Cookie Clicker: Ultimate Ascension Guide 2023

Cookie Clicker is an incremental web browser game that Orteil first introduced. This game’s main objective is to produce or create cookies by simply clicking on the Big Cookie and buying buildings to have as many as possible. In this post, we will provide you with a complete cookie clicker ascension guide, which will help you understand and further allow you to play the game.

Cookie Clicker Ascension- What Is That?

Before discussing when you can ascend, let’s first understand what ascension is. Ascension in Cookie Clicker is a common term and a procedure to gain prestige in the game. Here, you lose most of your progress, but at the same time, you can again start from the original point with some specific bonuses.

cookie clicker ascension guide

In Cookie Clicker, when you ascend the first time, you need to click on the Legacy button near the top of your device screen. Once you select the option, you must confirm to go through the ascension.

When you choose to ascend, you will lose the following things, which include

  • Cookies
  • Buildings
  • And Upgrades

But, no need to worry! Your achievements will always stay with your account, and you don’t have to make an extra effort to earn them all again.

Requirements To Ascend

You can choose to ascend as soon as you bake one trillion cookies. Only after that will you see the Ascend option appearing on the menu.

But remember that this does not mean you must ascend as quickly as possible. Perform ascension whenever you think it fits your Cookie Clicker game plan. You can ascend as many times as you have the cookies required to perform ascension. The game will never restrict or stop you from ascending if you meet the requirement.

Why Should You Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker Ascension provides mainly two benefits: the first one is prestige bounces, and the second is heavenly chips.

Every single Prestige level will add 1 percent to your total cookie production per second. So, suppose, if you have 50 prestige levels, you have a 50 percent bonus. At this point, remember that prestige bonuses could only be used via upgrades.

Heavenly chips are nothing but a currency you use to purchase upgrades that lets you activate your prestige bonus or golden changes.

Rewards You Will Get from Ascension

When you go for ascension, you will receive several heavenly chips, which includes

  • 1 Chip for legacy
  • Three chips for Heavenly Cookies
  • Nine chips for baking your dragon
  • 77 chips for heavenly chip

So, you would get 90 heavenly chips when you go for ascension.

Now, if you want to wait and get more, the following is another set of heavenly upgrades that you can earn.

  • One chip for Legacy
  • Three chips for Heavenly cookies
  • Nine chips for baking your dragon
  • 25 biscuits for a box of Brand Biscuits
  • 25 chips for Tin of British Tea Biscuits
  • 25 chips for Tin of Butter Biscuits
  • 25 chips for a Box of Macarons
  • 50 chips for Starter Kit
  • 77 chips for Heavenly Luck
  • 100 chips for Permanent upgrade slot 1
  • 100 Heralds

So, in total, you would get 440 heavenly chips.

Now I hope you know the number of heavenly chips you would get on ascension. Let’s move forward to know when you can ascend in the Cookie Clicker game.

Cookie Clicker Mobile: When to Ascend?

Now that we know what ascension is, the criteria, and the reasons, let’s move forward in the cookie-clicker ascension guide.

One of the most challenging steps is deciding the timing of ascension in the Cookie Clicker game.

If you ascend fast in Cookie Clicker, you start accumulating prestige-level bonuses and heavenly upgrades. These will increase your CPS a little faster than its natural speed.

However, beginning the game again from the starting point will immediately slow down the production of your cookie. So, balancing your cookie production boom and timing would be best. You should not wait longer than you would miss out on your chances to earn bonuses.

Quick Ascension

Around 100 to 200 prestige levels are considered a quick and early ascension among Cookie Clicker players. Also, at that time, you have enough heavenly chips to choose from and a few options for different upgrades. It would help you get more prestige levels and heavenly chips.

If You Wait to Ascend

Many players wait for their first ascension for a very long time. We suggest you wait until you reach 2337 prestige levels before ascending for the first time in the Cookie Clicker game. You can earn a dozen top-quality upgrades and see a significant boost.

Choosing Upgrades

When you purchase upgrades, try to get heavenly upgrades that increase your CPS by 10 percent. In the recent game versions, you can boost your production, making it easier to reach ascension levels. It is also considered late-game ascension level.

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

cookie clicker ascension guide

It’s time to provide you with the ultimate cookie clicker ascension guide that you need to follow this year, i.e. 2022, which would help you to enjoy the game more.

Here are some easy steps to help you create an ascension strategy while playing the Cookie Clicker game.

  • Look for a list of Heavenly Upgrades: There are various options from where you can find one on Wikis for the game or in any video guides.
  • Give a Thorough Reading to Understand the Options: If you are a first-time player, go to watch a pro’s explanation of heavenly upgrades on YouTube. Also, watch some videos or read articles on how to ascend fast in Cookie Clicker.
  • Make a Note on the Cost of Each Upgrade: Before going for heavenly chips, make a note that would contain the costs of each upgrade. Then choose the one you feel you want the most.
  • Choose Upgrades that boost your CPS: Look for the upgrades that would considerably boost your CPS when you begin a new run. These upgrades will help you to reach ascension levels in the later stages of the game more quickly.
  • Know The Reason Behind Buying Upgrades: It is important to know and decide which upgrades will work together while buying upgrades for each successful ascension. For example, if you want five upgrades that cost 150 heavenly chips, then you know that you must wait for 150 levels before ascending.

Once you clearly understand which upgrades you want, you can create your ascension strategy that would suit your style of playing the Cookie Clicker game.


Now that we have reached the end of today’s discussion on cookie clicker ascension guide 2023, before ending the article, I will provide answers to some common but important questions that you might be asked.

Q. Should I Ascend Fast In Cookie Clicker?

Ans: No, you shouldn’t ascend as soon as the option of ascension arrives on your device screen.

Q. How Many Heavenly Chips Should I Have Before Going For Ascension?

Ans:  There is no such perfect number of heavenly chips. The best way to decide the number of heavenly chips you need before ascending is to plan out your upgrades to have the exact number of chips you need.

Q. What Do You Need To Keep when You Ascend In A Cookie Clicker?

Ans: When you go for ascension, you keep your prestige upgrades and the purchases you made with heavenly chips. Moreover, you also keep your achievements. Besides, everything else will be gone, and you can’t access them when you start a new game.

Hope this Cookie Clicker Ascension guide has helped you. If you have any queries, please comment down below. For more updates, follow, Getdroirdtips!


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