Destiny 2 ALL REGION CHEST Guide | Retrieve Remaining Supply Caches in Neomuna

Players of Destiny 2: Lightfall has to explore Neomuna’s neon districts in order to complete a task from Nimbus that involves finding three local chests. Regional chests are a familiar feature of Destiny 2 and can be found in all locations. They provide some Glimmer and equipment, which is helpful early on in an expansion since players might not have reached the soft cap yet. The fact that they are typically hidden and require some searching makes them ideal for your inner treasure seeker.

There are nine regional chests that you can find in a different locations. But, you will have to find only three regional chests. However, there are some users, who are not knowing the locations of regional chests. If you are also one of them, then don’t worry because we are here with a guide that will help you. In this guide, we will about the locations of all nine regional chests. So, make sure to read the full guide to know about it. And now, let’s check out the guide without wasting any time.

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Where You Can Find The All Region Chest Supply Caches in Neomuna in Destiny 2: Lightfall?

When you first arrive on Neomuna, you will find three chests in the Zephyr Concourse region. So let’s discuss how to obtain each of them.

Location of Chest 1

First of all, you will have to go to the Zephyr Concourse. As soon as you get there, climb up onto the ledge of the red building on your left. After that, jump onto the ledge, then jump to the glass awnings. Then, you will have to spin around and jump higher to the top of the red roof’s slope. Now, on top of this location, you will find the first chest.

Location of Chest 2

Now, open up your map after that, and then you will have to move to the chest on the left side of the map. A little bit above the lost sector.

To get the chest, you will have to go to the ground floor and there you will find a window with the broken glass, go there. Now, follow the vents and leap through the broken window. You will find the second chest in the Zephyr Concourse towards the end of the vent.

Location of Chest 3

Now, you will find the last chest of this region on the southeast side of the concourse. You will have to follow the long lengths of the highway to reach the chest icon on the map.

You will eventually come across a massive luminous pink billboard. To find a small ledge you can jump to, look beneath it. You will find the last Zephyr Concourse chest on the ledge.

Location of Chest 4

The next chests will be found in Neomuna’s Ahimsa Park location. Now jump on your bird and hurry over.

The first chest we will obtain is the one located at Ahimsa Park’s northernmost tip. Go to the left side of the crumbling rocks when facing the enormous pyramid amongst the destroyed city and hop down. Here is a doorway leading to a cave below where the chest is hidden.

Location of Chest 5

Upon glancing at the large Pyramid, the next chest is hidden beneath some rocks.

Location of Chest 6

First of all, you will have to go to the map’s south side chest icon. When you arrive at the area with the flowerbeds, you will have to jump up onto the ledge of the building on your right. To reach the corner, follow the ledge across. Now, climb onto the glass awning after turning the corner. The chest is on the next awning, as you can see.

Location of Chest 7

Now, you will have to leave the Ahimsa Park and move towards the south. After that, ride your bird through the southern roundabout and enter the southern portion of the map. Then, you will see two enormous rotating fan blades as you enter Liming Harbor. Now, jump between the blades to reach the chest, which is located on a tiny ledge just behind them.

Location of Chest 8



The next one will take you inside the longship on Liming Harbor’s southern side. You will have to enter the main entryway and leap up to the ledge in the middle. Now, at this point, the chest is just above you, but you will need to bounce back and forth on the ledges to get to the topmost regional chest.

Location of Chest 9

The last chest is close by. Your initial inclination might be to open this final treasure, but you should actually climb on the ledges outside of it. To get to Neomuna’s final regional chest, jump up the ledges below.


This was all for the guide on the location of All Region Chest Supply Caches in Neomuna in Destiny 2: Lightfall. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to find the chest. In this guide, we have mentioned the location of all the nine regional chests. But, you will have to find only three of them. So, now that you know the location of all the regional chests in Neomuna, go and get it and enjoy the game.

If you have any queries or questions now, then feel free to mention them in the comment section below. So that, we can help you in solving them by providing you with a guide on it. Also, for more such helpful and informative guides, do check out our website.

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