A Simple Method To Check Android Device Certification Status

Gone are those days when there were a handful of popular OEMs that used to bring out the Android smartphones. With the rise in e-Commerce websites and other 3rd party selling sources, a lot of other OEMs have now shown up. This is a common tendency among the customers to go with the flow when it comes to any reputed and old OEM. What we mean is buyers know about the legitimacy of the device they are going to buy based on the OEM’s reputation in the market. They are sure since the xyz OEM is popular so definitely the device they buy will support various Google or OEM based services. But what about the other not so known OEMs.?! How to know if the phone they are selling is authorized to avail the Play store and other Google-based services. Without Google’s certification, the device won’t be getting the Google’s services and support. In this post, we will tell you how to check Android device certification status before considering a phone from not widely known OEMs.

Google has a process called Compatibility Test Suite or CTS for the OEMs to ensure that only certified Android devices who pass the test get to pre-install Google’s Apps and services. More recently Google Blocked the GApps on uncertified Android phones to make sure only certified devices are getting the benefit of Google.

There is actually a dedicated official site for knowing about the certification status of Android devices. There you can check if they support Google play and other services. We will tell you the process to check Android device certification status from the official page of Google.

Steps To Check Android Device Certification Status

Step-1 Go to Google Play Supported Devices-Google Play Help

Step-2 You will see the option “Full list of supported devices”

Step-3 You can get the list as PDF file or CSV file format.

Step-4 The list of devices generated is usually a massive one. You have to search for your required device.

Step-5 To manually search Press Control +F > Enter the device name.

Step-6 All the devices and corresponding variants on the comprehensive list are certified by Google.

So, that’s how you can check Android device certification status from the official sources. It is important for you as a user to know the device you are buying. If it is from a non-popular OEM, then knowing about its certification according to the Google standards is necessary.

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