Destiny 2 Reaper and Dynamo Mod Not Working, Is There A Fix?

Destiny 2, a popular first-person shooter game developed by Bungie, has recently released a new expansion called “Lightfall”. This highly anticipated addition to the game offers exciting new content and enhances the overall gaming experience. Lightfall, the seventh expansion and sixth year of extended content, was released on February 28, 2023.

One of the new features of Lightfall is the addition of new missions, Player versus Environment (PvE) locations, Player versus Player (PvP) maps, player gear, weaponry, and a challenging new raid. Players can look forward to a new raid that is expected to be one of the toughest yet, designed to challenge even the most skilled players. Two new dungeons will also be released over the year, and a reprised raid from either the original Destiny or a previous Destiny 2 raid that was removed.

However, some players have reported issues with the Reaper and Dynamo Mods in Destiny 2. These mods do not seem to be working correctly, and players cannot use them as intended. If you are experiencing this problem, we will guide you through possible fixes to help you get back to enjoying the game.

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Why aren’t Reaper and Dynamo Mods working in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has brought about several changes, including overhauling the mod system and adding many new mods. However, players have noticed that two of the mods, Reaper and Dynamo, are not working and wonder if they have been intentionally disabled.

To address this, Bungie confirmed on their Twitter account that Reaper and Dynamo mods have been intentionally disabled due to “an issue.” However, the developer has not specified what the issue is. Players have noted that these two mods allowed them to exploit certain mechanics, which could potentially disrupt gameplay for other players.

The Reaper mod spawns an Orb of Power after an attack, which can be exploited to spawn infinite orbs of power for your team. This would give an unfair advantage to players, making the game less fun and reducing competition. The Dynamo mod, which reduced Super cooldown, allowed players to remove cooldowns for some abilities, further disrupting the balance of play.

While the exact nature of the issue isn’t clear, it’s important to note that Bungie is aware of the problem and taking steps to prevent further disruption to gameplay. There is no word from Bungie on when these mods will be enabled again. However, the company is working on a patch that will hopefully address the issue and make it possible to use these mods again.

We suggest trying alternate builds until a patch is released in the meantime. There are plenty of new exotic weapons to try out, so while these two mods have been disabled, you won’t run out of new content any time soon.


It’s important to remember that everyone plays the game differently, and it’s possible to find a new build that suits your playstyle just as well as the Reaper or Dynamo mods did.

While it’s unfortunate that these mods have been disabled, it’s important to remember that Bungie is working on a solution to the issue. We’ll have to wait and see what the patch brings, but in the meantime, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

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