How to Fix Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

If you ever wanted to explore the mysteries of the solar system and you don’t have enough money to book a space flight, you can always play the Destiny 2 game. Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game that lets you unlock the elemental abilities and collect gears to customize your guardian. The game offers a cinematic story with different gaming modes, solo or multiplayer to give you exciting gameplay. The game let you be the guardian defender of the solar system which is under the siege of famous villains and you have to stand against them in the darkness.

But, recently players around the world identified an issue with the Destiny 2 game. Whenever they start the game, they get an error This version of Destiny 2 is no longer available and this is very annoying. This error often causes frustration to players who want to play the game in their relax hours. But what causes this error and what can you do to fix this? If you are getting the same error with your Destiny 2 game, you can go through this article to fix it.

 Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

What Is Causing Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

If you are getting the error message on your Destiny 2 that reads like “This version of the Destiny 2 is no longer available” this does not mean you don’t have the game in your system.

This error means your system and the current version of the game is not going well with each other. This can be fixed by simple updates but if you are still getting the same issue even after the update, you can follow our guide.

How To Fix Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

If you have updated the game to the latest version and you are still getting this error with Destiny 2, that means there is some background maintenance going on by Bungie, the game developers. There is no fix available for this issue as this is a server issue. You have to wait for the hotfix to get released from Bungie gaming and you have to download it to get this fixed, usually, it downloads automatically.

Method 1: Check for regular updates

If the game is going under maintenance or maybe an update, you won’t be able to connect to the server and you will get the Destiny 2 no longer available error. The new patch gets released in less than 2 hours after the maintenance. You can check manually for the updates on your PC or the Console.

Method 2: Check for missing patches on the Steam

If you are a Steam player and you are getting this error, then there might be some patches that are still not downloaded as Steam usually takes time to download new patches. You can manually check for it and download the available patches in Steam or you can set the automatic updates.

  • Launch the Steam client game on your PC.

 Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

  • Click on the Library tab to go to the games library.

  • Now, locate the Destiny 2 game and right-click on it.

  • Click on properties and from the list of dropdown menus.

 Destiny 2 This Version is No Longer Available Error

  • Go to the update tab and click on the down arrow on the Automatic Updates tab.

  • Select the Always Keep updated option and Relaunch Steam again.

If you are still facing the issue, you need to be patient as the game is updating in the background. Make sure to not uninstall Destiny 2 or reset your system as it can cause the game to crash.

Method 3: Reinstall Game

If none of the above two methods seems to help you, the problem might be with the game installation itself. Oftentimes, the game’s files can get corrupt due to third-party actions of antivirus or other software scripts. To fix this, you have to uninstall the game completely and install it again. Please make sure to install the game from the official website or Steam store to avoid any installation problems.

Method 4: Contact Support Team

If you think you have downloaded the latest version, and still you are not able to access the latest version of the game, it might b due to some billing cycle issue or other internet issues with your game account. Such issues are internal in nature and only the game support team can help you here. So create a ticket with the game support team explaining the issue with relevant screenshots.


Destiny 2 is a wonderful game, the game takes you on a space journey and gives you the experience of fighting the never seen bad guys of the solar system. It will be frustrating to get Destiny 2 this version is no longer available error while you are playing the game but there is no permanent fix for this error. Moreover, this error will arrive every time when the developer does some background maintenance with Destiny 2. Alternatively, you can try the methods above to fix the issue.

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