Creality Falcon 2 Pro | Everything You Need To Know

The Creality brand remains synonymous with quality, innovation, and affordability. With the announcement of the Creality Falcon 2 Pro, the company has once again demonstrated its leadership role in additive manufacturing. This novel desktop laser engraver represents a significant leap forward in desktop laser engraver technology, offering users unprecedented levels of precision, speed, and flexibility. So, if you want to learn more about the Creality Falcon 2 Pro laser engraver before buying it, make sure to be with us until the end. 

What is Creality? Short-Brief!

The Creality brand, which is owned and operated by Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd., has established itself as a global leader in consumer laser engraving. With its establishment in 2014, they have taken on the role of a “3D Printing Evangelist,” committed to developing, applying, and popularizing 3D printing technologies around the world.

What Are The Features of the Creality Falcon 2 Pro Offers?

  1. There are three monitoring systems built into Falcon2 Pro, including airflow monitoring, lens monitoring, and flame monitoring, so that you can engrave and cut your masterpieces much more easily. You can adjust the airflow volume based on your engraving requirements by monitoring the airflow volume. If there is a flame detected, an alarm will be triggered by the lens monitoring, and if the lens is dirty enough, an alarm will be triggered by flame monitoring.
  2. When a machine is rated Class 1, it has been tested under all normal conditions and is safe to use. Designed for 360° viewing with a red, highly transparent cover that offers excellent light-filtering efficiency, Creality Falcon2 Pro offers eye-friendly viewing without the restriction of protective glasses. This device features curved surfaces and external buttons, making it unique and convenient to use.
  3. With this laser engraver, you not only get better engraving and cutting performance but also improved safety. In addition to the bidirectional limit switch, Falcon2 Pro also has an active stop option, a security lock design, an emergency stop button, and a laser protective cover. In addition to preventing accidental collisions, the machine’s bidirectional limit switch and active stop function protect the machine and the work it engraves or cuts. For a better user experience, we designed the security lock, the emergency stop button, and the laser protective cover.
  4. With a built-in top camera, this camera is accurate in alignment and provides full-frame functionality. With a curved cover and built-in camera for precise compatibility with intensive processing, this model has been upgraded.
  5. This finish features a special oxidation process, which gives it a visually appealing and wear-resistant appearance. It is possible to switch to flat mode and create small, flexible artworks.
  6. With Creality Falcon2 Pro, you have the option of switching between 40W and 22W laser modules. This laser module has a power rating of 40W and is specially designed for engraving details with 1.6W power. Despite thick materials, the Creality Falcon2 Pro easily cuts through them. With one pass, you are able to cut up to 20mm of wood, allowing for thicker wood products to be created.
  7. This sizeable Creality Falcon2 Pro machine can accommodate a large working area of 15.75 by 16.34 inches (400 x 415 mm). In addition, the machine’s overall size has not changed, so you can easily position it in a more convenient location.
  8. In the metal drawer design, debris generated during the creation process can be stored. To clean up easily, just pull, pour, and wipe.


So, that’s all we have for you about Creality Falcon 2 Pro. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you, and after reading the guide, you have now decided whether you need this laser engraver or not. In case you have any further doubts, comment below and let us know.


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