BitLife Slice and Dice Challenge Guide

Players can always expect new challenges from BitLife. There are some challenges that are very difficult to complete, and they require players to meet specific requirements like having been born in the following way (specific country, gender, etc.). Players must be born in Texas and kill a few people to complete the Slice and Dice Challenge. Here is a guide to help you complete BitLife’s Slice & Dice Challenge.

BitLife Slice & Dice Challenge Guide

How To Finish The Slice & Dice Challenge In BitLife

To complete the Slide & Dice Challenge, you must complete five tasks:

  1. Born in Texas as a male
  2. Arms dealer to sell 5+ weapons
  3. With the weapons you’ve purchased, attack five or more individuals
  4. Murder someone with a Katana
  5. Sell a murder weapon

How to be born a male in Texas – BitLife Guide

In the Slice & Dice challenge, the first objective is to be born a male in Texas. Make sure to select male as your starting gender and The USA as your birth country when you create your character. In order to fulfill the birthplace requirement, you must choose Dallas, a city within Texas, as you cannot select any other state. This will complete the first challenge objective.

Purchase 5+ Weapons From the Arms Dealer

Before you can access the Arms Dealer, your character must be an adult, which is 18 years old. Once you reach adulthood, click on Black Market under the Activities tab. To view the available weapons for sale, choose Arms Dealer.

There are weapons that can be purchased, as well as those that must be bid for against other buyers. Even if you haggle with the arms dealer for a lower price, it’s in your best interest not to do so. You must buy at least six weapons from the arms dealer in order to participate in the Slice & Dice Challenge.

It is a requirement that one of these weapons be a Katana. If you are unable to locate the Katana, simply select “Keep Looking” until it appears (this may require that you age). It’s important to pursue a well-paying career, such as a lawyer in BitLife, because buying these weapons will be expensive.

Attack 5+ Individuals with Weapons You’ve Purchased

After that, you should put these weapons to use. Using Aging Up popups, you can engage in a conflict by attacking. Your weapon will be used for this purpose. It is also possible for you to attack another bidder at the Arms Dealer using one of your weapons. Whenever you face a death, use your Katana if you possess one. It is recommended that you repeat this step five times.

Murder Someone with a Katana

In case you didn’t finish this task in the previous step, then you need to go to Activities > Crime > Murder, and if available, use your katana as a method. Otherwise, you will have to keep attacking Black Market vendors who bid against you until you are murdered.

Sell a Murder Weapon

When you commit murder, you can choose the murder weapon by going to Assets > Belongings > Weapons. Then, you can sell it after getting it appraised. Once you accept the first offer, the last task will be completed. It is likely that no one will want to purchase it that year, so Age Up and try again the following year.

So, that’s how you can easily complete the Slice & Dice Challenge in BitLife. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Until then, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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