Fix: Curiosity Stream Not Working on Roku, Fire TV, Android and Apple TV

Many people use video streaming services to keep themselves entertained, while others rely on them for learning and inspiration. With CuriosityStream, Discovery Channel founder Robert Iger offers documentaries about everything from space exploration to ancient civilizations to Coronavirus. There are three different viewing options available in the US, with all titles available in either HD or 4K.

There are great documentaries, stunning video quality, and a steady flow of original content on CuriosityStream. But unfortunately, for the past couple of days, users have been getting an unwanted error due to which they can’t access the Curiosity Stream.

However, according to reports, the Curiosity Stream is not working on Roku, Fire TV, Android, and Apple TV due to this error. But, no worries, as we have some fixes to this problem. So, let’s check out how to fix if the Curiosity Stream is not working on Roku, Fire TV, Android, and Apple TV.

Fix: Curiosity Stream Not Working on Roku, Fire TV, Android and Apple TV

How To Fix Curiosity Stream Not Working on Roku, Fire TV, Android, and Apple TV

There aren’t many fix available using which you can fix the Curiosity Stream not working on Roku, FireTV, Android, and Apple TV issue. But the fixes mentioned below are what you can try to resolve this problem. So, let’s find out those fixes:

Fix 1: Reboot Your TV

The best solution for fixing temporary bugs and glitches on your TV is to reboot it. Smart TVs require a restart once to ensure they work properly without any errors because they do a lot more than they used to. Hence, we recommend you reset your device at least once before attempting any of the following methods. Some issues can be resolved by rebooting your device, like Curiosity Stream not working, the frozen video, and sign-in problems.

Some users have reported that rebooting their devices successfully resolved the issue. We would like to know if this fix works for you. Please perform it and let us know how it goes. 

Fix 2: Check The Curiosity Stream Servers

This might be caused by the server being down, which may prevent your device from connecting to them for some time, resulting in this problem. Is it possible to check whether the servers are working? It’s easy to check if other people have reported the same problem by moving toward the DownDetector. 

If you have a problem with Curiosity Stream, do not forget to click on the I Have A Problem With Curiosity Stream link. In the meantime, you should follow Curiosity Stream officials on Twitter because they always notify their users via Twitter about any issues that arise. 

Fix 3: Check The Internet

For Curiosity Stream to work correctly, it is very important to have a good internet connection. Ookla Speed Tester lets you check the internet speed of your router simply by hovering over the link. When you find that you are not getting a good internet speed after power cycling your router, do so again. The network may still be poor, so contact your ISP and ask about the problem. 

Fix 4: Clear Cache 

You may have temporarily cached data on your TV if you haven’t cleared it recently. Therefore, you start getting this type of problem when these files are damaged or corrupted. The procedure is as follows: Firstly, you must fix the interval of time; then, you need to remove them: 

  1. Your device’s home button can be accessed by pressing the remote control’s Home button.
  2. Click on Apps in the Settings.
  3. Then, go to System Apps.
  4. Afterwards, select Curiosity Stream and click Clear Cache, followed by OK.

Fix 5: Update The Curiosity Stream App

In both your device’s App Store and the notification menu, developers regularly update the app for users with the latest developments. Additionally, because updates include bug fixes, UI improvements, and new features that users have requested previously, there is a possibility that developers rolled out a minor update to make changes. You haven’t updated it, so you’re experiencing problem on Curiosity Stream network. 

To avoid this, it is recommended to check for updates regularly and, if they are available, to install them as soon as possible. After that, Curiosity Stream’s issue will be resolved automatically.

Fix 6: Check For TV OS Update

Is your device’s OS up-to-date? Check it according to the steps we have mentioned below if it is not. Before we begin, make sure you have an internet connection. Let’s get started: 

  1. First, use the TV remote to hover over Settings.
  2. Next, click Support and then Software Update.
  3. Click on Update Now after that. Once the update is complete, the device will automatically download and install the new firmware. Nevertheless, these updates usually take a few minutes, so please do not turn off the TV until the update is complete.

Fix 7: Reinstall The App

If your device does not work with Curiosity Stream, you can reinstall the Curiosity Stream application on it. To reinstall Curiosity Stream, follow these steps: 

  1. The first step is to press the Smart Hub button on the remote control.
  2. Then, select Apps and find Curiosity Stream. If it has already been opened, uninstall it first. 
  3. Afterwards, reboot your TV and repeat the previous steps. Then click on the Download button. 
  4. That’s it. You must now wait for Curiosity Stream to install on your television. Once the issue has been resolved, check to see if it has been resolved. 

Fix 8: Reset TV

The only possible solution if Curiosity Stream is still not working is to reset your TV. Here is how you can do that: 

  1. The first step is to turn on your TV, use your remote, and press the menu button.
  2. Afterwards, click on the Support tab and then click on Self Diagnosis
  3. Once that is done, tap Reset and enter your Security Pin.
  4. After that, you’ll see a reset screen warning you. Follow the instructions on the screen, and make sure you don’t turn off the TV before the process is complete. 

So, that’s how to fix if the Curiosity Stream is not working on your Roku, FireTV, Android, or Apple TV issue. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Meanwhile, if you have any doubts or queries, comment below and let us know in the comment section. 


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