Common Cubot J3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Life is becoming truly fast in the present century. There are people who really don’t need to waste the time when it comes to performing tasks that do matter in life. Although technology has enabled most of us simply keep up the pace when it comes to saving time, not everyone is lucky to get the favorable outcome. This is because many people really don’t have any idea about how to access the best available technology. Well, this can be done by owing a reputed smartphone in the current scenario. Smartphones are amazing and are simply the best in every aspect. One of the best available phones in the present time is the Cubot J3. To know about the common Cubot J3 problems and fixes, continue reading this post.

Problems are quite common in smartphones these days. It really doesn’t matter which brand you own and how many bucks you have spent, later or sooner they arrive for sure. One of the biggest factors responsible for this is the continuously changing technology. The good thing is manufacturers are paying equal attention to address these minor issues. However, to get the results, you must know how to properly apply those methods and instructions. Such useful information about the common Cubot J3 problems and fixes can be grabbed in this post by you.

common Cubot J3 problems and fixes


There is nothing to worry when it comes to addressing the problems. This is because most of the issues are basic in nature. They can be eliminated if you pay close attention to the helping guide. Also, if you have some basic knowledge about the functionality of a modern phone, probably you can address any issue by doing it yourself. Here is all that you should know about the common Cubot J3 problems and fixes.

Common Cubot J3 problems and fixes

This post includes very useful information on the subject common Cubot J3 problems and fixes. The same assures output only if you follow the same exactly in the way it is provided. Molding the ways and methods can cause problems that might be beyond your knowledge. cannot be held responsible or blamed for the same.

Connectivity issues

Dealing with the issues related to the device connectivity is not at all a big deal if you really don’t mind adopting the following methods mentioned against both connectivity-related features in the phone.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

  • A simple restart to the phone can solve this issue. Try the same
  • Check if the device is already connected to nearby device via Bluetooth. This happens when you enable automatic connection to the trusted devices
  • Make sure to clean the list of recently connected devices with time
  • Always make sure that the device memory is not filled completely and no power saving mode is turned ON
  • Check if there are restrictions on connecting new devices on your phone
  • Simply make sure you haven’t changed the Bluetooth connection settings to custom
  • The problem could be due to data affected with virus or due to problem in the format
  • Make sure not to send too many files in one attachment
  • Check if the Bluetooth cache memory is clear
  • There are apps which might have access to Bluetooth and the same might be running in the background. Check and close them all
  • The version of Bluetooth vary from one device to another and can sometime restrict the Bluetooth connection due to compatibility issues
  • Check if all the Bluetooth drivers are installed in the phone
  • You need to authorize the device to be connected with your phone if this is the first time you are using it.
  • Make sure to enter the correct password or the pass code that is required for first time connection

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

  • If the modem has been reconfigured recently, make sure the same is done in a right manner
  • Check if the internet connection is suspended or the services have been stopped on your number
  • Make sure the modem cable connection is proper
  • The Local Area Network settings are to be enabled for smooth functionality of the Wi-Fi. Check it out
  • There might be additional restrictions or permission required to connect with the Wi-Fi. Check it out
  • Simply make sure the power saving mode on the phone is not enabled
  • Make sure to enter the password correctly in case you have changed it recently
  • Simply choose to troubleshoot your connection and try again
  • Check if the problem is there just because other apps are running in the background
  • Make sure the device is not connected to a nearby device through any mode
  • The bandwidth limit might have been exceed. Check it out
  • Errors related to improperly handling the device can also cause this issue
  • Open Wi-Fi settings and delete the connection you are connecting with. Search again and try connecting with it one more time
  • The modem you are using might have a hardware issue in the same
  • Check if the Wi-Fi drivers are installed and working properly
  • Avoid connecting too many devices with the modem. This can cause problems related to Wi-Fi connectivity

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Apps in the phone have so many reasons to show unexpected behavior to the users. You need not to worry if you are facing this issue. Just go ahead with the methods mentioned below.

  • It is necessary that you update all the apps which you are having in your phone. Make sure of this first
  • If any app is installed from the other source than Play Store, uninstall it from your phone and check the status of the problem again
  • Make sure the apps are not to be operated in the custom settings
  • Always follow the user policies of the app
  • Check if the app UI is compatible with your phone
  • Make sure your device is free from any virus infection
  • All the apps are to be kept in the phone memory and not in any third-party memory
  • Check if the apps installed are free from any glitches in them as per the user’s reviews

Problems with earpiece (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

Many users have to face this issue. Although it’s a basic problem, it can bring a very bad experience with it. Here is what you can do to get the favorable outcomes.

  • First of all, check if you have disabled the sounds. This can be done by opening the sound settings
  • Make sure you are not using an earpiece which doesn’t belong to your own device. The compatibility related issues can be the real trouble creator
  • Make sure the earpiece connector on the phone is in working condition
  • Try using the same earpiece on another phone or use another earpiece on your phone to check what exactly is wrong
  • Make sure the connection of earpiece with phone is proper
  • Carefully examine the earpiece wire for a physical damage.

Fast Battery Draining & slow charging

This is one of the problems in the phone which can have multiple reasons to exist in the phone. Thus, you cannot blame the battery always or directly. Try the below listed methods first.

  • Begin with a simple restart and check if the problem is gone
  • Make sure you don’t install so many applications in the phone
  • Check if the charger you are using is compatible with the phone
  • Avoid using any pirated accessory with the phone
  • Make sure the power socket you use too often in a proper working condition
  • The charger connector on the phone might have a physical damage on it
  • In case the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON and is shared with the other devices, simply turn it OFF
  • Make sure you are not using a power bank which is not compatible with the phone
  • Check virus presence in the phone
  • Avoid making calls or downloading files when the phone is charging
  • Perform a self inspection test for battery on the phone
  • Switch to the newer version of OS in case an update is pending

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

If you fail to connect both devices together, here is what you can do to avoid the problem simply in no time.

  • Check if the problem is there just because of outdated USB drivers in the phone
  • Check whether the copy on Windows installed on the PC is genuine
  • Make sure not to use a cable for connecting which is not authorized by the manufacturer
  • Your phone might have a custom ROM installed on it
  • Don’t connect the device directly with PC. Choose MTP mode from the settings
  • Erase some data from the phone if the memory is completely filled
  • The security related restrictions can be responsible for this problem check it out properly
  • Make sure the connection on the USB are not loose
  • Try parallel USB ports if you cannot exceed in the first attempt
  • Restart the PC and the phone together

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Restoring the functionality of the screen is very essential and this is to be done immediately. Else, you cannot perform any task on the phone smoothly. The below are some methods that can assist you.

  • Clean the oil and dust particles from the screen first of all
  • Make sure your hands are clean and you are not wearing gloves and mittens
  • Check if the problem is there just because the device memory is completely full
  • Make sure your phone is not operating in power saving mode
  • The problem can declare its presence due to an internal screen damage
  • Errors and bugs related to OS are often confused with screen-related problems. Thus make sure of this
  • Update the OS and the apps if a new version is available
  • Open phone in the safe mode and check if things are now under control. If so, probably the issue is nothing but related to software
  • Disable screen sharing option if enabled
  • The problem could be there just because the screen glass card might have not been installed properly
  • Get the device checked properly through an expert

SIM related problems

SIM card problems are quite common and can be there in any smartphone. The good thing is they can easily be avoided. To know how, read below instructions.

  • First of all, check if the problem is there just because the SIM card hasn’t been inserted in the phone
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the SIM or the tray is physically damaged
  • Check all the factors that can influence the functionality of a SIM card in a phone
  • Make sure the network is actually compatible with the phone variant
  • Make sure not to insert the SIM card directly in the phone if it hasn’t been used for a long time
  • Open the SIM settings in the phone and check if both SIM cards are turned ON
  • Perform a basic reboot
  • Choose your home network manually from the SIM card
  • The SIM card might not have active services on it
  • Check if there are concerned about security in the device which are causing this issue
  • If you are in a basement, come out and restart your phone to check if the problem is gone
  • Disable the Airplane mode on the phone in case it is ON
  • Call the service provider or try using the SIM in another phone

Memory/SD problems (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

In case the SD card you own doesn’t show the expected behavior in your phone when you use it or you face any other issue with them, below are some of the useful methods and instructions which you can consider.

  • Check compatibility related issues first of all
  • Make sure you don’t filled the card upto its upper limit
  • Always make sure to use the quality and genuine products
  • Check if the phone is showing errors just because there is virus present in the SD card
  • Make sure to insert it in the phone properly
  • Check the one you use is actually recommended by the manufacturer
  • SD cards are not detected when they are blocked. Check the same
  • Format the card and check again
  • Some memory cards usually have manufacturing defects in them. Check the one you own is free from such issues
  • Use the same card in another device to check the true reason of this issue

Bad camera quality/Blurry images

Everyone make use of camera on modern phones. This is actually one of the very useful features and one can have an excellent experience with the same as long as it operated reliably. If you are facing any kind of issues with the same, the below are some helpful instructions to get the outcome you want.

  • Open the camera settings and select the HD mode for the snaps and the videos
  • Make use of camera flash when you need the same
  • Check if the problem is there just because you haven’t focused on the object before capturing the snap
  • Make sure to select the most appropriate shooting mode
  • Simply make sure that the camera lens is clean
  • Always operate the camera through the default app
  • Remove the transparent glass from the screen which is pre-installed
  • Boost your knowledge simply on Smartphone camera operation and features
  • The blurry pictures could be there just because you are capturing them in burst mode. Avoid the same

Performance issues (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

Smartphones these days are demanded because they are capable to perform a lot of tasks easily. However, it is possible only if it maintain its performance. Slow performance cannot let you accomplish all the tasks in the way you want. Thus, you should avoid this problem at the earliest if it appears in the phone. The following information on common Cubot J3 problems and fixes about performance can help you unconditionally.

  • First check if the phone is running in power saving mode. If so, disable the same
  • The problems and bugs related to the apps and the OS can also give rise to this issue
  • Always keep at least 2GB free space in the phone for the smooth functionality
  • Check and install any pending update in the phone
  • If you have so many files in the downloading folder, clean the same
  • Always perform data trash in the phone to maintain the performance
  • Check if the problem is there just because you haven’t cleaned the cache memory of the phone
  • Make sure the important files and data is not affected with the virus
  • Check if the real reason to this issue in the phone is due to improper functionality of a few apps
  • While downloading data on the phone, avoid making calls
  • Check if the things can be restored simply with a basic reboot. Else, perform a hard reset after saving the data

Overheating problems (common Cubot J3 problems and fixes)

If you are facing this problem in your phone, it would be good to try the following methods first before reaching to a conclusion.

  • Check if the heat is dissipating properly in the phone or not. Installing back covers on the body can sometime create this issue
  • Make sure the power source you use is not actually causing this issue
  • Check if the problem can be avoided simply by closing all background running apps and restarting the phone
  • Avoid using phone in the power saving mode
  • You need to make sure that the charging cable and the adapter you use are in proper working condition
  • Update all the apps installed in the phone if this task has not been performed for long
  • Turn OFF features which are not in use
  • Don’t download data frequently by turning on mobile data
  • The problem might be there just because you are using a power bank which is not recommended or authorized
  • Avoid playing the games on the phone which it cannot actually bear
  • Call an expert and get the phone checked

With this information about the common Cubot J3 problems and fixes, you can easily keep up the pace against the concerned issues in your phone. We have a lot of other useful information on the subject Android on our website Visit the same to grab your knowledge.




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