How to Detect AI-Generated Images?

Digital content creation has paved the way for artificial intelligence to play a major role in society, which anyone can access at any time. However, AI has been at the forefront lately, especially generative AI software that generates text and images in just a second. In today’s generation, several AI users are accessing AI-generated tools on their mobile devices for their purposes.

In addition, the popularity of the relatively Ai-generated image tool has increased dramatically during the past few months, which can be appreciated. Several users also generated AI images with the help of AI tools that can be easily found on the internet. At the same time, spotting the AI-generated image can be challenging for users who are looking to detect an image that is mainly created by an AI-generated tool. Worry not; we’re ready to help you detect the AI-generated images. Read on to learn how to detect AI-generated images on social platforms.

AI-Generated Images

Best Ways to Detect AI-Generated Images

AI-generated images are mainly created by an AI (artificial intelligence) application which is based on GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) technology. However, there are some AI-generated images which are known as “deekfakes”.

For your information, Deepfake is an artificial intelligence with facial recognition software to manipulate photos or videos of real people. For example, celebrities which look realistic with an AI image tool. However, it could be challenging to detect an AI-Generated picture on the social media platform. But, we have mentioned some clues that you should look for to identify or detect the AI-Generated images.

Check the Title, Description, and Tags

Most people disagree with disclosing AI usage when posting images on social media platforms. However, for those who choose to, that information will be in a post’s title or description section. If you want to detect AI-generated images on social platforms, you can easily do it by checking the title or even the description and tags. Also, you can look into the comments section below as many users mentioned that AI generated the image in their comments box.

In addition to the title, description, and tags, you can also look at their profile section for clues regarding the AI images. You can also look for keywords like Midjourney or DALL-E, known for popular AI tool generators, which will let you know that the image has been created by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool.

Look For a Watermark

Another straightforward tip is that you can look for a watermark on the image you’re trying to detect whether it’s created by an AI image tool or not. Whenever any users download an image that is generated by a DALL-E 2, then you can easily identify the watermark on the generated images.

You can find the watermark in the bottom right corner of the image, which looks like five square coloured including Yellow, turquoise, green, red and blue. If you find these colors in your picture, then it could definitely be an AI Generated Image by using the DALL-E 2 AI tool. Alternatively, try looking for the other watermark, if the image isn’t created by an DALL-E 2 AI tool.

On the other hand, Midjourney is another popular AI Generated tool, allowing users to generate their images in just a simple click. However, Midjourney’s doesn’t use watermark on their pictures at all, and leaves it to users to select if they want to credit AI in their generated pictures.

Look Into Background

Most pictures generated by AI tools on social platforms aren’t generated with proper format. Sometimes, the background of the picture is blurred and some objects in the background may exhibit deformations. Therefore, if you’re trying to detect an AI-Generated picture, try looking into the background and check whether it is in correct format or everything looks good. If not, then it could be an AI Generated Image by using the MidJourneys and other AI tools.

Look for Distortion or Anomalies

You can also identify the AI generated pictures by looking for any distortion or Anomalies. Sometimes, there is a visual error which is mainly caused by the imperfect functioning during the creation process on the AI generation tool. Uneven eyes, unnatural looking face shape, misshapen body parts which are generated by AI tools. By remembering this point, you can easily spot whether the image is generated by an AI tool or not.

You also have to look for other visual distortions which may not be obvious for all time, so you must look carefully in the image you’re trying to identify. Missing earrings of the person in the photo, a blurred and unrealistic background, incorrect shadow, improper lighting condition, looks like a cartoon character, etc. If you find any of these in the picture you’re looking at, then it could be an AI generated picture.

Try Using a GAN Detector

If you’re trying to detect an AI Image that is generated by an AI tool on social platforms, then you can try using a GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) Detector on your device. However, this tool isn’t accurate for all time, but sometimes it provides the real time status and lets you know whether the image is generated by an AI Image tool or not.

In social platforms, there are a number of applications available which detect the AI tool in a second and you can easily access it. But, not all the applications are accurate on the internet. On the other hand, Microsoft has its own AI detection tool, known as Deepfake detector (Microsoft Video Authenticator) which is mainly specialized for videos. But sadly, this isn’t reliable when it comes to detecting AI – generated videos.

Moreover, some companies are developing GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) detectors that are mainly designed to detect AI-generated pictures. Mayachitra’s GAN detector is one of the popular tools, allowing you to upload an image to be analyzed and it determines whether the image is an AI generated or not. Unfortunately, sometimes it could fail due to server issues and errors.

Final Words

In today’s generation, AI is known for being popular and increasing day by day. It is easy to figure out any common issues by using the AI tool on your device. But it could be pretty hard to detect AI-generated pictures on social media platforms. But, you can easily identify the image by following our mentioned points.

Make sure to check the title, description and tags for any mention of AI in the image you’re trying to detect, and then take a closer look at the image and search if there are any watermarks visible or visual distortions. You can also try using any AI detector tool to identify whether the image is created by an AI-Generator tool. We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any other queries, let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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