Clash Royale Worst Cards 2024

Despite its widespread popularity, Clash Royale remains a popular multiplayer mobile game, even more popular than its predecessor, Clash of Clans. Since the game was launched a year and a half ago, it’s changed significantly. Yes, the game’s core mechanics remain the same, but the continuous card additions make a play more complex. You should include many great cards in your battle deck, but some should never be considered due to their inefficiency. In this article, we will talk about the worst card in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Worst Cards 2023

What Are The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

So, if you are looking for some Clash Royale worst cards, here is the list of some worst cards that we have gathered for you:

#1. Barbarian Hut

Regardless of the level, hut decks don’t work anymore. This Barbarian Hut is up there with the worst, with such a high cost for very little reward. As it costs seven elixirs, you are taken out and left vulnerable to counterattacks.

Furthermore, you have dropped seven elixirs on a hut that sends out barbarians every few seconds in one lane, making defense virtually impossible. There is too much risk here, and this card rarely fits in a deck unless you are really into hut spam.

#2. Goblin Hut

In much the same way as the Barbarian Hut, the Goblin Hut is becoming less effective with time. However, it does not cause enough damage to seem like a threat despite applying constant pressure to one lane.

It is mainly a matter of ignoring it and pushing the other lane, forcing your opponent to defend that instead of pushing it. Considering its low health, it would be very difficult to play this card. Decks aren’t in the current meta hut, and the Goblin Hut can only be useful in certain situations.

#3. Bomb Tower

There is no doubt that buildings will exist for a long time to come, but some things need to be improved on the Bomb Tower. Besides being slow and limited in damage potential, it can’t attack air units, which are a huge part of modern matches.

If you’re looking for a better option, there’s almost always the Inferno Tower, and there’s little reason not to pick it up instead. At this point, the Bomb Tower is the card that needs the most attention, as it doesn’t belong in any deck.

#4. Mirror

Something is fascinating about the Mirror; when used appropriately, it can be a great card, but one flaw is that it is too conditional. It’s possible to have some big pushes if you can drop a card twice, but you’d probably want to use this strategy on quite small cards.

Furthermore, if your opponent counters your Mirror, you just wasted a lot of elixir, making it much more difficult to use, particularly at higher levels. In terms of risk versus reward, the trade-off isn’t significant.

#5. Giant Skeleton

Although this card is still good, another tank on offer almost always excels at something this guy can’t. Smart Players will position their minions behind the Skeleton so that when he explodes, they are long gone and will take no damage, but the Skeleton’s selling point is it’s on death explosion that clears out all of his foes. There is almost no reason to choose the giant unless you’re in a very low arena where people haven’t yet discovered that.

#6. Valkyrie

You can do so much with Valkyrie when you know how to use it, especially when paired with a mini Pekka! Suppose, in case you do not know how to use it, it is so bad as to confine between two cards, e.g., minions against a bad prince or Valkyrie against a bad prince.

Using it, you can destroy many things like goblins, scary, wizards, witches, knights, princesses, dark princes, dark goblins, e-wiz, etc.; I love this card so much. However, there are so many decks where this card can be found, and it is the best elixir trader. But still, some users may not like its features. So, nowadays, it is also considered one of Clash Royale’s worst cards.

#7. Baby Dragon

Despite his drop on this list, the Baby Dragon still appeals greatly to me; he only requires four elixirs and has much more HP than the Witch. His chipping abilities make him a very good counter against the Minion Horde, bats, and spear goblins (all back from the dead); Baby Dragon cannot be lightninged down, so basically, only one rocket kills him. Bringing Baby Dragon in your tanks was a good idea to keep swarms at bay; he was cheap, strong, and versatile.

Although he’s a poor damage dealer, he makes up for it with his fantastic chipping skills and ability to tank for cards (Dark Prince, Mini Pekka, etc.).

#8. Hog Rider

Throughout the game, Hog Rider has a crazy amount of HP and damage for only 4 Elixir. Honestly, he’s way more powerful than others. He is also very difficult to stop. Moreover, his HP is greater than the Knight, which makes him more dangerous.

Also, he is pretty unreliable against most counters; Swarms, Mini Pekka, Pekka, and E-Wiz can still get at least one hit off of him. This is one of those cards that will catch you off guard. In the same way as the knight, it definitely needs some Nerfs.

#9. Tombstone

Tombstones are placed if they are needed. In terms of attracting enemies, it is useful, but if you want to use it to your advantage, it will be less useful. Using cannons or tower arrows, they will be one shot. There is nothing better than a skeleton army.

#10. Clone

There is no point in playing this card. In some ways, it’s like a worse Mirror for 3 Elixir. Have you ever heard of tornadoes, zaps, or arrows? There is only one time when it works, and that is when there is a giant skeleton on a tower. Why is it so low on the list? It’s easy to kill clones and ice golems or simply send out a damage-dealing troop, and your opponent will waste 3 elixirs.

So, that’s all we have for you on Clash Royale’s worst cards in 2024. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you still have any doubts regarding the cards, comment below and let our team know.

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