Common LG Q6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

It was the collaboration of Google which makes LG devices popular. It is true that the Google’s first ever device and i.e. Nexus was manufactured by LG and since then, they have come with some amazing ones. The good thing is almost all their devices have got an excellent response. The prime reason is LG has paid a lot of attention in fulfilling the needs of modern smartphone users. However, the fact cannot be denied that like all other manufacturers, LG too faces common OS problems in their gadgets. Today we are going to talk about common LG Q6 problems and fixes.

Basically, this device is good enough to be trusted in the long run. There are many users who are currently using it. However, many of them have reported that it has unusual behavior and other issues. If you too are experiencing the same, we have compiled some useful information on common LG Q6 problems and fixes to enable you to keep up the pace simply with the same. It’s worth mentioning here that most of the issues are due to OS related errors and thus there is no need for you to worry a lot.

The methods discussed in this post simply let you bring your device in the working position you want. The good thing is they can be adopted very easily and simply enables you to enhance the performance of your device without doing much. However, before we proceed with the common LG Q6 problems and fixes, let us have a look at the specifications and hardware configuration of LG Q6.

It was launched in July 2017 and since then it grabbed the attention of many people. The 5.5-inch full HD IPS display makes sure users can always enjoy the best pictures and other content on the screen. It comes in two variants and i.e. 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM & 64 GB ROM. The latter has been tagged as LG Q6 plus. It is powered by 1.4GHz octa-core processor for performance. For those who love cameras, it has been equipped with 13MP primary and a 5MP Selfie shooter. The 3000mAh battery makes sure of one full day backup once it is fully charged. As far as the matter of Operating System is concerned, it runs on Android 7.1.1

Even after having the best specifications that any modern device has, there are still errors in this device. Check out the useful information on common LG Q6 problems and fixes in below paragraphs.

Common LG Q6 problems and fixes

It is necessary that you follow all the information regarding the common LG Q6 problems and fixes as it is mentioned. cannot be held responsible if you create any further software/hardware damage to your device due to any reason while following this guide.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Modern devices don’t have buttons on the screen. They operate fully through the screen and in case it fails to operate, obviously a device becomes totally useless. If you find that the touch screen is not operating partially or fully, there can be several factors responsible for this. Try the following methods

  • First check if it is gone with a simple restart
  • Make sure you are not wearing mittens or gloves while using your device
  • Clean the screen and make sure there are no oil or dust particles present on it
  • There could be a software problem in some cases and the touch screen is unable to perform its tasks
  • Always keep at least 3 GB free space on device as it can also be the reason of this issue.
  • Last option is to perform a factory restore if other methods doesn’t work

Performance issues

LG Q6 has been equipped with top notch processor and RAM to offer performance. However, still, a few users have been reported that they are facing slow performance on their device. Probably it is a daunting situation and the same cannot be expected from this device. You can try the following methods to enhance the same.

  • Make sure that your device ROM is not fully filled. If you fill it completely, of course it will put some burden on the processor and on the RAM which could lead to this problem
  • See if there is any virus in your device which is affecting its performance
  • Remove all the third-party apps you installed. For this, take your device into the safe mode.
  • There may be a rogue app which could be the cause of the poor performance. Boot the device into Safe Mode. If the problem persists, delete the last few apps you may have installed before the problem started. The last resort is to perform the factory reset. But do the factory reset only if it is necessary as you will lose all your data

Connectivity issues

When a device fails to connect with other device or with the internet, most users think its hardware related fault. This is not always necessary. Problems related to connectivity can be due to many reasons. Below are some of the tested methods to assist you to avoid the same.

Wi-Fi issues

  • The very first thing to do is to see if the problem is gone with a simple reboot.
  • Make sure our router is in working condition and is not experiencing any issue from the network provider.
  • If not, open device Settings first and click on the option Connections.
  • You will see the option Wi-Fi over there. Click on it.
  • This makes your device automatically scan for the available networks and will display them on the screen.
  • When the first scanning has ended, tap for a few seconds on the Wi-Fi you want to connect and choose to forget the same
  • Then, tap on the same network you want to connect. Fill the authentication details and you’re done. When you select an open network, there is no need to enter the password.

Bluetooth Problems

  • Make sure no power saving mode is enabled on device.
  • Turn the Bluetooth of your device ON and OFF.
  • If the problem is still there, Open Bluetooth Settings and clear the cache.
  • Restart your device simply after this
  • If there are multiple profiles, then maybe you have exceeded the limit of profiles you can save. Thus, you need to delete old and profiles no longer in use.

Slow charging

The LG Q6 is supposed to be charged fast and the main reason is it only has a 3000mAh battery. However, there are certain reasons due to which it mainly fails to keep up the pace in this matter. In case you are facing this problem, you need to pay attention to the methods which are spotlighted below.

  • Don’t use any other charger than the one you get in the box.
  • If you are using the power bank, make sure they are authorized by the manufacturer or are compatible in every aspect with your device
  • See if your device OS is totally up to date.
  • Make sure there are no dust particles around the charging port
  • Check if the connecting cable and the adapter are in working condition or not. Make sure there is no physical damage on any on them.
  • Check if the power socket is in proper working condition.
  • Make sure all the apps in the background are closed.
  • If the problem still exist, you need to perform a hard rest or need to get it checked at an authorized repair shop

Doesn’t recognize the PC

This problem could be due to improper cable connection. Thus, first check the same. In case the same is ok, there might be several other reasons for it. There is actually no need for you to worry as you can easily transfer the data between the PC and the device. Try the following set of methods to keep up the pace.

  • First of all, open device Settings and scroll down to find About Phone
  • Keep tapping on Build Number several times till a pop-up appears
  • The pop up will say “You are now a developer.”
  • You can check a new option will appear in the Settings and i.e. Developer Options.
  • Open it and then tap USB debugging to enable it.
  • You may have to reboot the phone once.
  • Plug in the phone and change USB configuration to MTP.
  • Perform a hard rest if nothing works. However, you need to save your data first as it deletes everything on the device memory.

Poor camera quality (common LG Q6 problems and fixes)

The camera quality is very important on any device. Most users fail to keep up the pace. The fact is LG Q6 has camera quality issues with it which are expected to be eliminated in the next update. However, this doesn’t mean you need to wait till then. The following methods are there which you can try to get the outcomes in the way you want.

  • Make sure there is no dust in the camera lens
  • Make sure you tear the transparent cover from the screen and front the back which is installed on the new devices
  • Make sure you selected the appropriate shooting mode depending on the lightning conditions
  • Check if the default camera app is running properly. You can check this with many apps available on the Play Store.

Battery draining quickly

If you feed up with charging your LG Q6 again and again just because it is consuming too much battery, this doesn’t mean the battery is faulty. This problem is due to other reasons in most of the cases. There are a few methods which have been listed below and you need to try them one after one to avoid this issue.

  • Installation of third-party applications could be one of the major factors responsible for this. Thus you need to disable it by taking your phone into the safe mode.
  • Make sure all the apps are closed and not running in the background.
  • See if all the installed apps are up to date or not. If not, update them immediately
  • Make sure your device too has all latest updates installed on it.
  • Don’t keep too much apps on your device

SIM related problems

This is the problem that which is common in with a brand new device. In case you have purchased a new LG Q6 and facing any of the SIM related problems, there is nothing to worry. Try the following methods to eliminate the problem completely.

  • First of all, make sure your SIM is in proper working condition
  • If it is too old, get it replaced before you use it in your brand new LG Q6
  • Make sure there are no compatibility issues related to the frequency
  • If problem still exists, get your phone checked thoroughly from an authorized service center

Overheating Problem (common LG Q6 problems and fixes)

The overhearing of your device could be due to a very large number of reasons. An overheating device basically reflects a motherboard issue. However, it’s good if you try the following set of solutions. Of course it will enable you to avoid the problem permanently.

  • Reboot your device. There are certain chances that the problem will be gone. If not, proceed with further solutions
  • Make sure you clear the cache for all installed apps
  • Don’t charge your phone while using it
  • Make sure you are not using a very high rated power bank.
  • Update your device to the latest version if you haven’t
  • Charge your device with the recommended charger only (the one that comes with the device)

This information on common LG Q6 problems and fixes has been tested and you can simply make sure of favorable outcomes. If there is anything else about the common LG Q6 problems and fixes which we miss and which you are facing, do let us known in the comment section below.


  1. I have the LG Q6 and the recording of videos is disappointing, dark bands appear in the image when recording with the native camera app

  2. I’m getting pictures from websites and even pictures captured from video as my lockscreen wallpaper I have to restart the phone in order to get rid of it

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