How to cancel subscription on WeTransfer

As we all know, WeTransfer is one of the prominent and handy file sharing tools with more features. Through WeTransfer, free subscribers can share files of up to 2GB. The process of subscription and cancel the subscription is so easy in WeTransfer.

If you are a premium version WeTransfer subscriber, you can transfer files of up to 20GB and unlimited storage period. If you are trying to cancel the WeTransfer on subscription, you are losing all these features. Anyway, in this article, we will teach you to how to cancel Wetransfer subscription. Before leap into finding the method to cancel the subscription, you should be aware of the WeTransfer app and its features.

How to cancel subscription on WeTransfer

What is the WeTransfer application?

WeTransfer is a cloud-based online application designed to transfer varied types of long and short files for free to more online platform users. This app is mostly using by all kinds of professionals working in online media. WeTransfer users are able to send files up to 25Mb as well as you can share it for free with up to 2Gb. The most significant advantage of WeTransfer is to share files or documents( it may be large or small) in a few seconds.

Reason to cancel WeTransfer subscription:

In spite of all these great conveniences, some users are forced to cancel the WeTransfer subscription. Some reasons are behind this; the files you upload to the database will disappear in a few days. And the second reason is the confidential files you are sharing through WeTransfer is not safe. You can follow the below steps to cancel the WeTransfer subscription.

  • You go to the ‘Payment section.’
  • Then at the bottom of the menu, you can see ‘Cancel subscription.’
  • Finally, click “Cancel subscription” to cancel.

Following these simple steps, you can cancel a subscription on WeTransfer. But if you cancel the subscription, you no longer have access to your transfer history as well as the stored documents.

After reading this writing now, you are capable of canceling your WeTransfer subscription without the help of any professional hands. After sometimes, you regret this decision; don’t worry, you are able to restore your WeTransferPro plan. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.


  1. I have been trying to create a free account for We Transfer, but the email address was typed in wrong. I therefore tried to change the email address but have been unsuccessful. I would like to cancel the account and start again, but cannot find a way of doing this. Please help. My correct email address is
    Thank you.
    Ursula Ebert

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