Fix: Destiny 2 Xur missing or not showing up

A 2014’s game that wins the heart of every one-person shooter game lover is starting to disappoint now. It’s a dominant one-person shooter series played by Bungle Inc. This game was a complete loss for game publishers at the start. Later players liked their storyline and reward system, which led to Destiny getting a massive response. But it is a story-based game it got discontinued after a few years.

To maintain a market presence, Bungle Inc introduced the sequel Destiny 2, which is based on a modern theme. With new gameplay ideas and unique storylines, Destiny 2 is a blockbuster game. A character named “Xur” provided exotic items to the players, but now he does not appear to be there. This is why players are looking for a fix for it. Here we will explain the cause and solution to that issue.

Fix: Destiny 2 Xur missing or not showing up

Fix: Destiny 2 Xur missing or not showing up

Being a One-person shooter game, destiny 2 players need top-of-the-line weapons and corresponding items to win the In-game challenges. However, in the early days, the game did not support players. Later, game developers added a character called Xur, an agent of nine who sells exotic weapons, armor, and engrams in exchange for coins and motes of light.
<p”>To avail of Xur, a few things need to be kept in mind. The first is the level requirement. You should go through 16 ranks from Guardian to Legend to obtain Xur’s favor oddity. In addition, Xur is available every weekend from 9:00 AM Friday to 9:00 AM Sunday. There are multiple locations where you can get him, including Hanger (The Tower), Winding Cove (EDZ), and Watcher’s Grave (Nessus).

After getting a quick overview of Destiny 2’s release and Xur, you might wonder why Xur doesn’t appear in the game. Generally, it has observed only players searching for Xur outside its usual time. This is because they still need to complete the quest for Xur. Does have not met those 16 ranks, get this error. It should be noted, however, that these are the player’s reasons. You can contact the developers’ support page if there are any bugs. Try out the following solutions to fix it from your end.

Fix 1: Restart the game

A lot of times, the game starts malfunctioning due to a longer processing time. Your system may be incompatible. But if you play Destiny 2, you have complied with its minimum system requirement. If you are experiencing an issue, the first thing you can try is restarting the game. The game will restart with new processing and reload everything correctly, including the Xur.

Fix 2: Ensure Internet connectivity

I agree that internet connectivity seems an irrelevant solution here. However, it has been observed that the game does not load due to low internet connectivity. The Xur you are looking for is not showing because the loading speed is slow. Additionally, you should maintain a stable and high-bandwidth internet connection.

Fix 3: Find Xur at the correct time duration

It’s a common understanding; we all know Xur appears in the game every weekend. Each appearance, it has a dedicated time slot. You can search for Xur beyond that time and day if you are looking to find him. You will never see him. The reason being it is not at his scheduled time. Check that the date you are finding Xur complies with the official schedule.

Fix 4: Complete the required quest

One thing we have yet to mention above is to be eligible to get Xur. You need to complete a few in-game quests. You must pass them to take advantage of the Xur benefits. The Xenology quest is at the top of the list of quests you need to accomplish. Therefore, complete the other quests as required by the game. Once you meet them, Xur will show up in your game.

Fix 5: Find Xur at Specified Locations

Xur has a specific location where he appears, just like his availability. It might be possible that the place where you are finding Xur differs from his scheduled place. Since we have told you about Xur, he appears mainly in three different areas. You will see him missing if you try to see Xur at any other location. So, make sure to visit only those designated locations mentioned above.

Fix 6: Clear App Cache

You are still getting the same issue after complying with the abovementioned fixes. The game’s app has stored a few corrupted cache files. However, apps usually keep these files to make the user experience faster. But when the same causes problems, then removing them is the only solution. In this case, if you have reached this point, then clear the Destiny 2 app cache. To clear the cache, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the Application Management section.
  • From there, select the Destiny 2 App.
  • Now look for the clear cache option.
  • Tap on Clear Cache, and you are done.
  • That’s all; Xur will not start showing.

Fix 7: Re-install the game

You should be able to resolve your problem after clearing out your cache file. It is still possible for some users to reach this fix. Their app installation needs to be fixed. When they downloaded the app, some files were left to load up. Because of this, the game lacks Xur. The simple solution is to uninstall the existing game setup and install a fresh one. To do that, follow the instructions below.

  • Launch the Settings App.
  • Enter into Application Management.
  • Select the Destiny 2 App and then tap on the uninstall button.
  • Upon this, the Destiny 2 App will uninstall.
  • Now open the Google Play Store/App Store.
  • Search for Destiny 2 in the search bar.
  • Tap on the install button there.
  • That’s it. In a moment, Destiny 2 will be re-install on your phone.

To conclude, Xur is an in-game character who sells exotic weapons such as Tarantula (linear fusion rifle), Third Axiom (Pulse rifle), Sojourner’s Tale (Shotgun), and many more. Because he is a seller, he comes at a specific time and place. We have listed all the user-end problems along with their fixes. Even if the same concern persists, you should ask for their support. Also, if anyone has questions regarding the above fix, please let us know in the comments section.

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