Common Oppo Realme C1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Life is actually a blend of precious moments which we generally live and enjoy. The bad thing is moments don’t repeat themselves and therefore converting them into memories is something that everyone wants. Well, who don’t want to remember & live the good times one had. Technology just like in other domains is becoming very helpful to humans for making and keeping the memories. You might probably know about this. Many dedicated devices have come to the market for this purpose. The common one is a smartphone. It’s true that the camera of any smartphone can be the reason for its success in the present time. In fact, it’s nothing but the camera that has a major role in enabling the people to make their memories. When it comes to Oppo phones which are already tagged as “Selfie Experts”, one really needs not to worry about anything. In this post, the common Oppo Realme C1 problems are discussed and their solutions are mentioned to let you maintain the best of your phone.

However, this doesn’t truly mean that this smartphone is couldn’t be trusted because it has problems associated with it. Well, this is not the case in an actual sense. The problems which you find in this post are the ones that generally declare their presence due to no reasons or the ones which are very basic. It is easy for any Smartphone user to avoid them simply without having any special knowledge of the technical aspects of this gadget. Thus, you can buy this phone if you haven’t. Also, you can stay calm if you recently purchased it and it’s showing you the common basic issues. They can easily be eliminated in no time with this guide on common Oppo Realme C1 problems.

common Oppo Realme C1 problems

Why these issues arrive

Well, in most of the cases the minor Android related bugs which are common in every Smartphone are responsible for this. They can declare their presence due to random reasons as already mentioned. In addition to this, other basic factors such as how well a user uses his/her Smartphone also influence the functionality. If you are facing the common problems, it is suggested to try the methods mentioned in this post before taking professional help. You can have the things back on track for sure. Check the common Oppo Realme C1 problems and the solutions below.

Common Oppo Realme C1 Problems and Fixes

Oppo Realme C1 is a phone which can be trusted for a long run. You need nothing to worry once you spend your valuable savings on it. In case any of the problems occur, you simply need to make sure that you are following this guide in the way it is mentioned. Else, you can have several additional problems which in some cases can be major ones. Probably no one at can be blamed for the same. Here is the complete list of common Oppo Realme C1 problems and their fixes.

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

  • Make sure there is atleast 2GB free space in the phone default memory when you use a microSD card
  • Check if the card you are using is fully supported by the Oppo Realme C1. You can read the complete specifications in the phone user manual to know more about this
  • The problem could be there in the phone microSD card slot
  • Your card should not have any kind of restricted data stored in it
  • Make sure the microSD card was not left unused for a long time. There are many factors responsible for this problem in such a case
  • Check if you can solve the problem just by removing and again inserting the card in your Oppo Realme C1
  • The problem might be associated with the phone OS. Check and make sure of this
  • If you have set restrictions on the third-party devices to be connected with your phone. Remove the same. Sometimes it automatically get imposed when phone security is compromised
  • Don’t insert a microSD card in the phone which can store more than 256GB data. This is actually the limit on this smartphone
  • Your phone might be running in the power saving mode
  • Check if you are facing this problem just because of a manufacturing defect in the card. This is common when the low quality- storage cards are preferred
  • You might not have removed the SD card from the phone in a proper manner the last time. Restart the phone in such a case and the problem would be gone simply
  • Format your card and check if this works for you or not

Connectivity issues

Although connectivity seems to be a very basic feature in any smartphone, it can cause many other problems and can completely disable some major features if it has any of the problems associated with it. This reason is enough for you to avoid them on priority. Here is what you can do simply.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Simply check if the internet services are running perfectly on your connection
  • Restart your router and check if this solves the problem.
  • The problem could be there due to not entering the password correctly or not fulfilling the other requirements the network have after entering the same
  • Sometimes the other apps are accessing the phone Wi-Fi and the problem is there due to the very same reason
  • Make sure the network security is not disabled. Also, check if the network settings are violated
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any problem related to its Wi-Fi antenna or the default drivers for the same
  • Check if the problem is there because the upper limit on the modem to host the Wi-Fi devices has been reached or if you have exceed the bandwidth limit
  • Make sure the network frequency is supported by your phone variant and the same is not the reason to this problem
  • Do check if the phone is running in the safe mode or in the power saving mode which many times automatically disables some important features including the phone Wi-Fi
  • Your Oppo Realme C1 is facing the Wi-Fi problems just because there are OS related bugs in it or the things might not be good with the apps you have installed
  • Check if the internet speed is too slow or the domain you are opening is restricted due to any reason on your network

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Check if your phone Bluetooth version is not compatible with the parallel device you are trying to communicate
  • There are various errors related to pairing of the devices that declare their presence due to OS bugs and other similar factors. Check if they are causing the problem
  • The restrictions on the phone Bluetooth might enhance its security. However, in such a case you cannot use this feature reliably
  • There are many things that might be wrong with the data you are exchanging through the Bluetooth. Check its format and make sure all their requirements such as upper limit on the size in one go is fulfilled
  • Make sure the device Bluetooth antenna is not physically damaged
  • Check if the problem is there just because you have imposed a PIN or a password on the Bluetooth feature of your Oppo Realme C1
  • The problem could be there simply due to turning the power saving or the safe mode ON
  • Check and simply make sure that the phone storage is not completely filled
  • You might be facing this problem just because your phone has some glitches in its Bluetooth driver software
  • It is necessary to clear the cache data of all the apps which many a time avoids the problems related to the Bluetooth
  • The problem in any of the hardware component in the phone could be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Simply check and make sure if the phone security is getting violated
  • Install all the pending updates and restart your phone. Check now if the things are working in their actual working mode
  • Make sure if the problem is due to any of the problems listed above in the other phone you are trying to connect

Performance issues

  • Make sure the problem in your Oppo Realme C1 is not because of low quality apps or the ones from the third-party sources
  • Check and make sure the phone RAM and the other hardware is in proper working condition
  • The problem might be slow just because of virus presence in prime memory of the phone
  • Simply make it sure that the phone is not made to run in the custom settings. If you install the third-party software, apps or the OS, there are chances this problem will arrive
  • Check and make sure the phone memory is not completely filled
  • Make sure to keep the data in your phone which it actually support
  • The problem might be there just because the phone is not having the required drivers in proper working condition
  • Make sure there are no OS bugs in the phone. You must install all the latest updates to get them fixed automatically
  • The phone performance could be slow due to data downloading from the internet or during the multitasking. You need to analyze all the factors that you think can be the reason to this problem. The analyzing could be different for different users depending on how they make use of their phone
  • If there are multiple apps running I the background, close them and restart your phone
  • In case the other methods don’t work, save the phone data and perform a hard reset. This is the key method to restore the performance which works in most of the cases

SIM/Network related problems

  • The SIM service operator’s services might not be available at your present location. Check and make sure of this
  • Remove the SIM card from the phone. Check if it has been inserted properly in the SIM tray. Restart your phone again
  • In case your SIM connection is new, the problem could be due to services yet to be activated
  • Make sure the phone variant you are using is compatible with the phone
  • Enable the network automatic selection mode and make it the default preference
  • Check if the SIM slot on the phone is not in proper working condition
  • You might be in the basement of an apartment
  • Check and make sure you haven’t turn OFF the SIM in the settings
  • Check if the actual reason to this problem is enabling the Airplane mode
  • The SIM services might be suspended temporarily
  • If there is a PIN imposed by you on the SIM card, you need to remove the same as it can be the reason to this problem
  • Simply make sure the problem is not associated with any kind of damage on the SIM card
  • Check if the SIM antenna is in proper working condition
  • Insert your SIM card in another phone to check where exactly the problem is
  • If you fails to reach any conclusion, take the help of the professionals

Bad camera quality

  • Oppo devices hardly have any issue with their camera. However, if this is the case with you, first simply clean the camera lens and check if the problem is solved
  • Restart your phone and check if the camera is operated only through its default app
  • Make sure not to make any kind of changes to the default camera settings.
  • Enable the HD mode from the settings and avoid capturing the pictures in the burst mode
  • The quality might be low just because you have enhanced the camera zoom beyond the specific limit
  • The low visibility might be causing this problem. Simply select the appropriate mode from the camera settings and if required, turn ON the camera flashlight
  • Do check if the problem can be solved just by focusing on the object before you click the capture button
  • Some of the basic bugs related to the Android are responsible for this problem. If a new update is pending, install the same and restart your phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • Check if there are multiple apps running in the background. If so, close them all
  • The features such as maps, Wi-Fi hotspot often put more stain on the battery and therefore enhance its draining speed. Use them only when they are required
  • The phone might be running in the power saving mode and you are performing the multitasking on it
  • Check if the things can be restored to their actual working condition just by performing a basic reboot
  • Make it sure there are no apps in the phone memory which are blocked
  • Check if the problem is actually related to the charger which you are using to charge your Oppo Realme C1
  • The phone notifications which are really not important should be turned OFF
  • Impose a limit as per your need on the screen brightness level which can drain your phone battery quickly
  • Always make sure to use the original and compatible accessories with your phone
  • The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but the problem in the phone battery if no other method works for you. Get it checked

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Check if the connection between the phone universal jack and the earpiece is loose and is not proper
  • Make sure the true reason to this glitch is not actually associated with a third-party reason such as low quality of music which you might be playing
  • Sometimes this problem is there only because the apps in the phone are not in actual working mode
  • Check if the phone sounds are disabled and the same is not causing the problem
  • Your device might not support the type of earpiece you own. Check and make sure of this
  • The problem could be there just because you have turned ON the extra bass in the sound settings
  • Simply install all the pending updates and check if this solves the problem
  • Carefully check if there is any damage caused to the USB connector on the phone
  • Use your earpiece to another phone to check if the problem is not related with your Oppo Realme C1

Overheating problems

  • Always make sure the phone is not charged beyond the 90% battery to make sure this problem never declare its presence
  • Check if the overheating is just because the rear side cover is blocking the ventilation
  • The problem might be there just because you are using so many third-party apps in the phone which are installed from the different sources than the Play Store
  • Uninstall the last two apps you installed on your phone and check if this solves the problem
  • Make it sure that your phone doesn’t have any kind of problem related to the hardware
  • Do check if you are facing this problem just because your power bank (if you use) doesn’t match the Oppo Realme C1 charging specifications
  • Simply make sure your phone has enough memory space available to operate reliably
  • The problem can be solved simply by clearing the cache data of the apps. Try the same
  • If there are multiple games installed in your phone, make sure no more than one is running in the background at the same time

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • The PC might have a pirated copy on Windows installed on it. Check if this is not the reason to this problem
  • The phone might not support the cable you are using or it might be faulty
  • Check if the MTP mode is elected on the phone while it is connected with the PC
  • Make sure that the USB drivers are installed properly in the phone. If needed, update them. Also, check if they are in working condition
  • The problem might simply be due to a loose connection
  • You simply need to make it sure that no restrictions have been imposed on the phone connectivity
  • Check and make sure if your phone has a lot of virus present in its default memory which is the reason the connection getting terminated automatically
  • Check if both the devices have proper driver software installed for the other
  • Don’t make any changes to the recommended settings and especially with the phone security. You can face this problem due to the very same reason
  • Make sure no data related errors are causing this problem

Apps not functioning properly

  • You might have installed them from a different source than Play Store by compromising your phone security. Simply don’t follow such practice
  • If the app data has been stored to the microSD card, copy the same in the phone as you can face unexpected behavior or other issues due to the same reason
  • Don’t change the settings of the apps to Custom. This is another leading factor responsible to this problem
  • Simply make sure your phone is not having any kind of virus present in it causing this issue
  • Apps show problems when the phone runs low on the memory

Screen Related Problems

  • Remove the gorilla glass guard from the screen if the same is installed on it
  • Check if the problem is associated with the phone performance which most of the users often confuses with the screen related problems
  • It is always recommended to you to not to operate your device wearing the gloves or the mittens
  • Check if you can solve the problem simply by cleaning the device screen properly and gently
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because there is not more space in the phone memory to store any data further
  • Sometimes this problem is there just because the screen sharing option is turned ON in the phone
  • Check and make sure the problem is not because of an internal damage to the screen. Any other kind of hardware problem in your Oppo Realme C1 can also be the reason you are facing this issue
  • Check if the things can be restored to their working condition by taking your device in the safe mode
  • Make sure no OS bugs are responsible for this issue in your phone

With this information on the common Oppo Realme C1 problems and fixes, you can easily deal with all daunting situations with the phone. If these methods don’t work, it would be good to bring your phone at a nearby repair center authorized by Oppo than solving the problems yourself.

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