Common OPPO A5 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

One of the strange facts is smart gadgets need to be cared just as we take care of ourself.  The real fact is we are largely dependent on the phones for adding comfort to our life. It’s nothing but a smartphone which has become a true friend of almost every modern man across the globe. Anything can be done through them easily and in no time. The best thing is these gadgets can simply be trusted. Whether it’s travelling, entertainment, communication, data/information exchange or anything that is a part of us all, the phones are capable to be trusted for all such tasks. Therefore, as already mentioned they need to be taken care of. Also, you need to pay close attention to some of facts to avoid the common issues that declare their presence. This post will guide you on the common OPPO A5 problems and fixes.

On an average basis, around 10,000 apps are introduced on the Play Store each day. This clearly means that Android based gadgets are becoming more and more useful as well as powerful. With respect to rise in the functionality and ability of smartphones, many things that can affect their functionality are also rising at an equal rate. Generally, average users really find it hard to derive time to deal with them even when the problems are basic. This also happens when one doesn’t have sufficient knowledge on basic on technology. This post has been written especially on common OPPO A5 problems and fixes so that everyone owning this gadget can have simply the best experience with it.

common OPPO A5 problems and fixes


The very first thing which I would like to clear is although this post reflect the common OPPO A5 problems and fixes, this doesn’t actually mean that the phone is having a lot of complaints. It’s clear that Android-based gadgets often suffer from these glitches. It can happen with any user of any smartphone irrespective of its manufacturer. Thus, you should stop worrying about changing your plans searching another smartphone and rejecting this one. You can now simply go ahead with the useful information about the common OPPO A5 problems and fixes.

Common OPPO A5 problems and fixes

One of the strange facts about the smartphones is it’s not always easy to understand the root cause of a problem for an average user. Some users often try to use their own knowledge for overcoming an issue. This often creates additional problems in the phone. It is because of no other reason than we don’t recommend anyone mold the guide or the instructions which are mentioned in this post. You yourself will remain responsible for the same if you try that and cannot be blamed for the same. Here is what you are looking about common OPPO A5 problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

Manufacturers often allow Smartphone users to connect their gadgets with others with the help of two connectivity related features present in almost every modern gadget. They are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both of these features are important and make several tasks simpler for the users. Therefore it is necessary that both of them operate in a reliable manner. If you find any glitch in them or in a position not to operate them easily, the below methods can help you a lot.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

  • The very basic method to deal with this issue is to restart the phone after turning the Bluetooth OFF
  • Next is to check whether the list of the smartphones connected with your gadget is too long. Probably you need to erase a few names in case it is large
  • Always make sure the Bluetooth feature is not accessed by any other app at the same time
  • Check and make sure the Bluetooth antenna on the phone is in working condition
  • Check and boost your knowledge on what type of data and files are generally recommended to be shared through Bluetooth
  • There are often restrictions on new smartphones for connecting with other gadgets. Check them out and agree to them after reading them all
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is not set to hidden from the nearby gadgets. This is another common reason of this issue
  • The Bluetooth version might not be compatible with the phone you are trying to send your data to.
  • Check and make it sure there is no virus present in the phone memory
  • You simply need to make sure that the size of data you are transferring is not exceeding the recommended limit in one go
  • Check and update the OS if a new version or a general update is available
  • The default memory of the phone might be filled completely
  • Check and make sure you are not transferring the data which is subjected to copyright
  • Clear cache data of the Bluetooth app
  • If the power saving mode is enabled, turn it OFF
  • Open the Bluetooth and simply choose to forget the device if it appears already in the list of recently connected devices. Try adding the device from beginning
  • Check if the phone can be connected and data can easily be transferred to another phone than the one you are trying to connect with
  • The last option is to get the phone checked through an authorized expert or a service center

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

  • Try a simple restart and check if the problem is gone. Restart the modem as well
  • Check whether the authentication details (password) entered by you is correct
  • Make sure the internet link is stable
  • The suspension of the services on your number could be another reason causing the issue
  • If you are making sure of above, check whether any of the app having access to Wi-Fi is running in the background
  • Forget the connection and then add it again
  • Make sure the configuration of the modem is done in a proper manner and the cable connection is proper
  • If you haven’t imposed a password on your connection, simply do it
  • Check if the problem is just because a number of devices are already connected with the same connection
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi drivers are installed properly
  • Check if the bandwidth limit has already been exceeded
  • Make sure the LAN configuration is proper and is not disabled
  • Check if there are restrictions on the Wi-Fi to add new connections
  • With some connections, entering the password is not enough, you need to contact the administrator
  • Make sure you are within the assigned range of the modem
  • Configure the modem once again
  • Take help of an expert if the problem is still there

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

Smartphones sometimes fails to detect the Windows PC when they are connected with the same. This usually happens due to a software issue and it would be good for you to keep it in your mind that there is not always a need to get the device examined through an expert. The below are some instructions to help you to solve the concern by doing-it-yourself

  • Make sure the connection wire you are using is working in a perfect manner
  • Restart your phone and the PC and check if the problem is gone
  • Remove the restrictions if they are in the device about connecting the new devices
  • The presence of virus on the PC or on the phone could be another reason
  • Check if the phone memory is completely full. Erase some data simply
  • Make sure the connection is not loose
  • Check if the USB drivers are present. If not, install them simply
  • Check out the copy of Windows installed on the PC is genuine or not
  • Select the settings to MTP
  • Get the phone checked if nothing works

Apps not functioning properly (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

Any app in the phone can go out of control for the users or can show a behavior that is not expected. Well, there is nothing much you need to do for solving this issue. The following are some of the best available methods to help you get results in your favor.

  • First restart your phone
  • Check if the apps are having pending updates
  • Switch them to phone default memory in case they are present in the memory of SD card
  • Make sure you have not installed any of the app from the sources the devices couldn’t trust
  • Avoid using the apps in custom settings. Check and switch them again to default
  • Clean the cache memory of the apps installed
  • Follow all the policies while using them
  • Make sure the phone memory is not installed completely

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This seems to be a problem with very complex solution. However, trust me as there are situations when you can avoid the same in o time and without doing anything. Here are some simple methods to let you have favorable outcome.

  • Restart the phone simply to see if the issue can be avoided by this simplest manner
  • Make sure that the phone charger, cable, adapter and any accessory you use with it is working in a fine manner
  • The data should not be downloaded continuously for long hours as it can give rise to the problem and can be the common reason to this
  • Make sure not to always charge your phone through USB
  • If there are several apps running in the background, you simply need to close them all
  • Don’t use your device while the same is charging
  • Don’t make use of any power bank when the same doesn’t match with your phone in terms of its power rating and its output
  • Disable the power saving mode

Screen doesn’t respond properly

The functionality of the screen depends largely on a lot of factors. This indicates sometimes other problems in the phone can give rise to this problem. Also, there are chances that you are confusing any OS or software related issue as the screen related problem. Check out below information about common OPPO A5 problems and fixes that can enable you to deal with this issue.

  • First of all, check if the screen needs cleanliness against oil and grease particles
  • Simply make sure that you are not operating the screen through any manner not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Simply open the phone in the power saving mode and disable all the third-party apps
  • Check and make sure there is no pending updates for the apps in the phone
  • Make sure the device screen is not cracked from anywhere
  • Check if the memory of the phone is totally filled as it can give rise to this problem
  • Remove/Replace the screen guard
  • Take your device to an authorized repair shop

Bad camera quality (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

Oppo Smartphones have already secured an excellent reputation in terms of camera quality. There are very less chances you face this issue with this gadget. However, in case you realize them, following methods can help you a lot.

  • Before operating the camera, select the appropriate shooting mode
  • Make sure to introduce yourself with the basic of capturing snaps and videos through phone camera
  • Make use of camera flashlight as it can help boosting quality in many cases
  • Check if the camera settings are set to HD mode
  • Clean the lens of device camera gently with a piece of cloth
  • Focus in a right manner on the object before you actually capture the snap
  • Check if the problem is there just because the device screen has not be cleaned properly
  • Make sure not to use the phone camera through any other app than the default one
  • Remove the transparent cover from the phone which is pre-installed on the screen in case of new devices

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

There are some basic methods that can help you getting the positive outcome and they are spotlighted below.

  • Make sure to enable the sounds if they are disabled
  • Sometimes missing sounds drivers can also cause this issue
  • Simply make sure you are not using the earpiece which are not of genuine quality
  • Check if the device needs an update
  • A software bug can be held responsible for this in the phone
  • Select the earpiece options manually after connecting them

SIM/Network related problems

Dealing with the problems that are responsible for the improper functionality of the SIM or the network is the first thing you should do before anything else in case multiple issues are there. This is because of the fact that you can deal with them only if the SIM card operates properly in the phone. Here are some helping tricks to enable you get the quality outcome.

  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the SIM before inserting it in the phone
  • Check if it has been properly inserted in the phone. Restart your phone after this
  • Simply make sure you are not getting the “No Signal Message” just because services are suspended on the SIM
  • Disable the Airplane mode in case it is enabled
  • You might have turned the SIM card OFF. Check SIM settings for this
  • Open the Network settings and select the network to manual mode. Search the network manually and choose to register your home network
  • Make sure the variant you use doesn’t have any issue about the compatibility with services of network provider or with the frequency of the same
  • Take no time to come out of the basement of an apartment/building if you are there as the problem could be just because improper signal strength over there
  • Get the SIM replaced if the problem is still there

Overheating problems

To get rid of this problem, you need to make sure that you are using the phone in a manner recommended by the manufacturer. For more information regarding this, you can read the user manual of the phone. However, before that, try the following methods to avoid this issue.

  • The problem could be due to a faulty charger or a power socket
  • Check and make sure that the heat dissipation in the phone is proper
  • Check if all the apps are working properly in the phone
  • Don’t download a lot of files through the mobile data
  • Make sure the power bank you are using is in proper working condition
  • Remove the back cover from the device
  • Check if a new version to the OS is available

Performance issues (common OPPO A5 problems and fixes)

Performance always has a bad impact of time and many other factors on it. If you really want to stop them from downgrading, you need to pay attention to many factors. Some of them to help you are spotlighted below

  • Restart your phone and install all the pending updates
  • Make sure there are no apps which are installed from the third-party sources
  • Check if the phone memory is having multiple copies of the same file
  • Make sure not to turn ON the features while they are not required such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hot spot and so on
  • Check and make it sure that the device memory is not completely filled
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps and erase any data in the phone which is not used for a long time
  • Make sure to close all the apps which are running in the background
  • Check if the device is having a lot of files present in the downloading folder.
  • Install an antivirus app from the Play Store and scan the device properly
  • Perform a hard reset to fix it in case other methods wouldn’t work properly

These are some of the best solutions that can help you to deal with the common problems present in this smartphone. For more information about the common OPPO A5 problems and fixes, you can post a comment below and can find answers to your queries.

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