location of Buy and sell items in Biomutant

Moreover, when you defeat your enemy and put your tribe flag in their post, then your first vendor shop will unlock. So, now you buy various items from the vendor shop such as mounts, materials, clothes, crafting, and many more things. But, unfortunately, you cannot be able to buy a complete weapon. Yes, you can purchase weapons parts and craft them yourself as you want.

However, similarly, you can sell something to the vendor in order to earn some green. Now, how will you get a high rate to sell your items? Well, if your barter percent is high and your Charisma state is also high, then the price of your item will be better. This means you can sell your items at a more significant amount. So, it is pretended that to always keep your character’s level up. But, how? Simple, by investing in Charisma.

How To Get Upgrade Points in Biomutant

Unfortunately, there is no way to farm a lot of Biomutant upgrade points. So, then how you get upgrade points? Don’t worry! You must have to level up your character in order to get more upgrade points. So, yes, at the moment when you level up your character, you’ll be rewarded with an upgrade point.

So, instead of spending that point unnecessarily, you can store it to use it further in the game when you know that you need more ability to survive. You can hold the points as many as you can without fretting about losing them.

Upgrade points

However, similar to any other RPG game, in Biomutant, looting plays a vital role. Also, this another method to get more and more upgrade points. Yes, after conquering in boss fights, you need to locate its Lair, and once you get it, you can interact with various things available there. You’ll find some specific items such as relics, books, etc.

However, these items can be awarded you with one upgrade point. But, keep in mind that in any particular location, you’ll not find more than one of these items.

So, it becomes more important to interact with everything whenever you visit any mini-boss or boss lair. Meanwhile, there are plenty of side quests from NPCs as well to obtain several items in the game. We recommend you go through all the side quests available in the game because some of them might reward you with upgrade points.

Finally, as we stated, there is a total of three ways to farm upgrade points. First, you can try leveling up your character in order to get one upgrade point. The second method is to loot the Lair after defeating bosses. Now, the final one by completing the side quests. But, you have to keep in mind that you need to have the patience to get as many upgrade points. As we already stated that none of the mentioned methods rewards you more than one upgrade point.

How to Increase Stats in Biomutant

Increase stats

As we know, stats are directly linked with the character creation system that gives you the access to customize your character’s starting attributes according to your playstyle. But, as you progress, you need to increase your stats. However, currently, you have only three options to increase your stats in Biomutant. So, let’s dive into these three methods.

#1 Method: Level Up

It is the essential aspect that helps you to increase your stats. However, when you are leveling up your character, you can allow increasing an attribute of your choice by 10. Then, you can simply select the attribute which you want to increase from the given list. In contrast, you will also get one point that you can use further to unlock skills from the Wung-Fu and Perks menu. Moreover, you will also get XP when you complete any combat or quest.

#2 Method: Find Objects and Interact With Them

This is the second important aspect of the game to increase your stats. Yes, you’ll just need to find out the specific objects in the Biomutant world and interact with them. However, it might be possible that some of them require a short Quick-Time Event sequence. In these events, there are a few different kinds of things like lifting weights.

So, you can keep your eyes open and always find out if anythings happening unusually in certain places. Once you find something like that, you can go and interact with it to increase your stats.

#3 Method: Equip Gear and Craft Items

This is the most effective way to increase your stats. Therefore, while playing the game, you need to equipping gears and crafting items to boost your stats. I don’t need to explain how to equip gear and craft items because I think you already know it. By the way, if you don’t know. Then, you can check out our crafting guide.


Green money is considered to be one of the most crucial things in Biomutant. This is because you can get everything using the green money in the game, such as crafting items. Because of that, having green money in Biomutant can be a good idea to upgrade points potentially, increase stats, and last but not least buying and selling the items. In this article, you have learned about how to buy and sell items, upgrade points, and increase stats.

Additionally, we also describe how you can use your points to gain more points. If you have read this article carefully, probably now you can quickly get what you want. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start making more green money and increase your points. That’s it for this guide. We hope you get an idea of how these things work. Now, if you have any doubt, you can use our comment section. Also, check out our official YouTube channel for daily tech and gaming updates.

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