How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Water Damaged Smartphone Using Quick Guide?

Did you recently end up in dropping your Samsung Galaxy device into the water? Did your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone got damaged with water? Are you startled by your water damaged smartphone? You are at the right place. This article will guide you to fix Samsung Galaxy water damaged smartphone.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Water Damaged Smartphone using Quick Guide?

Be fast in your action.

The brisk action might help you to save your water damaged smartphone from a more serious damage. Here are some tips for you to quickly fix the Samsung Galaxy water damaged smartphone.

Quick Guide to fix Samsung Galaxy Water Damaged Smartphone.

Take out your phone immediately from the water source if you have not taken out it yet.

1. Don’t press any keys.

It’s quite natural that we have a tendency to check whether the phone is still working after a water attack. But do keep in mind that you don’t press any keys and don’t use the phone. You should neither turn on, nor navigate the device.

2. Remove the protective case.

If your phone is protected with a case, then remove it after drying the outside of the case. You should not rock the phone as it may lead to the running of water into the phone ports, plugs, holes, cracks or even further spreading of water throughout the interior parts of the phone.

3. Remove the Battery.

Take out the battery from the Galaxy device. Along with that make sure that no power is connected to the device to eliminate the risk of short.

4. Take out the removable parts.

You should then take out all the removable parts such As SIM cards and microSD cards from the phone. Do not replace the backplate to help the drying process.

5. Dry your device with a dry towel/cloth.

Carefully dry the outside and other visible areas with a dry towel/cloth. But extra care must be taken not to splash any water into the openings in your device.

6. Do not blow dry.

Don’t use a blow drier or don’t blow air with your lips to the phone. Blow drier can cause a heat damage and when we blow air through our lips it can lead to further damage by more intense water circulation in the interior.

7. Don’t open the phone.

Even though there is water content inside the phone, don’t unscrew your device. Opening the phone will completely void your 100% warranty.

8. Dry your phone

After drying the outside and visible moisture in the phone. Next, try to dry the moisture in the parts where we don’t get to dry.

  • You can suck out the water using a vacuum.
  • Use rice as an excellent phone drying tool by placing the water damaged device in a ziplock bag/airtight container full of uncooked rice.
  • Silica gel packs; Silica gel packs are those cool gel packs found in shoeboxes to absorb moisture. Place some packs in an airtight container with your water damaged phones and allow them to dry completely.
  • Phone drying pouches; Some people might have a futuristic approach and have bought the phone drying pouch, you can simply put your phone inside the pouch and allow it to dry there.

9. Wait for at least 24-48 hours.

You should not switch to your device until the moisture is completely dried off. If the moisture is still evident on the screen or inside the phone you must wait till the moisture dries off completely.

10. Try to power it on.

After complete drying of the moisture, you should attempt to turn on the device to check for any irregular noise or to check the speakers work perfectly and the screen is properly working.

11. If it does not turn on.

If your device is not turning on, then you should try to connect your phone to a charger and see the response. If it’s responding the problem lies with the battery or if it’s not turning on then the phone itself is damaged.

Some extra tips for you to fix Samsung Galaxy water damaged smartphone.

When your phone is submerged in a beach water or salt water, higher chances of malfunctioning is there. Also, high chances of calcium build up with corrosion are there. So you can do an alcohol bath to the phone with closer to 99% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Alcohol is not conductive liquid and it won’t cause a short and helps you in good cleaning even in the small cracks and holes. Let the phone submerged in the alcohol for one or two hours and later let it dry to use.

But before you try to fix Samsung Galaxy water damaged smartphone with alcohol, you should check the LDI  (Liquid Damage Indicator) on your phone for its colour change. If the colour had changed to pink or red the LDI is activated and the warranty has been void. But if it’s white, your device still covers the manufacturer warranty. Once you submerge your device in alcohol the LDI will be activated and your warranty will be void.

Important things to remember while you fix Samsung Galaxy water damaged smartphone.

  •  Never freeze your phone as it can cause additional damage.
  •  Never put your phone in an oven to dry out the moisture.
  •  Do not apply an external heat as it will lead to more serious damage that can even explode your lithium battery.
  •  Don’t tap or rock your device over a hard surface as it can cause physical damage along with the liquid damage.

Hope all these solutions will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy Water Damaged Smartphone. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us on our page.


  1. Hey guys good afternoon. I dropped my Samsung in the water and I have it in some rice….I still have to wait and make sure it is completely dried out. I am just worried that it isn’t picking up my wifi at home.

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