Common Xiaomi Mi A2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones are everywhere and there is hardly any modern person in the world in the current time who doesn’t make use of the same. Well, the fact is gadgets these days are extremely wonderful and are capable to add a ton of comfort in the life of those who use them. It is very much true that a very large number of tasks can be performed just by making a few clicks on a phone. This is the reason why their sales have increased by almost 1200% in last 10 years all over the world. You might have no idea about this but the fact is smartphone these days are good enough to be considered for so many reasons and the biggest fact is they are available very easily. You can simply buy them without worrying about the cost. There are manufacturers such as Xiaomi which has always enabled the users to keep up the pace when it comes to getting the best available phones with the lowest possible price. One of their latest additions to the smartphone market is the Xiaomi Mi A2. This post reflects the common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes to let you deal with them in no time.

First, I would like to make it totally clear that this smartphone is not having any of the major problems related to this troubleshooting guide. The fact is these are the problems which are quite common and often declare their presence due to no other reason than the negligence of the user. Therefore, you can face them with every Smartphone. Eliminating them is easy and this guide on the common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes can be helpful to you. There are actually so many things that can be the reason to the problems which you are facing. It is not always necessary that all the users face them because of the very same reason. Therefore, it would be good for you to follow this guide in a reliable manner and upto the best possible extent. Check out in the below paragraph about the common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes.

common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes

Common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes

The information that mentioned in this post to boost your knowledge about the common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes is simple and reliable to be trusted. You can face additional problems with your phone if you don’t follow the same in the manner it has been reflected in this post. Thus, molding, altering or changing the guide in order to fit your preferences is something you should avoid as cannot be held responsible for the same.

Quick Battery draining & slow charging (common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes)

This seems to be a hardware problem in the phone. Even you might also think so. The fact is it’s not necessary always and it would be good for you to keep it in your mind. Here are some quick battery draining & slow charging related information on common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes you can simply go ahead with.

  • The real cause of the problem is using so many apps at the same time for the long hours
  • Check if the Wi-Fi hotspot is turned ON and is shared with other devices. If so, turn it OFF
  • Don’t download heavy files from the Mobile Data from a 4G connection. Instead, always prefer Wi-Fi
  • The charger you are using might have a fault in it
  • Check if the charging cable or the power socket is faulty
  • Make sure not to use power banks that have power ratings that don’t match with the Xiaomi Mi A2.

Bad camera quality

There can be so many reasons for this problem and it is not necessary always that your phone is facing it just because of a faulty camera. Many other applications and features in the phone are directly linked to the camera and any minor issue in them could be the reason of poor camera quality in your phone. Thus, always keep this thing in your mind. Check out below how you can avoid this.

  • Users always need to be clear of the fact that most of the time it’s nothing but the blur which is responsible for this problem. You can avoid the same simply by focusing on whatever you are trying to capture. This can be done by first clicking on the device screen before the capturing button is pressed
  • Always select the shooting mode as per the visibility around you
  • Check and make sure there are no fingerprint marks on the camera lens which often causes this problem. Clean the lens gently if the need of same is realized
  • Always prefer the default camera app, If you are using any other, check if a new version of the camera app you are using is available and update the same
  • Make sure the problem is not due to the untidy screen
  • The screen cover you have installed for protection could also be responsible for this. Check and make sure of the same
  • Select the camera output to “High Resolution” from the main settings

Connectivity issues

Well, the word connectivity itself defines its importance. Probably modern day gadgets have a lot to deal with the same. One of the biggest factors is stable internet speed and the same can only be assured from a stable Wi-Fi connection. At the same time, data transfer is another prime need and the fact couldn’t be denied that despite having a diverse array of third-party apps, some tasks can only be accomplished if the phone runs smoothly in terms of connectivity. For those who are facing any sort of problem can go ahead with the following guide.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure there are no restrictions imposed on data transfer on your device
  • Check the device visibility to other devices. It might be set to hidden
  • The files you are trying to send might be corrupt or not in a desired format
  • Check out the Bluetooth app. It might be outdated already and need to be upgraded to the latest version
  • May be there are other similar apps meant for data transfer which might be running in the background at the same time
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna is in proper working condition or not
  • The problem could be in other device you are trying to connect
  • Erase the history of recently connected devices from the Bluetooth settings
  • Make sure the power saving mode is disabled on the phone as this can sometime impose restrictions on data transfer
  • Restart the device and try connecting the phone with other device once again

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Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes)

  • Check if there is a wrong cable connection causing this problem in case the router has been configured/installed recently
  • May be the service provider has suspended all the services from your connection due to some reasons
  • May be the signal quality or the strength is not proper. Check
  • Check if the router has too many devices connected with it. If so, disconnect a few
  • You need to make sit sure that everything including the configuration, password all is correct
  • May be the Wi-Fi drivers are outdated or the Wi-Fi signal might not be stable
  • There might be a physical damage on the Wi-Fi antenna of your phone or the router
  • Make sure not to go too far from the router
  • May be the slow operating phone could be responsible for this. Check and make sure of this

SD card not detected

There are actually plenty of reasons why users have to consider an SD card despite modern gadgets are capable to store a lot of data in their default memory. Well, the fact is the demand of HD content has increased all over the internet and high quality simply means more storage. In case there are problems you are facing on your Xiaomi Mi A2 while using a memory card, you can go ahead with the following guide to solve the concerned issues.

  • First of all remove the card from the phone and perform a basic reboot
  • This can probably solve your concern
  • If not, you need to make sure that the SD card as well as the phone as some space empty in them both
  • Investing on a quality product would always be good in the long run. Make sure of this when it comes to buying a new card
  • Make sure there is no damage on the card before inserting it in the phone
  • Check if you have inserted it properly or not
  • Don’t use a memory card which is beyond the limit set by the Xiaomi on this device
  • You need to clean the SD card gently before inserting it in the phone
  • Check virus presence on the SD card and the phone data. You can use an antivirus app for this
  • Format the card and then again insert it in the phone. If it is fine, your problem will probably be gone otherwise you need to replace the same

SIM related problems (common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes)

There are many things that can go totally wrong with the SIM and can cause many daunting situations for the users. Probably you might have experienced them atleast once in the past and therefore you can understand how it feels when a SIM card fails to operate. Well, you can try the following if you need to keep up the pace against them.

  • Make sure the SIM card is in proper working condition before you actually insert the same in the phone
  • First of all check whether the Airplane Mode is activated on the phone
  • Check the working condition of the SIM
  • Make sure it is totally compatible with the variant you own
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF in the phone settings. Check it out
  • Make a manual search for the signal and select the network. you may need to perform this atleast once
  • May be the SIM tray or the SIM card itself has a physical damage on it. check properly
  • The no signal could be due to the reason you left the SIM unused for a long time
  • Check if the services are active on the SIM card or they are suspended due to some reasons.
  • You need to visit the network provider office to get the SIM card replaced in case nothing works

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This is a problem that often declares its presence with many gadgets. The good thing is its completely avoidable and users need not to worry about the same. For this, the methods and instructions that are helpful are spotlighted below.

  • Don’t make loose connections. If they are, prefer using the parallel port
  • Make sure not to use a pirated cable for the connection. It must be compatible with both the gadgets and should be of top quality
  • Check if it is working properly or not
  • Make sure the copy on Windows on the PC is genuine
  • Make sure the USB drivers are installed on both the devices and are fully updated to the latest versions
  • Check if another phone could be connected with the PC easily or not
  • Simply reboot your device after connecting it with PC and check if the problem is there or not
  • Not all the smartphones are capable to detect the PC connection automatically. You need to keep it in your mind

Overheating problems (common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes)

Well those who face this issue with their gadgets often have a reason to worry as it seems to be a major problem. Although the symptoms sometime represent the same, it is not necessary in all the cases. Therefore, you need to try a few methods before proceeding with anything else.

  • Don’t keep the phone on the charger once it is 90% charged. This could be the upper limit whenever it comes to charging your phone.
  • Impose a limit on the overall number of apps you have in your phone. Too many apps can cause this problem for sure
  • The accessories you are using should be genuine and of good quality. Low quality power banks can cause this problem for sure
  • Update all the pending apps immediately
  • Install and update the apps only from the Play Store and not from any other platform
  • Perform a hard reset if no other methods work for you

Performance issues

Performance always matters and in case you are not in a position to assure the same from your device, there are certain methods which you can try. A few of the best ones are listed below to help you keep up the pace simply.

  • Reboot your phone simply first
  • The apps are to be updated to the latest version
  • In case a new version of the OS is available, download and install the same
  • Don’t overcharge your phone
  • Check in case there is a virus present in the phone
  • Don’t install apps from third-party sources

Unresponsive Touchscreen

For the smooth and reliable operations, it is necessary that the device screen always remain functional. However, many times the users fail to keep up the pace with the same even after using the phone gently. This is because of a lot of reasons. You can simply go ahead with the below listed solutions to avoid this problem.

  • Update all the apps first of all
  • Open the device in Safe mode. If it works perfectly, the real problem is in applications installed
  • Uninstalled all those you have installed recently
  • Don’t use the screen in a manner not recommended
  • Remove mittens or gloves if you are wearing the same
  • Don’t use the screen with wet hands
  • Check and clean the screen against the grease particles and oil particles
  • The transparent cover installed on the brand new device should be removed from the screen
  • Another reason for this problem is the memory of the phone which might be completely full. Erase some data
  • Non-functional or blocked apps in the phone can also be held responsible for this issue

Well, this is all that you should really know about the common Xiaomi Mi A2 problems and fixes. For more information, stay tuned to our website. You can visit for regular posts on all Android related stuff under one roof.

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