Fix: Destiny 2 Error Code Coconut

Previously, we have tried to address all the concerns people reported in the Destiny series, including the sequel Destiny 2. Similarly, again in the last few days some Destiny 2 players facing a Coconut error. To be specific, whenever the players try to access the game’s server, it denies them access. That denial is so hard and rigorous that people named it Destiny 2 Coconut error. However, developers might have looked into this concern but have not replied.

Noting that concern, we tried to find out potential reasons why players get such errors in the Destiny 2-like game. During that finding, we got to know that when player access the game and it denies their request that means this is not a bug. Because if something like that then for sure there would be some awkward behavior from the game’s end. Keeping that in mind, we tried to think of different aspects and got some working solutions, so let’s have it.

Fix: Destiny 2 Error Code Coconut

Fix: Destiny 2 Error Code Coconut

See, the error code “COCONUT” is a client-based error that means the mere problem from the developer’s end. After looking over how the Destiny 2 server behaves, the issue is dedicated to some cause arising from the user end. Sticking to that point, we tried to look out what potential mistakes a typical Destiny 2 player makes which results in Coconut error. After analysis, we found that internet connectivity issues, hardware issues, or maybe Bungie Inc.’s server issues created such errors. So, look at them and try to fix the error.

Note: Before making way to towards below solutions, we assume that Bungie Inc (developers) servers are working well and the entire problem is from the user end.

Restart Your Internet Connectivity

Whether you use Wi-Fi or a stable network connectivity medium, you need to restart them to get them back to the default state. This is because Destiny 2 is an internet-based game that needs internet connectivity from launching to close it. And like here people are trying to access its server which means here a high bandwidth internet connectivity is needed, otherwise, you never get into it. So, As a prior thing do consider restarting your internet connectivity.

Close and re-open your device

As you know we have said that Destiny 2 Coconut error has numerous reasons where we have already checked the internet connectivity. But even after having a check on it, if you are still facing the same issue that means somewhere your device’s hardware creating an issue. Maybe the processor got jammed and there was some file that was missed unable to process any command. In such a scenario, the recommended thing you can do is close down your device to back get to the default position. Further, Re-open it and try logging into the game.

Try using different DNS

Maybe possible the current DNS you are using is unable to access Destiny 2’s server and somewhere it needed to switch on any public DNS. I agree after some time such DNS starts functioning as it was doing previously. But to get it into such a phase, a different DNS needs to be enrolled on your device. Until you add new DNS there, you can’t do anything except wait for developers’ help. So, Try using a different DNS, for reference you can follow the instructions

  1. On your PC, Head to the control panel.
  2. Then click on network and internet.
  3. From there, choose a network and sharing center>> change adapter settings.
  4. Now select the network for which you want to use Google Public DNS.
  5. Do right-click the connection >> select properties >> Networking tab >> Advanced >> DNS tab.
  6. Next, enter the DNS address that you want to use. (For example: Google DNS –
  7. Lastly, Click OK to save the changes.

Re-Install Destiny 2

So far, we have tried all possible fixes that we found players doing on such a game. But even after that if any player has the same concern that means your game installation has some issues. Maybe while installing there might be some files left aside. Because of this, when you try to log in to the game’s server, it shows a coconut error. For this thing, the last thing you can try is to uninstall the current Destiny 2 installation and re-install it from scratch. If don’t know how to re-install Destiny 2 then follow the instructions below.

  1. Simply, Open the Steam Client.
  2. Then click on the library tab.
  3. Now right-click on Destiny 2 and select manage >> uninstall.
  4. Next, click on uninstall to confirm.
  5. Following this, Destiny 2 will be uninstalled.
  6. Afterwards, From the same page click on Install.
  7. That’s it, In this way Destiny 2 will re-install.

Besides that, you can try to contact developers’ official support. I think these are mere solutions for the Destiny 2 Coconut error. I hope many of you are happy with getting such an error fixed. But If someone left then do knock developers as they would suggest you better or I can say specific solutions after all they are the makers of the game. So, this was all about fixing the Destiny 2 Coconut error. Even after this if any user have a query then ask them below.

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