10 Reasons Why BYD Atto 3 Not Charging and How We Can Fix?

The BYD ATTO 3 is a five-seater sporty electric SUV that’s dynamic and expressive at the same time. The Chinese battery manufacturer BYD has come up with the Atto 3 model powered by the BYD Blade Battery technology, the world’s safest EV Battery that redefines the standards of EV safety. It might be a new EV for the Indian market but already a successful unit globally. Despite having better specifications, BYD Atto 3 not charging properly in some cases.

BYD Atto 3 offers the incredible ‘Dragon Face 3.0’ design with a diffused chrome grill, sleek LED headlamps, attractive alloys, brushed silver & aluminium accents, LED tail lamps, etc. Now, if we take a quick look at the multiple reports online, it seems that several users are having charging-related issues with BYD Atto 3 EV where locking and unlocking the door affects battery charging. Whereas some BYD Atto 3s are unable to charge at newly opened Tesla V3 Superchargers.

10 Reasons Why BYD Atto 3 Not Charging and How We Can Fix?

10 Reasons Why BYD Atto 3 Not Charging and How We Can Fix?

So, if you’re also one of the unfortunate users of BYD Atto 3 E-SUV and facing the same kind of issue with the battery charging then don’t fret. There are multiple potential reasons behind it. In fact, we’ve shared with you 10 reasons why BYD Atto 3 not charging and how you can resolve it. To recall, BYD is one of the world’s biggest battery manufacturers to build electric trains, buses, grid storage units, electric cars, batteries, etc. As they don’t have any expertise with fuel vehicles, they basically build EVs.

Talking about the possible reasons for your electric vehicle not charging properly, the chances are high that somehow the charging station doesn’t support V2 supercharging with Atto 3, faulty wiring, electricity source conflicts, system glitches on the EV, the input voltage is too high or low, the charger doesn’t recognize the car model, problems with the fuse box, physically damaged battery inside the EV, payment required for the supercharger, and more. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Luckily, we’ve managed to share you with a couple of workarounds that should come in handy. Ensure to follow all troubleshooting methods until the problem has been fixed. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

1. Restart Your BYD Atto 3 EV

First of all, you should restart your BYD Atto 3 EV to ensure there is no system glitch causing such an issue. Sometimes the temporary glitch can also trouble you a lot.

2. Check the Battery Life Cycle

It’s also important to check the battery life cycle because if the battery life cycle is completed after running the EV thoroughly on a single charge, displaying the low charge or even not charging status won’t be a big deal. However, this type of situation can leave you in splits if you’re on a long trip or driving at midnight on a highway. Though the manufacturers research and develop their EVs with certified battery capacity for better driving range on a single charge, nothing is permanent or perfect.

It might be possible that the battery life cycle is either completed or the system software is somehow conflicting to display the correct information. In case, your BYD ATTO 3 EV is newly purchased and you haven’t driven it that much then the following reasons can be applicable to you.

3. Check the Compatibility With a Charger

Sometimes conflicts with the charging stations or the specific charger can trouble you a lot if the vehicle is not get detected by it. Any kind of connectivity issue or malfunction at the specific charging station can cause battery not charging problems straightaway. As we’ve already mentioned several users are facing charging issues with the BYD Atto 3 at some newly opened Tesla V3 Superchargers. To be precise, only the new V3 supercharger stations can’t recognize the BYD Atto 3 model and that’s why failed to charge.

Recently, Tesla launched so many non-Tesla EV charging stations across multiple countries. But somehow the BYD Atto 3 EVs are unable to charge at the faster 250 kW Tesla V3 supercharger sites, unexpectedly. Sometimes it says ‘handshake’ error which appears whenever the vehicle can’t communicate with the charger. Meanwhile, some owners are getting the “Unfortunately not suitable for the BYD. Couldn’t detect :(“ error and others claimed to receive the “Atto 3. Tesla app couldn’t detect the car.” error.

So, it seems that there is a compatibility issue with the Tesla V3 Superchargers and BYD Atto 3 EVs right now which might get fixed soon. But as of now, BYD Atto 3 owners can use the Tesla V2 Superchargers to charge the battery without any further issues. Obviously, driving through the V2 charging stations across the city can be problematic if the vehicle doesn’t have enough charge to reach the destination. But that’s what it is.

4. Charging Port Issue

Sometimes issues with the charging port on the EV may also be a reason behind the not charging issue because a damaged charging port or frozen port switch can trouble you. If the charging port is damaged then visit the nearest service centre or contact your dealer for better assistance. If the port switch is frozen, make sure to use a hair dryer or high-voltage light to heat up the charging port switch. Also, try unplugging and replugging the charging cable multiple times to check for the issue.

5. Dead High-Voltage Battery

You can also try checking the battery if it’s dead or not. In some cases, your BYD Atto 3 EV might not start the engine properly due to the dead high-voltage battery issue. If the EV’s battery produces more than 200 volts, it can get electrocuted. So, get your EV checked by a professional mechanic or visit to a service centre.

6. Input Voltage Too High or Too Low

It might also be possible that somehow the input voltage is too high or too low. So, you should consult an electrician to ensure the required voltage on the circuit breaker.

7. The EV Doesn’t Recognize the Charger

Well, sometimes the BYD Atto 3 EV might face charging issues whenever the charger is connected incorrectly or the charging cable has some dirt/moisture on it. It’s better to check for the respective aspects to ensure whether the car is able to recognize the charger or not.

  • Remove the charging cable from the charging port.
  • Now, close the charging hatch > Start your charging process again.
  • If it doesn’t fix the issue, you can try checking for any dirt/dust that might be entered into the charging cable or the port.
  • Remove the cable from the port and try to reconnect it.
  • Another thing you should do is simply restart your BYD Atto 3 EV while the charger is connected.

8. Issues with the Fuse Box

Sometimes EVs don’t work due to conflicts with the fuse box. You’ll need to replace a fuse instead of replacing the whole motor. Whenever a surge or spike in power comes through the vehicle, it might occur several issues with the parts damaged or charging.

9. Physically Damaged Battery

Another thing you should do is check out the physically damaged battery inside your BYD Atto 3 EV which might have trouble charging. If the battery is physically damaged or the liquid runs out, you’ll have to replace the battery.

10. Pay for the Tesla Supercharger


If you’re using a Tesla Supercharger to charge your BYD Atto 3 EV as a non-Tesla vehicle, then pay for the charging service. Even the Tesla EV owners pay for faster charging per minute depending on how fast charging you want. You’ll find out pricing chart around the charging station. So, make sure to check the rates properly and then pay before start charging. Otherwise, you won’t be able to charge your EV, irrespective of the V2/V3 Superchargers.

11. Contact the Customer Support

Last but not least, sometimes your electric vehicle may have factory defects or manufacturing faults that can be delivered to you by mistake or issues with the whole manufactured batch. Well, this can happen to anyone and can be noticed within a few days of driving. Once you notice it, visit the service centre and it should be fixed. If your EV is new and free maintenance services are allotted then you’re good to go. The support team will take the necessary steps to repair or replace the EV depending on the issue.

That’s it, guys. We assume this article was useful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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