Common Oppo Realme 2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Managing everything on time has become essential in the present time for those struggling to keep up the pace in life. The technology is widely contributing in this matter and many people are able to access the same. The fact is these days a smartphone has become so capable that it can enable anyone to manage all his/her tasks in life without facing any problem. This is one of the true reasons behind the scope and popularity of these gadgets in the 21st century. Currently, smartphone market is blooming at a rate never seen before. There are several manufacturers, mostly from China who have launched simply the best gadgets and have enabled everyone to enjoy the features in trend without spending a lot of money. One such smartphone is Realme 2 by Oppo. You can increase your knowledge on common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes through this post.

Realme 2 by Oppo is largely expected to hit record sales due to its features, styles and other facts related to its functionality. It was a much-awaited smartphone and many people are still planning to buy the same. Well, if you are one among them, there is no need to think a lot about the basic problems associated with the same. The overall problems related to this gadget are almost nothing. However, they can appear in the phone depending on the way you use. Also, they are truly basic in nature and are not there just because of hardware problems in the phone. Thus, most of the information about the common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes you will find in this post is easy to consider.

common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes

Why buy this phone

It has been reported as one of the finest smartphones launched in the year 2018. As already mentioned, it is totally free from errors and other bugs that largely affects the functionality of a smartphone. The problems discussed in this post can usually declare their presence with any smartphone due to bugs related with the Android and various apps a user install from the play store. This phone is best n every aspect and simply let you enjoy anything you expect from a modern gadget in this category. Check out below more about common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes.

Common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes

Although smartphones are simply the best these days and can enable users to accomplish various tasks, the fact couldn’t be denied that they are always meant to be handled easily. In other words, they are sensitive. Even when a problem declares its presence in them, the users need to make sure to follow the right guide and will full care. This guide about common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes is the one that you can trust for eliminating the problems mentioned below. cannot be held responsible if you face problems not mentioned in this post just because of your own negligence or due to molding the methods and instructions which have been provided in this post in your own way. Here is what you should really know about common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes.

SIM related problems

A nonifunctional SIM card or when it fails to provide the network can make your phone a useless brick. Thus, you need to be very careful about this. The various problems related to the SIM can be avoided through the below SIM related information on common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes.

  • Check and confirm from the network provider whether all the services are active on your SIM card in case it hasn’t been used for a long time
  • The SIM card might get blocked due to changing the phone if the same was applicable on it
  • Check properly for physical damage on the SIM slot, SIM tray and on the SIM itself
  • Don’t insert the SIM card in the Slot number 2 if the Slot 1 is empty
  • Check if the problem is there due to disabling the SIM card in the network settings
  • You need to manually register on the network by searching for it if you are changing your position frequently such as traveling
  • Check in case your current location is not covered by the network provider
  • Choose to restart your device after inserting the SIM card again
  • The problem might be there just because you are in the basement of a building
  • Insert the SIM card properly in the phone and check the variant you own is compatible with the network provider
  • The airplane mode is to be disabled if the same is active
  • Call the customer support team to check what exactly is not fine with the SIM card
  • Try inserting another SIM card in the phone to check if the device is OK or not

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Problems related to the earpiece or the sounds can easily be neglected through the instructions which are spotlighted below.

  • Make sure the sounds quality of your phone is not affected just because the sound drivers have any sort of problem in them
  • Check in case the problem is there due to using unauthorized accessories
  • Simply make it sure that the earpiece you are using are not the ones which are not compatible with the phone
  • Open sound settings in the phone and check in case the problem is there just because the sounds are disabled
  • If you are using the Bluetooth earpiece, make sure they are connected with the device and the problem is not there due to errors related to the Bluetooth

Connectivity issues

Connectivity defines everything and in fact every strength of your phone. If it cannot be connected with other devices, surely there is a diverse array of tasks which you cannot perform with your phone simply. To know how to deal with this situation, check below mentioned instructions.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • First check whether the visibility of the Bluetooth on either of the gadgets is not set to hidden
  • Sometimes apps having access to the Bluetooth doesn’t allow you to create a connection with other phones. Check it properly
  • Make it sure that there is enough free space in the memory of the phone transmitting the data and the one receiving the same
  • Check if there are restrictions imposed on making your phone communicate with others through Bluetooth
  • Sometimes facts such as copyrights with the data doesn’t allow users to perform this task
  • Simply make sure the overall number of files you are transferring or the size of the data is not large enough to be transferred through Bluetooth apps
  • Check if the problem is there just because the Bluetooth antenna is not working
  • You might have disabled the functionality of Bluetooth app in the phone check
  • Simply make sure the data you are sharing doesn’t bear issues related to the compatibility
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by simply restarting your phone
  • In your phone, you will find a list of devices which you recently connected with your phone through Bluetooth. Sometimes the same needs to be cleared to allow the phone access the Bluetooth
  • Check if the security policies of the phone are getting violated or if the Bluetooth version on both the gadgets is not compatible with each other
  •  Make sure to operate the Bluetooth app in its default settings only
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone simply

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Don’t allow multiple devices to be connected with your Wi-Fi modem
  • The problem might be there just because there are additional requirements imposed by the network administrator on connecting the devices with the modem
  • Check if the problem is there just because of improper modem configuration or due to improper cable connection on the same
  • Check if the LAN settings are set to default and not custom as this can cause the problem
  • The suspension of services from your connection or instability of the internet connection are the temporary reasons you might be facing this problem
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is no accessed by any other apps which is running in the background at the same time
  • Choose to troubleshoot your internet connection
  • Make sure to update the authentication details in the phone in case the same has been changed recently
  • With most of the internet connections, there is a limit on using the data on daily basis. Check in case the same has not been reached
  • Restart your modem and the phone together
  • Simply open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and select to erase the name of connection you are trying to connect with. Add it again
  • Check in case the problems are related to the modem functionality
  • Get the device checked if nothing works for you

Unexpected behavior of the apps

It is possible to eliminate this problem through below instructions and methods

  • Installing the apps from the sources which are not recognized or restricted by the phone can cause this issue
  • You simply need to make sure that the problem is not there just because of not updating the apps installed in the phone
  • Don’t change the settings of the installed apps to custom
  • Check if the apps you have installed in the phone is truly compatible with the device or not
  • Make sure not to keep the app data in the memory card
  • Perform a basic reboot and check if the problem is gone

Bad camera quality

The below methods are useful and work effectively against camera-related problems

  • You simply need to remove the transparent cover from the brand new device first
  • Make sure to operate the camera through its default app
  • Check if the problem can be solved by cleaning the device screen and camera lens
  • The shooting mode is to be selected based on the nearby conditions and visibility
  • You need to turn ON the flashlight on your phone in case the natural lights are low
  • Check if the problem is there just because the snaps are being captured in the burst mode. This can largely affect the quality
  • Make sure the power saving mode is not enabled on the phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved by selecting the HD mode in the camera settings
  • Simply learn some basic on operating the device camera

Unresponsive Touch screen

Check the instructions below to fix this issue simply in a short span of time

  • First of all, check if any sort of liquid damage on the screen is causing this problem
  • Make sure not to operate your phone in the power saving mode
  • Clean the device screen and your hands against oil, grease and dust particles
  • Check if the problem is present in the phone due to problems related to functionality of the apps or due to OS related bugs
  • The screen sharing option is to be turned OFF as it can sometimes affect the functionality of the screen
  • The overall data present in the phone is to be cut down. Remove the SD card from the phone and restart it to check if the problem is gone
  • Open the phone in the safe mode
  • Check if the recently installed apps are not causing the problem
  • Check if there is a major or a minor physical damage on the screen causing this issue
  • Update the device OS and all installed apps to fix this issue
  • Get the phone checked properly at an authorized repair center of Oppo around you.

NO Memory/SD card detected

To make sure your additional space/memory related needs are accommodated in the phone, you can go ahead with the following methods.

  • Check if the card has been inserted in the phone properly or not
  • Choose to reboot your phone once inserted
  • Make sure the data in the card is not corrupt, infected with a virus or is set to hidden mode
  • Make sure the card is not having a physical damage on it
  • The defects related to manufacturing of the card can sometimes cause this problem if you invest on a cheap product
  • Simply make it sure that your phone is not having restrictions on using the third-party memory devices
  • Insert the same card in another device to check its functionality
  • The presence of virus in the card is another possible reason to this problem
  • Format your card and then insert it again in the phone

Not connecting with PC/doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This is one of the problems that many users have to face due to reasons that cannot be justified all the time. However, most of the faults are not too complex when they arrive. You as a user can easily eliminate them to create a smooth and working connection between both these gadgets. Check out below what can be done when this problem arrives.

  • First, check if the copy of the Windows installed on the computer doesn’t have any problem related to it. The genuine Windows have various restrictions which you need to pay attention to carefully
  • Select the mode of connection on your phone as per the purpose you are connecting both devices together
  • Always use the genuine connecting cable as other causes speed and other problems. Also, check if the same is in proper working condition
  • Simply make sure that the problem is not there due to missing or outdated USB drivers on the phone. Check and update the same
  • Simply make it sure that the USB ports on the PC are in working state and is not causing the problem
  • Check if the problem is not there just because your device has limited or restricted access for the third-party connections

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

As the smartphones are becoming more and more useful, demand for those which can bear a full day load of user’s tasks once charged is increasing. Actually, the battery backup depends on a number of things and the tasks you generally perform through the smartphone. Here is some information to let you deal with this problem.

  • Make sure your phone has enough free space in it all the time to store at least 3 GB data
  • Keep the mobile data/Wi-Fi OFF when you actually don’t need the same
  • Make sure not to perform any task on the phone such as placing calls or downloading the data while charging it
  • Always prefer the genuine charger and the quality accessories with your gadget
  • If you are using the power banks for charging your gadget, their power specifications should be same as Realme 2 battery demands
  • Sometimes the problems in the charging cable or in the power socket can cause this problem in your phone
  • Make sure not to run so many apps in the background while using your phone
  • IF features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hot spot are turned ON without use, you can experience this problem
  • Check if the battery of the phone is responsible for the problem
  • Disable the recently installed apps in the phone if any and restart it. Check the status of the phone now
  • If an SD/memory card has been inserted in the phone, avoid using it for next few days

Overheating problems

Overheating can create various other problems. Thus, they should be fixed immediately after their appearance. Here are the methods to fix them easily

  • Don’t let multiple apps run in the background
  • Always make sure that you are not charging your phone from a source that is having any problem associated with the same
  • Check if all the installed apps in the phone are truly compatible with the same
  • Make sure not to use your phone in the power saving mode all the time
  • Make sure the device ventilation is taking place properly
  • Check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone simply
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone
  • Remove the device back cover is you have installed the same. Avoid using it for the next few days
  • Make sure the phone is not affected by any auspicious file
  • Install all the available updates simply
  • All the parameters related to the functionality of your Oppo Realme 2 should be inspected problem to know the cause of this problem
  • If you are unable to detect the cause, the help of experts is recommended to you

Performance issues

To simply gear-up the performance of your Oppo Realme 2, here are some best available methods to help you.

  • Don’t install apps from the un-trusted sources
  • Always make sure to use the phone with a limited number of apps in it
  • Check if the problems associated with the data are causing this problem
  • Make sure to install the updates on time and through recommended procedure
  • Close all background running apps
  • Make sure that your phone is having some free space available in it
  • Don’t change the recommended settings of the phone to custom
  • Don’t use your phone while downloading the data
  • A hard reset can fix this problem if other methods wouldn’t work

With this information about common Oppo Realme 2 problems and fixes, you can always restore the overall functionality of your phone. For others concerns related to this gadget, simply feel free to post a comment below.


  1. I am trying to move applications from international storage to memory card on my realms 2 device but unable to do so. Further I am unable to format the SD card as Internal . Any suggestions please

  2. How do I make use of my 16 gb sd memory card on realme 1.I am unable to move apps from phone memory to external memory. .I am not able to store any data on my sd card

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