How to Use Nukes in Civilization VI

Civilization VI offers players a wide variety of offensive attacks that is highly useful when waging war. Out of all the weapons available, players will find that only one is the best. That is the Nukes in Civilization VI.

The Nukes are extremely powerful weapons that were introduced towards the late-game weapons era. However, there may be players who aren’t exactly aware of how to make use of these Nukes. Hopefully, this guide will provide the necessary clarity on this subject.

How to Use Nukes in Civilization 6

How to use Nukes in Civilization VI

In order to make use of the Nukes, players must first make their way up the ladder in the Technology Tree until they come across Nuclear Fission. This is an achievable milestone for most Civilization players and not only for the best leading scientific players. Additional research into this form of technology can provide further insights on how to Nuclear weapons can be built.

After that,  players must then successfully complete the ‘Manhattan’ project by navigating to ‘Choose Production’ and then selecting ‘Projects.’ This will then trigger the ‘Build Nuclear Device Project’ to be accessible for players. This project is easy if players have the exact amount and standard of Uranium.

Once the project is complete, players will be able to make use of their Nukes. Players can launch their nukes from any of the following Civ-VI units:

  • Bombers
  • Jet Bombers
  • Missile Silos
  • Nuclear Submarines

And that’s all there is to it. Players only need to select their Civ-VI unit once their Nuclear device is successfully built. From there, players will be able to launch a WMD Strike and then target which city they choose to drop the nuke in. This will cause a lot of damage and provide players with a better chance of achieving dominance in Civilization VI.

It is noteworthy to mention that apart from the nuke, there is one weapon that is even more powerful. That is the Thermonuclear Device. This device also follows the similar steps mentioned above for building the nuclear device. With the only difference being that players must first perform research into Nuclear Fission from the Technology Tree.

Once the research is done, players will then have to successfully complete the ‘Operation Ivy’ project in order to get access to their Thermonuclear device. This means that with a little more time, players can get their hands on an even more powerful weapon.

The wait is definitely worth the player’s time. We hope you find this guide helpful in the use of Nukes in Civilization VI. If you liked this, we have more guides on the iPhone and iPadPC Troubleshooting, and Android. Go check them out. We want you to participate in the $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. If you have any feedback or queries, comment down below with your name and e-mail ID.

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