How to Heal in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 might have a couple of years on its sleeve, but despite all that, new players will not find the game in any way to be easy. On the contrary, the sheer amount of enemies and psycho creatures, along with the minions, will definitely be more than what was bargained for.  In order to survive all of this, players need to recover and heal fairly quickly so as to progress without spending too much time on any level.

There are plenty of healing features in the game. Some are well hidden inside descriptions, whereas others are fairly obvious to find. In this guide, we will discuss how players can heal in Borderlands 2.

How to Heal in Borderlands 2

How to Heal in Borderlands 2?

Players can loot healing syringes to receive a quick health-burst depending upon the type of health syringe found. Additionally, players can also directly purchase these healing syringes from the Dr.Zed Healing Machines. These healing machines are located all around the extensive maps.

There are items known as ‘Health Now’ that have the ability to heal 25% of the player’s current health instantly. Another one is the ‘Rejuvenator,’ which is famous for immediately regenerating player health for 20 seconds. These are some of the more popular methods to heal in Borderlands 2. They are fairly common to find in the game.

Now let’s get started on the ones that are a little bit harder to find!

Other Ways to Heal in Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2, players are also able to heal by developing skills for their characters. However, not all characters can make use of this strategy, nor does it apply to all abilities. Players will have to play with certain characters like Maya, Zero, Kreig, and Gaige in order to get self-healing.

For each character, there is a passive healing ability linked with their hero power. For instance, Maya, the Siren can heal with her ‘Sweet Release’ ability. Having this item on her harmony skill tree allows her to steal damage from enemies successfully. Maya first traps the enemies within an energy sphere, otherwise known as ‘Phaselocking.’ Maya converts their stolen damage into healing ability that can also be used on other teammates.

Kreig’s character is primarily a melee-focused psycho character. His passive ability can completely regenerate his health after successfully killing an enemy opponent while in rage mode. Each time he uses the ‘Buzz Axe Rampage,’ his health also increases simultaneously. This is a unique skill for players, and it is easy to obtain without having to develop any particular skill on their harmony skill tree. Without any requirements, players will have greater freedom to develop their character even further.

Weapons for Healing in Borderlands 2

Additionally, fans of Borderlands 2 have also noticed that there are a few weapons and protective shields that have the ability to provide healing for their characters. The amount of healing is dependant on the damaging impact on the enemy opponent. For instance, Mad Moxxi has a Rubi pistol that has the ability to grant 12% of the damage it can deliver. This also includes the self-damage and additional damage delivered through explosive barrels. This one of the main reasons why the Rubi pistol is tagged as one of the most valuable weapons in Borderlands 2. It can deliver some serious damage and provide healing as well.

The Rubi pistol can only be accessed for players as a reward after successfully completing the ‘Rakkaholics Anonymous’ side quest mission. This quest is targetted for players who are at least on level 21 or above. Players below this level are advised to search for an alternative shield that can provide health regeneration as well.

The Borderlands franchise always rolls out frequent updates and game revisions. And so, there are still newer methods for players to heal themselves. Either through certain weapons and shields or by developing new skills on the harmony skill tree even though these items or abilities do not guarantee to provide the necessary self-healing that players will require.

However, Borderlands 2 has made up for it by the use of health vials. Whenever players require the health vials, they will spawn up throughout the game when the game. Additionally, to help players remain alive, there are health machines strategically positioned throughout different areas in the maps. Borderlands 2 has customizable builds, which means that players can survive in the game much more comfortable even if the healing items can only be put to use when the players are desperately low on health.

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