Dead Space Remake Marker Fragment Locations

Dead Space, the 2008 survival horror game, has just been remade and released, much to the delight of horror game lovers. With the makeover, the game has gone through some visual and technical improvements and remains the Dead Space that players know and love. There are certain changes that ardent fans might notice, so it’s worth playing again. In this guide, we will take you through the Marker Fragment Locations in the Dead Space Remake.

Like the original, there are several tasks that you will need to do to progress in the game. The narrative remains almost the same, as Isaac Clarke, the engineer, is stranded on a mining spaceship. The plot might be slightly different towards the end, as there is a secret ending to discover. The new graphical quality of the remake shines through, so let’s get into the newly improved Dead Space game and find the Marker Fragment Locations.

Dead Space Remake Marker Fragment Locations

Where to Find Marker Fragment Locations in Dead Space Remake

While most of the Dead Space remake remains true to the original, there is a deviation in the plot. It can be unlocked if you want to come across the game’s secret ending. In order to do this, you will need to collect 12 Marker Fragments. This is something new that the devs have added to the remake. By collecting all these items, you will get the alternate ending and unlock the Achievement or Trophy for it.

Something to note before you begin looking for these items is that you will not get them in your first playthrough. After you have completed the game and encountered the normal ending, you can start working towards the secret ending. You can find these items only in the New Game+ mode. In this mode, your progress will be carried over, including all of your upgrades and most of your items.

However, the gameplay itself will be more difficult. Despite all this, you will need to look for the 12 Marker Fragments. They need to be collected in order, as you cannot replay specific chapters in Dead Space. This is very important as if you miss one, you will need to play the game all over again. This can be very frustrating and time-consuming, so know the exact locations beforehand.

In the Dead Space remake, you can check which Marker Fragments you own by checking the Key Items in your inventory. In any event, if you do miss one, you can still continue and finish the New Game+. Once you are done, start another New Game+, and it will retain your progress.

Where Are The 12 Marker Fragments?

There are 12 chapters in the Dead Space remake, just like the original. However, the Marker Fragments aren’t divided equally among these chapters. Most of the chapters have one fragment each. The exceptions are that Chapters 5 and 10 have two each, while Chapters 9 and 12 do not have Marker Fragments.

We will take you through each location of the Marker Fragments on the map of Dead Space Remake and tell you what to do with them at the end.

1st Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 1

You will get the first Marker Fragment in Chapter 1 in the early game. There are two objectives that you need to fulfil, and while doing them, you can collect the Map Fragment. You can find your objectives in the missions menu, where you can track them. The missions are as follows:

  • Replace the Damaged Tram
  • Find the Data Board

First, track the objective of Find the Data Board. This will allow you to navigate to Maintenance Bay. Once at this location, make your way up the elevator and use the Circuit Breaker. This will divert power to the Maintenance Room. Now, you can use the elevator to descend to the room marked Maintenance Office. It is at the lower-right corner of Maintenance Bay. After entering, you will find the Data Board here.

Opposite to the Data Board, there is a shelf with a purple glowing object, which is the Marker Fragment. You will need to attack the shelf with a melee weapon to knock it down. After that, you can grab the Marker Fragment.

2nd Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 2

The second Marker Fragment is in Chapter 2, shortly after it begins. It can be collected while you are doing the mission tasks. You will need to destroy the barricade blocking the morgue. Here are the two objectives that you have:

  • Find a Hydrazine Tank
  • Find a Shock Pad

Track the second objective: Find a Shock Pad from the Missions menu. You will need to follow the navigation leading you to the Main Lab. Here, everything is shut down due to quarantine on the two floors. You will need to clear the area of all enemies in order to turn off the quarantine.

Once that’s done, look at your map to find a room called Dr T Kyne Chief Science Officer. You can find it on the bottom floor. This is an office with a hidden room. When you enter it, you will find a lot of shelves against a wall. You will need to use your kinesis ability in order to move the shelves. This will reveal the hidden room, which has a Marker Fragment inside of it. Collect the item and you have the second one. 10 more of these to go.

3rd Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 3

You can get the third Marker Fragment in Chapter 3, after you activate the centrifuge. There is a task called named Manually Ignite the Engines. As part of it, you will need to fight a giant tentacle and make your way through the decontamination area. When you come across a cargo lift, there is a fan puzzle that you need to solve. Clear the next room of enemies, and finally, you will find yourself in the Engine Room.

There are some enemies here as well, which you need to kill. When it’s clear, scan the room for an alcove which says Power Sub-Station 003. On it’s left, you will find the third Marker Fragment in the dark area behind it.

4th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 4

The fourth Marker Fragment is in Chapter 4, and you can begin your search after reactivating the elevators. The mission that you will be looking for is Power and Restart the ADS Cannons. There are three smaller tasks within this mission, and you need to track Reroute Power from Electrical Systems.

Follow the navigation on your map and use the elevator that it points you towards. You will need to descend to the third floor of the Bridge. After reaching this location, you need to look for the Break Room, which is on the southernmost area on your map. Make your way there and you will find the fourth Marker Fragment on the floor.

5th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 5

You will find the fifth Marker Fragment in Chapter 5, after you meet Mercer. You will have completed the task Escape the Creature objective, after which, you have the task Lift the Lockdown. Track this mission and follow your navigation until you reach the office Dr C Mercer – 2SO.

At this office, you will find the fifth Marker Fragment on the desk. Approach it to pick it up, as this is one of the easier ones.

6th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 5

The sixth Marker Fragment is also in Chapter 5. You will find it during the objective Acquire the Liquid Nitrogen. It will start shortly after you collect the fifth piece. You just need to complete the task Lift the Lockdown and clear some poison gas before you can access it.

As part of this task, you will need to get to the Cryogenics area, where you find the Hunter. Defeat it in battle using your Stasis ability and use the cryogenic chamber to freeze it. You can pick up the Liquid Nitrogen here. Outside the cryogenic chamber, you can find the sixth Fragment on top of it. It’s might seem unreachable at first, but you just need to use your Kinesis ability to get it. We are halfway done with the Marker Fragments, you’re almost there.

You can also collect the Marker Fragment before starting the battle. It depends on whether you trigger it first when stepping into the combat area.

7th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 6

The seventh Marker Fragment is another easy find. You can get it in Chapter 6, during the objective Inject Wheezer 7. Prior to this, you will have injected six of these Wheezers with an enzyme.

When you get this objective, you will be in the East Grow Chamber, on the top deck. From here, you need to make your way to the opposite end of the room. Use your Zero Gravity ability to fly over to the opposite corner to find the seventh Marker Fragment. It is hidden in the alcove a little above eye level, so you will need to reach up to get it.

8th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 7

You can find the eighth Marker Fragment in Chapter 7, after you have activated the Launch Tubes. There are two tasks that you will be getting, which are as follows:

  • Find the Admin RIG
  • Find the SOS Beacon

It’s a good idea to complete the task Choose Find the Admin RIG first so that you can focus on Find the SOS Beacon. It is during this task that you will get the Marker Fragment. You need to complete the other task first as this is the one which will give you Security Clearance Level 3.

Now, you can begin tracking the second mission Find the SOS Beacon. Follow the navigation to find the room Mineral Samples. You will find it on the left of where you are. Use the Security Clearance Level 3 to get inside, and you will see a shelf there. On this shelf, the eighth Marker Fragment can be seen. Just four more to go!

9th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 8

The ninth Marker Fragment is in Chapter 8, where you will be doing the task Fix the Comms Array. In this task, you will be solving a puzzle by using your Stasis ability. Connect shapes to nodes to complete this task.

Don’t forget to collect the Marker Fragment before you leave this room, because it is easy to miss. Move to the left when you are facing the Communication Control screen, and you will find the ninth Marker Fragment. It is inside a crevice on the wall.

10th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 10

You won’t find any Marker Fragments in Chapter 9, as it is set on a different spaceship. So, you can breeze through that chapter. Let’s look at Chapter 10, where there are two Marker Fragments. You will come across the first while you are killing the Tendrils. The name of the mission is Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters, and this is the second one that you need to fight. Make your way to the Deluxe Quarters where you need to clear a quarantine room of enemies.

At this location, you will need to find the corridor which leads to the Deluxe Quiet Bunks. There is a power source here that you need to collect. Back in the corridor, you will see a socket which powers the Circuit Breaker, and this is where you need to place the power source. With this step, the doors to the Deluxe Shift Bunks will unlock.

To get there, head back to the Deluxe Quarters you visited to kill the Tendril, and make your way south. You will find that the from Deluxe Shift Bunks are now open, and it contains the tenth Marker Fragment.

11th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 10

As mentioned before, the eleventh Marker Fragment is also in Chapter 10. You will find it in the process of killing the fourth Tendril. In the mission Destroy Tendril in Chief Steward’s Office, you will need to make your way to the office.

Once you have reached Chief Steward’s office, a cutscene will be triggered. It involves Dr Kyne, after which the Inquiry Desks will be available to you. Enter through the doors and watch out for the Tendril that you need to kill. Once you are done, you will find the eleventh Marker Fragment on the office desk.

12th Marker Fragment Location – Chapter 11

The twelfth and last Marker Fragment is in Chapter 11. It takes place on the location of the Cargo Bay, where you will get the task Engage the Cargo Crane.

Once you have received this mission, you will need to deviate from the objective and head southeast of the Cargo Bay. Make your way to the corner to find a shelf containing the final Marker Fragment.

Now that you have all 12 of the Marker Fragments, you will be able to proceed to the next steps. It will take place in Chapter 11 itself, so make sure not to progress to Chapter 12 right away. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the secret ending. You will need to place all the Fragments in the Captain B Mathius room inside the Executive Quarters.

After you are finished with this step, you can play the game as usual and proceed to the end of Chapter 12 to see the alternate ending. We hope that this guide helped you to find all 12 of the Marker Fragments, which is essential to see the secret ending of the Dead Space Remake.

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