Common Nokia 8 Problems and How to Fix it – WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, SD, Sim, and More

Nokia 8 is the latest flagship from Nokia which brings a good hardware and specs with a decent price to compete against OnePlus 5, Note 8, and many other flagship smartphones. Actually, Nokia has always been a reputed smartphone manufacturer who always kept all that they promised to their users. Here we will share the Most Common Nokia 8 Problems and How to Fix it – WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, SD, Sim, and More.

Talking about the specs, Nokia 8 features a 5.3-inches display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The smartphone is powered by Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) and Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 coupled with 4/6GB of RAM. The phone packs 64/128GB internal memory and expands to 256GB via microSD card. The camera on the Nokia 8 comes with a Dual 13MP rear Camera and 12MP front shooting camera. Nokia 8 runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. It also has a Fingerprint sensor on the front.

Nokia 8 comes with the latest Android update Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. If you are a fan of Nokia, then you would definitely know that Nokia 8 has promised the next update of Android Oreo.

Nokia 8

Most Common Nokia 8 Problems and Their solution/bug fixes

Of course, as is the case with any Smartphone or tablet, Nokia 8 has its shortcomings too. We have got together some of the common problems in Nokia 8 that the users may encounter. We have also given the solutions as to how you can solve the issues. In here we will sort out the problems on your phones such as brightness, performance, Apps Force close problem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity issues. Most common problems of Nokia 8 and Their solution and bug fixes.

About Nokia 8:

Nokia 8 features a 5.5-inches display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The smartphone is powered by Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 and Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with 3/4GB of RAM. The phone packs 32/64GB internal memory which can also be expanded up to 256GB via microSD card. The camera on the Nokia 8 comes with 16MP rear Camera with phase detection autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) flash and 8MP front shooting camera with autofocus.

Nokia 8 runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box with a Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery with Fast battery charging. It also has a Fingerprint sensor in the front. The handset supports single sim with 4G. It comes with connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, USB OTG, 3G, and 4G.


Only some Nokia 8 users have encountered one or more problems. Most of the handsets have had no problems at all. If you buy a Nokia 8, you may not encounter any problem at all.

Brightness problem in Nokia 8

Some users are not happy with the adaptive brightness problem in Nokia 8.


It is an issue with the software when it comes to brightness problem in Nokia 8. The update of software 4.5.3 is supposed to fix it. Still, some users have found this problem to persist. A permanent solution will soon be available. In the meantime, you can download Lux Auto Brightness app from Google Play Store. It is one of the best tools which help in getting a control the brightness feature. Fortunately, there is a free version too available.  Most Common Nokia 8 Problems and How to Fix it

Windows 10 does not recognize the phone

Some users have discovered that Nokia 8 is not recognized by Windows 10 as a storage device. It becomes impossible to transfer files and another media content. Though the phone can still be charged from PC.


This issue has been resolved. You can manually enable USB Debugging mode by following a few easy steps.

  • Open Settings – About Phone and keep tapping on Build Number several times till a pop-up
  • The pop up will say “You are now a developer.”
  • In the Setting menu, a new option will appear called Developer Options. Open it.
  • Tap on USB debugging to enable it.
  • You may have to reboot the phone once.
  • Plug in the phone and change USB configuration to MTP.

This should resolve the issue and you will be able to transfer the file.

Performance issues (random reboots, stutter or lag, rapid battery drain)

There have been problems like performance issues with the Nokia 8 device and we always search the web for How to fix this problem in Nokia 8. It goes for rebooting repeatedly and at random. There have been issues of stutter and lag also. Sometimes there is a rapid draining of the battery even when the phone is not in use.


  • Download the Greenify app from Google Play Store. It lists down the applications which are active on waking the phone. Then you can change the settings for these apps. This should reduce the slowdown.
  • There may be a rogue app which could be the cause of the poor performance. Boot the device into Safe Mode. If the problem persists, delete the last few apps you may have installed before the problem started. The last resort is to perform the factory reset. But do the factory reset only if it is necessary as you will lose all your data?

Mobile Data Connectivity Issue

Certain apps and games not working on mobile data

It has been found that some apps when connected to Wi-Fi work very well but when connected to mobile data, they do not perform as well.


The issue is related to APN settings. Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Settings-more networks-mobile network-access point names.
  • Tap on APN for your network.
  • Change the APN Protocol to IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6.

These settings are present to IPv6. This is the reason for issues when certain apps or games try to connect with mobile data.

Notifications get cleared automatically

It has been noticed that that notifications get deleted automatically from the status bar


This is not the issue of a bug. It is related to battery management. Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Settings-battery and then disable Hibernation/Aggressive Dose
  • If you want to select which apps send you notifications, you can do it here. . Go to Settings – Battery – Battery Optimization (tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner). Here you can select which apps you want to receive notifications from.

Connectivity issues

Every time one buys a new device, there can be issues with connectivity. Follow the given general steps for connectivity issue problems of Nokia 8


Wi-Fi Issues

  • Turn off the router for a few minutes,
  • In the WI-Fi settings of the device, tap on forget the preferred network. Then add the details from scratch.
  • In the WI-Fi Analyzer application, check the level of activity. If required, switch to the different
  • Disable Power Saving Mode in Settings.
  • Ensure that the MAC address for the phone is recognized by the router.

Bluetooth Issues

  • No power saving mode should be enabled.
  • Turn the Bluetooth of your device on and off.
  • If the problem persists, go to Bluetooth Settings and clear the cache.
  • Restart the phone.
  • If there are multiple profiles, then maybe you have exceeded the limit of profiles you can save. Delete old and profiles no longer in use. Then try setting the connection from the beginning.

Bad Quality of Front Camera

Users are not satisfied with the performance and low light solutions of its front camera. To get the best pictures, find the below steps, although we cannot counter the hardware constraints.


  • While taking a picture, make sure you have an adequate amount of light in the area. That’s mean you should position yourself in some light to have a good picture.
  • Negligible light goes through to the sensor, due to the small aperture of a smartphone camera. Therefore, we get grainy pictures because of lowlight photography.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

The speakers of earpieces/hands-frees sound robotics and on the time of a phone call, it sounds metallic too, some users have complained.


  • Go for another good quality earpieces for doing a phone call.
  • Try to do another way. During a phone call press the volume up button to make the sound louder.
  • This will help to make the other person more audible and will not remove the robotic tone of hands-free.

SD Card Remains Undetected

One of the Nokia 8 problems noticed is that after inserting the SD Card into it, sometimes it’s not even detected, claimed by users. If you have already inserted an SD card into the slot and it is still not being detected, you can try out the following Nokia 8 Solutions.


  • Firstly, Insert the SD card again after restarting your Nokia 8.
  • Try to insert your SD card into another smartphone or use a card reader to insert it into your PC and Make sure Your SD card is working properly.
  • Try to format the SD card on the computer first and then insert it in Nokia 8.
  • If this doesn’t work, try using another microSD card.
  • If the problem still arises, take your smartphone to the service center as there might be something wrong with the microSD card slot.

Unable to eject the SIM tray

Some users have reported that they were not able to eject the SIM tray out of their smartphone. There can be several reasons for that to happen.

If you are not able to eject the SIM tray, you can follow the steps below.


  • Make sure you using the SIM tray tool provided with the Nokia 8. It is in the same box the smartphone shipped in depending on the region, it may be in a cardboard envelope.
  • If you don’t have the SIM tray eject tool, you can even use a paperclip to eject the tray from the smartphone housing.
  • Do not try to pry the tray out; otherwise, you’ll damage it permanently. The only way to take it out is by putting the tool into the small slot located beside it.
  • If the tray is still not coming out, you’ll need to take your smartphone to a certified Nokia technician.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Many users have reported about the inaccuracy in the touchscreen.

Anyways, this issue can be handled easily. Read here and find the Nokia 8 solutions possible. To fix Nokia 8 problems linked to the touch screen, follow the instructions below:


  • Try to restart your Nokia 8 and check if the problem is solved.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and not wet.
  • Make sure the screen is totally clean and there are no oil or dust particles.
  • There could be a software problem in some cases and the touch screen is unable to perform its tasks.
  • Try to reset your factory option, if nothing works.

Overheating and battery drain issue

Overheating and battery drain problem is the most common issue found in Nokia 8 smartphones. We all already know that most of the users these days use smartphones either for playing high-performance video games or streaming online videos of high resolution. Such use of smartphones leads to overheating and battery drain issue in these devices.

Lets us discuss how to fix such problems in Nokia 8 Smartphones.


  • Do not use the smartphone while it is put on charge.
  • If you are streaming high-resolution videos on a channel like youtube, you can lower the resolution which could resolve the problem of overheating.
  • Nokia Smartphones comes with an installed app of Nokia which user can uninstall if it is not being used by them.
  • You can go to settings> battery and battery setting usage to see which app is using how much battery and uninstall that particular app.
  • You can put a limit on the number of games you have installed or play on Nokia 8.
  • After uninstalling unnecessary apps from Nokia 8 user can perform a Factory reset.

All the frequent problems and how to fix them have been discussed in detail above.  These are small issues and they should not prevent you from buying a good phone. Almost all these problems are software related. Common problems in Nokia 8 makes customers unhappy, therefore, Nokia 8 keep sending updates to help with these issues. Just ensure you always have the latest version installed and enjoy your new phone. I hope this article will help you to fix the Nokia 8 Problems.


  1. after oreo beta program in my nokia 8 ,then back to nougat ota update, my phone heavy lag sometime( 1 to 10 minite).

  2. Hi.. I have Interruption Sound Problem..
    Thanx Nokia To Build A great Quality Phone Like His Previous History. Every Thing Is Perfect But If U dont Received Complains Its Not Mean That Ur Phone Is Perfect. Its Mean May Be They R Not Using Full Features.. Now I have A problem But Maybe Other Have But They Do Not Consider As Problem.. In Oreo 8.1 There Is Interruption Notification Error During Call.. I Mean I want Interruption During Call But There Is no Option.

  3. On my Nokia 8 Bluetooth does not transfer my call log (missed call, answered calls, dialled calls) To my cars (Audi) hands free system. Can you help to solve this please?

  4. hi guys my nokia has just decided to stop charging, not even a year old. it just keeps restarting the charging sequence from tell me to plug in then its charging loop

  5. Car kit in my Ford used to display / read out text messages when I had a Nokia 6.1 Now I have a 8.1, and I get a message on the screen saying ‘your phone does not allow messaging over bluetooth’. I`ve not changed any settings on the car kit, and so far not found any one in The Tech Team at Carphone Warehouse who can suggest how to change this.

  6. had my nokia 8 5G UW 1 week. Can’t answer calls when screen is black. Screen will not light up. Also goes black after you answer the call so you can’t put call on speaker. Now screen is black and can’t use phone. Very disappointed.

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