Common Ulefone Armor 6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

One of the common sayings is success comes to those who keep making the efforts. This is something that is really true in the present world. The fact is there is a lot of competition everywhere and the chances of being failed are actually more than being successful. However, as mentioned, if one continues to make the right efforts in the right direction, the success comes for sure. A Smartphone is something that is one of the key essential to continue with your efforts. Everyone knows the same. The present-day smartphones are beyond every amazing device available for the entertainment purposes to the humans. On an average, the world witnessed 1 billion new smartphone users only in last 10 years. This is an interesting figure and shows the craze of those who love using this gadget. One of the recently introduced gadgets is the Ulefone Armor 6. Here are the solutions to some of the common Ulefone Armor 6 problems.

common Ulefone Armor 6 problems

The smartphones are best to be trusted for the long run. They are amazing and are reliable to use. Sometimes they suffer from some basic issues just like other gadgets and needs to be cared. Well, when it comes to caring, the users often shows carelessness and have to face several bugs in their gadgets. In a few cases, the problems arrive within a short span of time just after purchasing the phone. This happens due to the above said reasons despite the Android-related bugs are responsible. If you need to keep your phone in the tremendous condition all the time, this is the right guide for you on the common Ulefone Armor 6 problems. You can eliminate all the problems your Ulefone Armor 6 is suffering from with the help of various methods you will find in this post.

Are these problems major and complex?

No, they are not. These problems are the simple bugs and the ones that can be tagged as the basic ones. Dealing with them is not very difficult as well. You yourself can do the same and without worrying about anything. These problems can be there in the other phones as well but this really doesn’t mean the methods work on those gadgets works on problem formulation of Ulefone Armor 6 as well. Also, these problems are generally the ones that are there due to support related issues and the incompatibility between the software and the hardware domains. Thus, you have no reasons to worry if you recently purchased this gadget or are soon going to be the proud owner of this. Here is all about the solutions that can be adopted against the common Ulefone Armor 6 problems.

Common Ulefone Armor 6 Problems and Fixes

The problems are generally of a different nature and are not always completely visible. Those who troubleshoot them must have some basic knowledge about them. If not, it’s better to understand these issues first. This is actually required to have the final outcomes in the way one expects. You can simply manage everything in the best manner if you know what exactly the problem and its cause are. Knowing the same assures you make no mistake while applying the methods and the solutions mentioned in this post for the common Ulefone Armor 6 problems. Generally, the concerned mistakes bring several other problems and you may even end up with no results at all. cannot be held responsible for anything like that.

Connectivity Problems

Two types of connectivity problems users have to face and their solutions are listed below.

Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

  • Attention is being paid while pairing the devices with each other. You might be entering the wrong passcode and the same might be causing the problem
  • Do check if this problem is there just because your phone is suffering from a hardware problem related with its Bluetooth antenna
  • Simply reboot your phone and check if you successfully avoided the problem
  • Make sure the Bluetooth access is not locked or restricted which can cause this problem
  • There are chances that your phone is not having the Bluetooth drivers in the reliable working state and needs to be verified
  • Check if the Bluetooth is not working just because of not clearing the cache data of the apps or if the phone data is full
  • Don’t make any mistake while sending the data or receiving it. The common mistake is sending bulky files with larger data size in one go
  • Check if there is a virus infection is causing the actual trouble
  • Your phone might be having something wrong with the Bluetooth antenna responsible for the data exchange between the devices
  • Make sure the phone is not having its list of recently paired devices too wide. There is always a limit on pairing with different phones. Clean the Bluetooth history and check if this solves the problem
  • There are chances that your phone needs to be switched to the general mode when it is running in the power saving mode
  • Don’t use Bluetooth while charging your phone or while it is already connected with a gadget
  • Check if the Bluetooth visibility is hidden and the same is causing the problem
  • The Bluetooth version of one of the devices might not be compatible with the other which can cause this problem

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

  • First, check your internet bandwidth limit. Make sure it’s not reached which can sometimes be the reason to this problem
  • Make sure your phone is already not downloading a lot of data such as updating the apps
  • There are chances that the Wi-Fi access is restricted or your gadget needs to fulfill other conditions also which are imposed by the network administrator after entering the password
  • Do check if this problem is there just because your phone has something wrong with the Wi-Fi driver software
  • Check if the modem is not placed at the right location and the low signal strength is causing this problem
  • You might be facing this problem due to any of the possible problems that have their relation with the router you are using. Its installation might not be proper or the cable connection is wrong if the same was installed recently
  • Check if your phone is unable to connect with the Wi-Fi just because there are some reasons related with the network security or the phone security
  • Avoid making any changes to the LAN settings which is another possible cause/reason to this problem
  • Most of the time the Wi-Fi problems are faced when the users turn ON features that require Wi-Fi access
  • Make sure your router is able to host more devices and its limit has not been reached
  • Restarting the phone can solve this problem

Unable to connect with any other gadget

  • Check if the gadget is totally free from software and hardware related problems
  • Make sure both the devices are supported by each other
  • Install the latest updates available for your phone and try once again
  • Make sure the other gadget doesn’t have any special needs to be connected with your phone
  • Simply restart the device and check once again

Earpiece sounds Robotic

  • This is the problem which is there because your phone doesn’t support the earpiece you are using is not in working condition or not supported by your phone. Try using it with another device
  • Check if there is a sharp bend on the wire which is often the reason to this problem
  • There are chances that your phone is running in the power saving mode which can sometimes disable the phone sounds
  • Check the condition of the phone sounds driver. Make sure there is no hardware problem which is responsible for this
  • The improper connection between the phone and the earpiece can cause this problem
  • Avoid keeping the low-quality music files that can make you feel as if the earpiece is giving robotic output
  • There are chances that you haven’t selected the proper sound or the earpiece mode in the sound settings section of your phone
  • Make sure the earpiece are not having any problem in their speakers which is another possible cause to this problem
  • Don’t connect more than one earpiece with your phone with the help of a signal splitter
  • Check if restarting the phone can solve this problem

Apps not working properly

  • The installed apps in the phone must have their source Play Store only and not any other
  • Timely updates are always mandatory and they are always required to enable your phone apps in the proper working condition
  • The apps which are causing this problem might be working in the custom settings. Restore them back to the recommended settings if you changed the same
  • The apps should only be installed in the phone default storage space and not in any other
  • Check and make sure your apps are not giving problems just because of anything is not good with their UI
  • Check if the application is actually supported by your phone and the same is not causing this problem
  • Another simple trick that can help you is to uninstall the apps and then install them again in the phone
  • You might be facing this problem just because of no other reason than disabling some important features in the phone if you have done it. Disable the safe mode as well which can also interrupt the working of the installed application
  • Sometimes this problem arrives when the apps are not given the permission to access the phone data or the features of the phone on which they are actually dependent on for their working
  • When the apps are installed, you must restart your once at least once to allow the changes to take places properly. This doesn’t let you face any problem
  • The apps that are not in use anymore should be removed from your phone with immediate effect

Doesn’t Recognize the Windows PC

  • The health/working ability of the USB connectors should be good. Check and make sure they are not responsible for this problem
  • Disabling the phone security can be another reason you have to face this problem
  • The connecting medium (cable or the Bluetooth connection) is causing the problem if they are not in proper working condition
  • This problem can be solved by replacing the USB drivers in the phone with their latest available version. Try once
  • Don’t exchange any data between the devices which is having any copyright issue or which can raise any security concern
  • Make sure the Windows errors are not responsible for this problem
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the phone is running in the safe mode. Disable the same to avoid this problem
  • Lack of support of both the devices for each other can also cause this problem
  • Check if the wired connection created is loose and the same is causing this problem
  • Check if restarting the phone simply avoid this problem simply
  • There are chances that the phone cable connector is not working properly

Overheating Problems

  • Your phone is suffering from this problem just because its ventilation is stopped by the back cover installed by you or the heat releasing mechanism is not working reliably
  • Check if the phone is having something not good with its installed application. They might be blocked and this can also be the reason you have to face the problem
  • Do check if your phone needs a simple reboot and the same is enough to avoid this problem
  • Overheating usually takes place when the phone hardware is not working properly or in some cases when the OS is having a number of bugs. Try updating the same to check if this solves the problem
  • If you often play games online, this can also cause overheating in your gadget
  • One of the overheating-related common Ulefone Armor 6 problems is a fault in the battery of your phone. Check the moisture level inside
  • Make sure the entry of a virus in the phone is not causing the overheating
  • Any kind of accessories you are using and most importantly the power bank should be supported by the phone in every aspect
  • A faulty charger of your Ulefone Armor 6 can also be blamed for this problem
  • When the long duration calls are taken/placed during charging, overheating is a problem you have to face

Screen not working properly

  • Your phone is not having something wrong with the installed apps. This can be the reason to this problem. Generally the apps from other origin than the Play Store are responsible for this fault
  • Check if your Ulefone Armor 6 screen needs cleanliness against the oil and grease particles. Remove the installed glass guard also to check if this problem is gone with the same
  • Make sure the problem has not been caused in your phone due to not maintain the screen health. The usage of third-party accessory and the chargers can case this problem
  • Make sure to keep your hands totally dirt-free while you are operating the phone. The dirt hands or when you cover when with the gloves or the mittens can be blamed for the screen related problem
  • Sometimes the slow performance of the phone is confused as screen-related glitch. The slow performance could be due to any of the possible reason listed under the next section
  • Check if the problem is there just because the screen is faulty and a physical damage on the same has caused this problem
  • You need to make sure that the problem is not caused by the virus in your phone
  • The failure of any of the hardware component might be causing this problem. You need to get the phone checked to assure this problem is gone
  • Make sure the actual problem is not there just because a lot of phone features are disabled by you
  • Performing a force restart can solve this problem

Slow Performance

  • The slow operations of the task could be due to slow internet speed if the task you are performing depends on the internet connection. Check if this solves the problem
  • The overall health of the apps in the phone should be good enough to assure you of the performance
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have the problem with the RAM which is a prime component in the phone responsible for the performance and the efficiency
  • Make sure your phone OS is not outdated. If so, get the latest updates installed
  • Avoid making changes in any of the important settings to the phone. When you run the phone in the custom mode, this can cause a lot of problems
  • Make sure the problem is not caused by the restricted access of the phone data
  • The malwares and the infected files with the virus can slow down various phone operations
  • A problem in the hardware domain is another reason why you have to face this issue
  • Do check if this problem is solved by clearing the cache apps of the phone applications
  • Multiple features or the apps are running in the background and the same is causing the problem. Check
  • Down trust all the sources for data downloading in your phone
  • Performing a factory restore can erase all the data in the phone if you haven’t taken a backup but it can help you to restore the phone performance

Bad Camera Quality

  • Check the pixel density you have selected in the camera settings which often makes an impact on the overall quantity
  • Do check if the lends of your camera is having the signs of finger or dust on it causing the blurry images
  • Capturing the images or shooting the videos when the phone is not still doesn’t let you maintain the quality of the images
  • If you are unable to open the camera of your phone, there are strong chances of having a bug with the Operating System. You need to install the latest available updates for the phone
  • Check if this problem is solved by changing the shooting mode in which the camera is operating. The HD shooting should be enabled always and the mode should be selected depending on the visibility around you
  • Check if the camera access is restricted due to manually imposing any limit on it
  • You might be using a picture frame which is not appropriate with the camera
  • There should be no lack of storage space in the phone which can be the reason you have to face this problem
  • The camera should always be operated through an app which the Ulefone Armor 6 actually supports. It’s good to prefer the default camera app only

SIM/Network problems

  • The SIM card might be causing the problem due to improper insertion. Eject the SIM tray, place the SIM in it in a right manner and insert it again. Check if this method helps you to solve the problem
  • Make sure the phone is not causing this problem just because the SIM card is not active. The services might be suspended or blocked due to any of the possible reasons
  • The variant of the Ulefone Armor 6 owned by you should support the SIM card network provider services else this is a problem you have to face
  • The signal strength might not be proper at the remote locations. If you are there, keep it in your mind
  • Check if you need to turn the roaming services ON while at a specific location. This may vary with the different network providers
  • You need to make sure that this problem is not there just because the SIM card has been turned OFF in the SIM settings
  • Check if this problem is there just because the internet enabled SIM card has not been inserted in the right slot. Make sure the SIM slot itself is not causing the problem
  • Do check if you have not selected the automatic network selection mode and this is the actual reason you are facing this issue

Other instructions to keep the phone in good condition

  • Restart your phone at least once a day
  • Avoid installing the apps from the third-party sources
  • Keep at least 3GB free space in prime storage space of your phone
  • Don’t make any changes to the recommended settings of the phone and the applications
  • Avoid using the accessories which are cheap in terms of quality

This guide let you deal with all the common Ulefone Armor 6 problems in a simple way. You can post your comment below if there is anything else you need to know about the problem which you are facing.


  1. Hi everybody!
    Just bought brand new ulefone armor 6 and I am having audio problems with calls.
    Receivers cant hear me clearly, my voice comes and go and volume goes to normal to very low so people cant hear me.
    Strangly doesnt have same problems using bluethooth or phone speakers.
    If someone can help me to sort out those problems woukd be really great ad I wont send back to amazon the mobile, which I like.
    Thanks slot for cooperation

  2. I bought a Ulefone Armor 6 in March. The problem I have is that the screen jumps. It jumps from app to app, sometimes texting and calling random contacts, sending random text messages, and has even posted random stickers to facebook posts as I scroll through. I have done a factory reset 3 times. Is anyone else having this problem?

  3. I have diagnosed the problem. This seems to be a dual sim issue. It looks like the second sim keeps trying to initiate or lock to networks during live calls.

  4. I just purchased armor 6 , its only new. Same issues, with apps jumping and making calls, and hard to stop. Also my phone freezes especially when typing, except the cursor still flashes.
    Please does anyone know how I could fix these issues.

  5. I have a new Armor 6e which will not wireless charge. Do I have to use a particular type of charger or will there be a setting needs adjusting?
    Has anyone else had the same problem and if so how did you fix it?
    Any advise would be appreciated

  6. I have experienced similar jumping problems described above and usually get out of them by restarting the phone. I also have not been able to get my phone out of wifi calling. I cannot find the settings option in networks. To stop it I need to turn off wifi.

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