Common Cubot King Kong Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The world is a community of diversify people. Each part of the world has something to explore. Hectic routines and busy lifestyles have encouraged everyone to be a traveler. The fact couldn’t be denied that any kind of travel is almost incomplete without a smartphone. The one that can be trusted is the Cubot King Kong. However, this really doesn’t mean that this phone is meant only for those who love visiting different places. It is actually loaded with every useful feature that largely matters to the humans in the current world. Therefore, you simply need to switch to it if you have plans to change your current smartphone. This post guides you about the common Cubot King Kong problems and their solutions.

It is very much true that no technology comes with benefits only. Everything has a dark side and so does smartphones. There are several common issues that modern gadgets suffer from. Well, the fact is there are a lot of features loaded in the modern phones. Of course, they all really don’t matter to everyone. The fact is a few features are quite common and almost every Smartphone users have to depend on them while performing any kind of task. The solutions related to those important features are spotlighted in this post and tagged as common Cubot King Kong problems and fixes. All you need to do is to explore them carefully so that they can be applied to enhancing the life of your phone.

common Cubot King Kong problems

What is so special about the Cubot King Kong?

Cubot King Kong is a popular gadget. It has been provided with some of the dynamic features and appearance that simply makes you fall in love with it. It really doesn’t matter what your profession is and what kind of needs you have from a phone, this gadget can be trusted even if you keep your eyes closed while purchasing. Also, it has been rated as one of the best available gadgets on the World Wide Web in the present time. You can switch to the same if you are looking to change the one you currently own. Check out the common Cubot King Kong problems and their solutions that can be trusted.

Common Cubot King Kong Problems and Fixes

There are situations when the exact cause of a problem couldn’t be located even if the users pay a lot of attention to the same. The instructions and methods compiled in this post assure the problem can be avoided from its root cause. Therefore, it would be good if you pay close attention to every single method mentioned in this post. You may not always be right if you think you can apply a specific method/instruction in a better manner than it is mentioned in this post. The results could be additional problems and bears no guarantee for the same. It is because of this reason better is to follow this guide in the manner it is provided. Here is the beginning of everything about the common Cubot King Kong problems and the solutions for the same.

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

  • It is not at all a good choice to use a storage card that is cheap in terms of quality
  • Make sure the phone support the card you are inserting in it. Check if the insertion of the card in the memory card slot is done properly
  • Make sure the things are not wrong just because the data is the memory card is affected by a virus
  • The problem might be there due to a physical damage on the card or due to its failure
  • Check if the data present in the card is not restricted to be shared or opened
  • If there is a password set on the memory card, you need to unlock the same
  • It is not at all a surprising factor that even the brand new cards can have fault or manufacturing defect in them
  • Don’t fill the SD card completely as this can be the reason you are facing the problem
  • Check carefully if something is wrong with the SD card slot which often causes this problem in the phone
  • Do check if the card you are using doesn’t have its limit beyond to what your phone can actually handle
  • Format the card and check if the things are now working properly

Connectivity issues

Sometimes you have to apply various methods to fix those bugs causing the connectivity related glitches. Thus, it is necessary to show some patience while dealing with this problem. Check some of the common methods to help you for this.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • The transfer of data or the reception of the same in your Cubot King Kong is to be done following all the user policies which your phone and the Bluetooth app compiles for the users
  • You need to make it sure simply that no other mode then general is enabled on the phone while accessing the Bluetooth
  • This problem could be due to the reason that access to the Bluetooth is restricted
  • The device might be showing its inability to transfer or to receive the data just because of a hardware problem in the phone. Check the Bluetooth antenna first
  • Make sure the problem is not because of a software fault in the phone that can sometimes disable some important features such as the Bluetooth
  • Sometimes this problem arrives when the cache data of the Bluetooth is not cleaned. Check and do it immediately if you haven’t
  • Make sure not updating the applications of the OS if a new version/update is available is causing this problem
  • If you have locked the Bluetooth access through a password/passcode, you need to remove the same as this can also cause the Bluetooth problem
  • The Bluetooth problem might be due to data which is not supported by any of the phone. Check if the size of the same you are transferring or receiving is under 100 MB
  • Do check if there is a thread to the phone security with whatever you are doing through the Bluetooth feature
  • You may need to erase the names of a few recently paired devices from the Bluetooth history. Try if this work for you
  • Pair both the devices correctly and delete some data if the phone is running low on the space

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Make sure the internet and other services suspension is not the reason to this problem
  • Do check if the limit on using the bandwidth on daily basis has been reached
  • Make sure your modem cables are connected properly and it is actually in a working condition
  • Check and make sure of the problem is just because of not authorizing your device with your Wi-Fi connection which is sometime a prime requirement
  • Make sure if the modem needs you to accomplish additional tasks after entering the password
  • This problem could be due to not being in the Wi-Fi modem range
  • Check if you can solve this problem simply by restarting your phone
  • Make sure the things are not wrong just because the device Wi-Fi access is with an installed application when you are trying to connect your phone with the internet
  • Check and make sure if the problem can be solved by disabling the power saving mode is enabled and by simply eliminating all the restrictions
  • Do check if the domain you are opening is not up
  • The configuration of your Wi-Fi modem might not have done properly. Check and make sure this is not causing the problem
  • Check the overall number of devices connected with the modem at the same time. Disconnect a few if the number is close to its limit
  • The network settings should not be altered to custom and it’s better to keep this in your mind

SIM/Network related problems

  • Negligence while inserting the SIM in the phone could be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Make it sure that the variant of the Cubot King Kong owned by you is supported by the network provider
  • Do check if the problem is with SIM slot or the SIM tray
  • You may solve this problem simply by manually registering your phone on the home network in the network and SIM settings option
  • Do check if there is something wrong with the phone signal transmitting and receiving antenna
  • The problem could be due to turning ON the Airplane mode on your phone
  • Check if the services on the SIM card are active. If the SIM is purchased recently, you need to wait till its activation
  • Make sure the phone is not having SIM card turned OFF in its settings
  • Don’t make any changes to the default network settings
  • Make sure your phone is not showing this problem just because the SIM services are restricted at your present location
  • You may solve this problem by simply restarting your phone

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • Make sure the problem is not related to the USB drivers. Check and update the same
  • Do check if the fault is in the cable you are using for connecting the PC and the phone
  • Check if the problem is with the phone driver software in the PC
  • You will be required to make sure that you have created a secure connection. Disabling the security of any of the device can be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Make sure the things are not bad just because a wrong mode has been selected on the phone
  • It is always recommended to use a parallel USB port if one doesn’t work at all
  • Carefully check all the data related reason that can cause this problem
  • Simply restart both the devices and check if the things are working fine now

Apps not functioning properly

  • The very first thing is to update all the installed application in your phone. Also, check if the permission that apps needs to perform their task have been given by you
  • Do check if any app is engaged in a task which it actually cannot perform and the same is causing this problem
  • Check if you have disabled the phone security
  • Make sure not to make any changes in the recommended settings of the apps installed in your phone
  • Check if the things are wrong just because the phone is running low on the memory
  • Sometimes the problems are observed when the apps are installed from the third-party sources

Performance issues

  • Things can be restored with a simple restart. Try this
  • Make sure the problem is not too serious and is due to a complete failure of any phone hardware
  • Something that can largely affect the phone performance is the improper functionality of the RAM or the installed applications. Check and make sure this is not the reason in your case
  • You must always keep atleast 2 GB free space in your phone for its smooth functions
  • The phone OS is to be updated to the currently available version or to a patch
  • You need to make it sure that there is no phone virus which is responsible for this issue
  • Do check if the problem can be solved just by limiting the overall number of applications in the phone
  • Check if the things are wrong just because the phone apps are to be updated
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any software installed in it which it actually couldn’t support
  • The performance often goes down when you change some recommended phone settings to custom
  • It is necessary to not to use any kind of pirated accessories with the phone
  • Check if the cache data of the phone is to be cleared for a long time
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work properly

 Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • Check and make sure that the features and the apps not required at that time are not running in the background
  • You are recommended to turn OFF the notifications that really doesn’t matter to you
  • Make sure you are not continuously using the flashlight for enhancing the visibility
  • Do check if there are multiple applications are active in the phone at a particular moment of time
  • Make sure the battery related glitch is not causing this problem
  • Check if the charger you are using is not supported by your phone
  • It is always better and suggested to you to rely on the original accessories only
  • It would be good to turn the mobile data OFF when you don’t actually need the same
  • Make sure the problem in the phone is not just because of not installing the latest updates. Try the same
  • Do check if there are multiple applications in your phone which are no longer functional and putting extra burden on the battery
  • It is always recommended to not to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature for long hours

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Do check if the problem is just because you have turned the phone sound OFF
  • Make sure the earpiece and the phone supports each other
  • You might be facing this problem due to a hardware problem in the earpiece or in your phone
  • Check if there is a pending update available. Download and install the same
  • Make sure the problem in your phone is not because of the low quality of music which you are playing
  • There might be a physical damage on your earpiece. Check and make sure of this carefully
  • The Bluetooth enabled earpiece are to be paired correctly with the phone
  • Do check if the things are fine with the USB connectors

Bad camera quality

  • The camera might be accessed through a different app than the default and the same can be held responsible for this problem
  • Do check if you haven’t selected the right mode which you have to depending on the visibility and other factors that matters while capturing the snaps
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the device camera remains totally still while capturing the pictures without any blur
  • The low quality of snaps would be due to capturing your stuff in the burst mode
  • Make sure the HD option is enabled in the camera settings
  • Sometimes this problem is because of no other reason than not having enough free space on the phone
  • It would be good to focus on the object simply if you really don’t need to compromise with the quality
  • Do check if the things are bad just because the phone is having any bug in its OS
  • The camera flashlight is to be set to automatic mode
  • Check and clean the camera lens on your Cubot King Kong

Screen Related Problems

  • Do check if the problem caused is just because of a bug related with the installed Android version. The last update might not be working properly in your phone
  • If the problem arrived after installing a specific app, it’s better to erase the same from your phone
  • Check and make sure you haven’t covered your hands with gloves as the careen cannot be operated with them
  • Do check if the things are wrong just because the phone you own is having power saving mode enabled on it
  • Make sure nothing is wrong with the phone performance
  • Carefully examine if there is a damaged caused to the screen
  • It would be good to disable the screen sharing option
  • Make sure to clean the cache data of all the installed apps. Also, update them to a new version if the same is available
  • The glass guard which you might have installed on the screen can cause this problem
  • The device screen is to be called gently against the grease and the oil particles
  • Check if the memory of your phone is completely filled
  • The screen-related faults are often confused with other issues. Make sure you are not doing the same

Overheating problems

  • This usually happens when you made to run so many apps in the phone at the same time
  • Do check if there is an extra burden which the RAM has to bear due to accessing any feature of your Cubot King Kong
  • The phone ventilation might not be operational in a manner it has to
  • Do check if you can solve the problem by restarting your phone simply
  • Make sure all the apps, games if any and the data in the phone should be supported by it
  • You will be required to make sure that all the things are running smooth with the phone software domain
  • The problem you are facing could be due to a hardware problem in the battery
  • The power bank with a different power rating than the phone should not be used
  • Clean the phone cache memory and check if this can solve the problem
  • Your Cubot King Kong should be free from any kind of the malwares and auspicious files

This is the information regarding the common Cubot King Kong problems which you can trust. There are hardly any chances that you need to look on another platform after following this guide to troubleshoot your phone. However, if these methods simply don’t work, it is better to contact the phone official support. Keep visiting our website for similar posts



  1. Love the phone but can not get it to connect to wifi at all. I have tried at home and work and every time it gives authentication problem. went to my wifi set up to see if it was there and could not find anything so tried it at work. It still will not connect!!!

    1. Ah. I found out it’s because the battery was low.
      Anyone know how the switch that off? I want to decide if I use my last battery power on the flashlight of not. ;-)

  2. Hi,
    I had my cubot now almost a year, unfortunately the main speaker stopped working as well as the power on/off button wat can I do

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