Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions

Samsung launched the latest mass-mid segment smartphone “Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro”. The smartphone comes with the Samsung Pay feature in-built. The handset sports all-metal unibody design and are sleek. As usual, we always prepare to the consequences that we usually face such as WiFi problem, Bluetooth Problem etc. This article is about the Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions.

Talking about Specification, Galaxy J7 Pro features a 5.5-inch full-HD Super AMOLED display. It comes with a 1.6GHz Exynos 7870 octa-core SoC processor clubbed with 3GB RAM and 64 GB On-board storage. It can be expanded via microSD card for extra storage with up to 128GB. The handset runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and backed by 3600mAh battery for long-lasting power. The camera on the Galaxy J7 Pro sports a 13 MP Camera at the rear and 13 MP front camera for selfies. It has a Dual Sim Support with 4G/3G VoLTE.

Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems

Have you recently purchased Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro? Then you need to be enjoying this smart and amazing looking smartphone in which Samsung wrapped several cool features. If you have already bought these smartphones, then you may have facing certain common issues with smartphones.

Some customers have claimed of facing few problems in their brand new Galaxy J7 Pro.

So, we are here with a list of some common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro problems and their fixes.

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#General Wi-Fi Issues:

As we have discussed so many times, Wi-fi is a very common problem with most of this Smartphone while it has started annoying the Galaxy J7 Pro users too. Here are the fixes for this issue.


Simply restart the modem and router. If they are restarted, then a new connection will probably be starting, and it ends up fixing the Wi-Fi issue in your Galaxy J7 Pro. This will probably solve the problem.

Not solved yet? Forget your Wi-fi connection and then reconnect it again. You can do so by going to Settings then Wi-Fi and simply tap on the SSID name that is to be deleted. And next tap on forget and the network will be taken off. Reconnect to that network using the password that you have been set already.

You can try Turning off the Hotspot 2.0 feature as many have said this measure has been shown helpful in resolving the Wi-Fi issue in Galaxy J7 Pro.

Make usage of Wi-Fi analyzer to examine the crowded station so that you can shift into a better channel.

Visit Settings > Advanced and check the MAC address of the device. Now, make sure that speech is allowed to the router MAC address filter.

I hope this article – Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions, have fixed your problems.

#Camera Issues:

Camera issue in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is just another problem that’s been confronted by many customers till date. On the other hand, the issues are of different kinds. While some claimed that the camera program becomes closed suddenly with showing a warning camera failure message other have said that the camera simply gets closed and don’t allow them to capture any pictures. However, below are some solutions for that issue.


First, restart the device because you get this kind of message and then try again to determine if the camera works or not correctly. To test for update head towards Settings > About phone and also there you will get to understand if any update is available or not. If possible then go for it.

Another solution is to turn off the Smart stay feature on your Galaxy J7 Pro. This kind of issues was confronted by the users of Samsung in the previous year also. This actually keeps the screen awake when you consider it and to do this it makes use of the sensor. However, in the course of doing this, this attribute interfere with the camera app and give rise to such kind of issue. So, head towards Settings then Advanced features and then Smart Stay and flip it off.

#Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth 5.0 is being supplied in the latest version of Galaxy J7 Pro that offers quicker pairing time along with fantastic range, but still it is not free from flaws and complaints are a lot like Bluetooth not working or quite poor performance etc.. However, here are the fixes for this problem in Galaxy J7 Pro.


  • First, switch off the Bluetooth on your Galaxy J7 Pro, wait for few seconds and turn it on again by the switch.
  • Next, delete all the prior pairing and place them again from the start.
  • Simply clear the cache of Bluetooth by going to Settings then navigating to Application manager then All and selecting the Bluetooth app.
  • You can try updating the device to the latest version available.

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#Fingerprint Scanner Problem in Galaxy J7 Pro:

The scanner in Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is located on the rear side just next to the camera, and also the difficulty lies here. The majority of the users have complained about the imperfect location of the scanner. However, we can hardly do anything to modify the location rather you will need to get used to, and you can also follow some cool trick to make things easy for use.


One of the best solutions is to set up the scanner once again to get a more accurate reading. This time change the angle, so the tip of your fingers, direction etc. which will produce the handling of this device lot easier.

#Slow Charging problem Or Overheating While Charging the smartphone:

One of the greatest issues faced in Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro about which many users have complained thus far. But, if you are the lucky one and did not confront any such issue, this may irritate you in the future. According to some users, the phone gets overheated while charging when some others have said that it takes long enough to charge. Here are the fixes for this.


  • First Restart your device and then move to other steps.
  • Now you have to check if the quick cable charging is activated or not. If not then enable it. This may be done by going to Settings > Battery > Quick cable charging and then flip it on.
  • The next suggestion is to use that charger that came along with the box of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Also, make sure you use a fantastic quality USB Type C Cable.
  • In case any current update is available, proceed for this that can solve your problem of the slow charging issue as any update arrives with fixes for many bugs.

I hope this article – Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions, have fixed your problems.

Fixes for overheating while charging

  • In case the phone becomes too hot while charging then you may switch off the fast cable charging option by going to settings. It will obviously take some time to charge but will improve the life duration of this battery.
  • Proceed for the currently available update.

#Red Tint on Display:

Red Tint on display is one of the very common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro conditions that have annoyed nearly all the Galaxy J7 Pro users. The display of the device is redder than other Galaxy devices. Here is the fix for the issue.


This is a little glitch which is addressed by Samsung itself very lately. While the glitch came to light, the firm advised various solutions including adjusting the colour setting of Galaxy J7 Pro. The company has already come with a recent update which is mainly to tackle this red tint issue. Therefore, the only solution to this reddish tint issue is the latest software update.

#A Few Programs Are Not Full-Screen Problem:

Galaxy J7 Pro is having a big size display of 5.8 and 6.2 inch that makes every video highly enjoyable. But, it has given rise to some issues also. A few of the consumers have complained that there are few programs which are not full screen. That is those programs don’t use the entire screen, and this is quite normal with such a big display.


Visit settings> display> full-screen programs and find all those apps that aren’t highlighted and turn the option on.

Another solution is to tap on the current app buttons and touch the green expand icon which will then turn the program into full-screen mode.

#Missing App Drawer Button

The program drawer button is missing in the Galaxy J7 Pro like the physical button as Samsung desired to save some space by removing them and using gesture instead of them. So, if you aren’t getting how to open the program menu below would be the solutions for this issue.


Simply swipe anywhere at the bottom of the screen, and it will start the program tray. So, the practice is quite simple & easy for you all.

There is another solution to have a button in the bottom of the screen to start the app tray and drawer. To get the button, simply long press in any blank area on the screen and it will bring an edit and design page together with showing some desktop image options and widget. From there pick the settings icon and select ‘Apps button’. Now press on the show apps button followed by Save. This will bring a button in the base of the screen tapping on which you can open the program tray.

#Wet Speaker Problem

Galaxy J7 Pro is IP68 certified which is this device is water resistant. So, if the device accidentally drops in 5ft hot water and then remain there unknowingly for approximately 30 minutes, the device will still stay intact. That is a coating onto the device which will keep the device protected. But if the speaker gets wet, the sound might come differently. And it will sound bad for sometimes. With this wet speaker issue, this might sometimes occur even if a screen is there behind the speaker grill.


The phone is IP68 certified but still allow the device dry well once you get it from the water or other wet places.

Then, shake the device perfectly against the speaker grill, so that remaining water comes out. Once the speaker gets dried, it will begin operating correctly.

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#Program Freezing Issue

A few of the programs are freezing while others have said the device is freezing quite often.


  • Switch off the device. Wait for several seconds and turn it on back to determine if the issue is solved.
  • You can do a soft reset by simply pressing down the power button and then selecting the resume option.
  • Clear cache of this program which is freezing quite often. Additionally, you may clear the cache of this machine by going to settings>storage which will clear the cache of all programs entirely.
  • Do a factory reset.

I hope this article – Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions, have fixed your problems.

#The DQA (Device Quality Agent) Preventing Stopping Error Message Again and Again:

Many users have stated that the Device Quality broker program is showing off an error message continuously without any motive which is really very annoying. This is an app that monitors the way the Wi-Fi connection is being used in the Galaxy J7 Pro device.


  • First, disconnect the Wi-Fi and then connect it again to see if the error message is gone now.
  • Next head towards Settings then application manager and pick the DQA app to force close it.
  • Finally what you can do is go to get a software update anytime. One recent version is already made available by Samsung that contains various bug fixing. Proceed to Settings then About phone and await software update.

#Galaxy J7 Pro Android Automobile Issue

Android automobile issue is another frequent issue that is important to mention in this list as several users have complained about it also. They’ve said that the issue is confronted while trying to pair the device with Android Auto. If the pairing is done between auto and car, few apps like Spotify don’t work. Proceed through the solutions below for this issue.


  • Uninstall Android Vehicle and then install it back.
  • In case the issue is with almost any app then proceed for uninstalling both the program and Android automobile and set up Android Auto followed closely by downloading the app.
  • Not all are very familiar with TouchWiz also this is why Google created other launchers available in the Play Store so that users can install the Launcher they’re comfortable with. Nova Launcher, Google Launcher are a few of the options that could be used.

Nova Launcher is another great option that doesn’t come with any issues while Google Launcher will not work correctly for many with the app don’t show off to the home screen or in the app drawer

#The Push Notification Is Being Delayed every time:

A number of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro consumers have said that they’re not receiving the notification instantly. It is definitely a big issue in case the notification is regarding your official function and you ought to get them right then. On the other hand, the solutions are all described below.


The insistent battery saving feature is an excellent attribute no uncertainty in the Android 7.1.1 and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro also. So, a few changes are required in the settings, and the issue will be solved. Proceed towards Settings > program and tap on the Special access option situated in the top right menu following which you want to decide on the optimize battery usage option. A drop-down menu will be available there from where you will need to visit the option Change to and include all those programs for which the notification shouldn’t be delayed whatsoever.

I hope this article – Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions, have fixed your problems.

#Auto-rorate problem:

Despite the fact that the auto-rotate attribute is enabled in the settings it is not working correctly in Galaxy J7 Pro. This is the issue about which most users have complained.


  • First, restart the device and also check if the issue is solved.
  • Next, boot the device into protected mode and see if the auto-rotate is working or not. If so, then uninstall the program which you’ve installed very recently and then which this issue really began.
  • Sometimes it may be caused because of the detectors like accelerometer and G-sensor. Thus, you’re advised to get the GPS and Status Toolbox program for recalibration of these detectors and then check if this can solve the issue.
  • Rotation Control is just another program which is available in the Play Store, and it may function as fixes for this issue. This program allows you to switch on into the picture orientation manually.

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While these common issues have relatively simple workarounds, you can find many others which aren’t as simple to cope with. Significantly, some models of the Galaxy J7 Pro are still displaying a noticeable level of reddish tint and are suffering from drops in Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to wireless charging issues.

I hope this article was helpful Most common Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Problems and their solutions, have fixed your problems.


  1. sir i am purchasing samsung j7 pro. but this device with in 4 months the screen will black day by day to whole. what is the problem.

    1. These are just common problems, So not every phone comes with this problem. If you face any kind of common software problem, you can just follow this to resolve it

  2. Assalam Bro Abd Razaaq,
    my J7 Pro cannot reach the 4G signal eventhough i have changed the simcard more than 2 times… is there any solution for it?

  3. Never solutions my problems and Samsung galaxy j7 Pro set vary bad mobile set…!
    Only one person is best this set better backup’s and Haybrik slots..

  4. Please help me because all the touchtwiz stop google play services and get a black screen please help me my phone is samsung j7 pro

  5. Hii…guys… j7 pro s…which in display…some juice …but it is gud working ….but my mane.problm is ….juice colour….pink…….cover my mobile s whiteness…….my screen working gud….but i have only juice s colour….in which my screen s problem… u have any solution/ easy way ….to fix it……..thanx

    1. My J7 Pro Samsung dropped and but it is badly not to work well. There will be light flash beside the phone. and It cannot work if you wanna ON and cannot also work if you wanna OFF. what possible solution on this problem?

  6. My games are not running smoothly even after clearing cache,installing game tuner and enabling this 4xmaa in developer option
    What to do?
    I’m playing pes2018 game

  7. Purple colored half of a coin size spot getting bigger everyday on rightmost lower portion of screen of j7 pro. this is a two month old mobile phone.what happen?

  8. Hi! I bought Samsung Galaxy J7 pro about a week ago. I’m currently having a problem with Wifi and Mobile Data problem. When I’m using WIFI and connected on an active wifi connection, a “connected” prompt will appear then when you browse in the internet, watch youtube or play online games the Wifi connection eventually disconnected ((all the time) WIFI router still on)) my other phone (samsung galaxy A5 2016) I still have the internet connection connected to same WIFI router. After disconnecting a “YOU MIGHT NOT BE CONNECTED” appears on the WIFI connection. W! sign like this appears. And when i’m using mobile data, I can’t even get a 4G connection even if i’m in the City not like my samsung galaxy A5 (2016) I get a 4G signal in the city.

    WHAT WILL I DO TO FIX THIS PROBLEM? it’s kinda annoying especially when i’m playing online games. I’m always disconnected. Thanks!

  9. Hi abd razaak,my j7pro fell and it’s displaying a pink/purple spot on the screen side of the power key,everything of the phone is perfectly working good but my major concern the spot seems to be getting bigger,How can I get rid of it please. Help me please.

  10. Sir this shows you are talking about another samsung device. The finger print scanner of J7 Pro is located on the front panel of the phone. and J7 pro is not ip68 or splash resistant. Wrong info, was looking for solution to fix issues in the finger print. please edit this article. Respect thanks

  11. Hi my j7 pro seems to have suddenly stopped charging and the charger isnt the problem, i tried using different chargers but the problem still persists. Any fix for this? Thanks!

  12. Hi my j7pro suddenly stooped charging and the charger isnt the peoblem, i even tried using other different chargers but no effect. Any possible fix for this? Thanks!

  13. while watching video my phone galaxy j7 got strucked any button/touch is not working wht to do

  14. Hello please my samsung j7 pro fell into cold water and it was on n playing music at the moment it fell . I resmoved it 2secs after it fell and den after 1 minute the fone went blank and it has being vibrating in sequence since den help out pls

  15. Hello sir I am using Samsung J7 Pro last 4 month and I hav checked all setting but
    Its loudspeakr and earphone sound is very low
    Its software or hardware problem

    1. May be a software problem. But when you bought this device, did your phone had enough sound ?

  16. i was about to charge my phone but accidentally fell on the floor but its not that high and it has shock proof casing and tempered glass screen… i continued charging it and den wen i checked a few minutes i noticed that it wasnt charging and the screen is flickering on 1 side…so i stoped charging my phone. i tried to turn it on but it wont. aside from flickering it creates sounds like its electrecuted or something.

  17. My samsung j7 pro all of a sudden turned black,the black grew across the screen like some kind of spreading growth or something…all the rest of the functions seem to work but the blackness is still there…help???

    1. My samsung j7 pro all of a sudden turned black,the black grew across the screen like some kind of spreading growth or something…all the rest of the functions seem to work but the blackness is still there…help???

  18. Hi Sir,
    I am using j7 pro from one month. I dont now why the audio sound is getting little bit lagging. i think the problem got from some apps.
    Pls tell me the solution.

  19. Hello bro

    I don’t know issue my mobile software got update from same day my finger print sensor is not working
    Please help me out.


    1. Software update issue. Either you have to downgrade or you can wait for the next update with a fix from Samsung

  20. Hi sir my samsung j7 pro have screen issue due to careless handling and it turns black screen, but i want to save all my photos i tried to connect it to my laptop but its unrecognizable. plz help me sir to save my photos to that cellphone. thanks

  21. After charging my j7 pro it was hot as hell and now I have a sound problem. Phone only vibrate no sound at all. Please help

  22. My samsung j7 pro fell last night, and its not thst hard. It has shockproof case and even tempered screen glass. It seems okay but this morning when I woke up.. I wss so shocked the screen turned pinkish violet and is becoming black now. What can I do ? It’s a 6 month old pgone ?

  23. My Samsung j7 pro problem is battery percentage not decreasing when I using phone and my mobile suddenly switch off, It won’t start and I connect the charger the Samsung logo blinks 2 min and automaticaly it is restarted. I don’t know what the problem Is?

  24. My j7pro shows a black screen when it drains when i put it on charge at 0% after that to turn it on it wont show on the screen but when you call it it rings and with a black screen i slide where to pick up the call from what would be the solution?

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