Disney Mirrorverse Tier List

Disney Multiverse is a role-playing video game that you can play on your most used daily gadget (your smartphone). If you are a fan of the Disney Mirrorverse game and you are looking for the best characters that you can pick for the game, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will mention every Disney Mirrorverse character that is fitted into the tier list. This Disney Mirrorverse Tier List will rank the best-to-worst characters in the game based on best to worst characters.

The game was developed and published by Kabam. The game generally revolves around the Disney Pixar characters that are set in the Divergent Universe. Players can pick these characters to fight the evil and unrelenting threat that is causing harm to their world in the game. If you have a little knowledge of the game, then you know the game offers a humongous list of characters, and choosing the best of them is a dilemma for many of you.

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List

Disney Mirrorverse Tier Class

Choosing the best-to-worst character from the game, which features a huge list of characters, is quite unfair. That is why we will separate these characters based on multiple guardians, and in that way, the tier list will be fair for all.

  • Melee Classes
  • Tank Classes
  • Ranged Classes
  • Support Classes

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List

The Tier List consists of four classes, ranging from S to C. Where the characters in class S are the strongest and the characters in class C are the worst among them. Here are the basic explanations for each class.

S Tier: Characters in the S tier are the strongest and hold amazing magical powers and abilities that will help you defeat anybody in the game.

A Tier: The A-tier characters are also strong, but they are slightly different than the S-tier characters as they don’t possess strong magical abilities like the S-tier characters.

B Tier: The B-tier characters are mediocre-level characters, and they do not carry magical abilities and strong powers with them. However, they can be used in specific situations too.

C Tier: The C-tier characters are the worst among them. You should not be using these characters if you really want to improve your ranking in the game.

Disney Mirrorverse Melee Class Tier List

Melee Classes are the offensive classes that are responsible for high damage and magical abilities to defend themselves. They are focused on dealing multiple damages in one hit.

S Tier: Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Scar, and Ariel

A Tier: Mulan Stich, Raya, and Aladdin

B Tier: Rapunzel, Anna, Woody, Hercules, and Kemmit the Frog

C Tier: Captain Hook

Disney Mirrorverse Tank Class Tier List

You must have guessed what these characters are used for. They are the tan characters; they will stand high in front of you to give you a solid direction. They are destined to protect their teammates and also deal good damage to their enemies.

S Tier: Mr. Incredible, Baymax, and Oogie Boogie


A Tier: Maui, Simbs, Zurg, Ursula

B Tier: Donald Duck, Baloo, and Sully

C Tier: Gennie

Disney Mirrorverse Support Class Tier List

They are just the medical pioneers of your team; they are in the team to heal you and help your teammates with their abilities. You can use them to support your gameplay.

S Tier: Hiro Hamada, Jack Skellington, Mickey Mouse

A Tier: Evil Queen Tiana, Jack Sparrow, and Belle Dory

B Tier: Scrooge, McDuck, and Frank Wolf

C Tier: Mike Wazowski, Ian Lightfoot

Disney Mirrorverse Ranges Class Tier List

You can use these characters while attacking from a distance to deal a high amount of damage to your enemies. Just like the Melee class, they are also focused on dealing high damage to their enemies.

S Tier: Elsa, Zurg, Gaston, and Cruella de Vil

A Tier: Hades, Buzz Lightyear, Maleficent, and Judy Hopps

B Tier: Tinkerball, Merida, and Tron

C Tier: Eve


This was the complete tier list of all the characters in the Disney Mirrorverse. The game is quite interesting, and when you start playing it, it will blow your mind for sure. We could not accommodate every character in the tier list, but we made sure that the best among them would qualify for the tier list.

It’s important to know that there are some useless characters available in the game too, but for some players, they can be useful if they know how to use them. I hope that this tier list was helpful. See you around!

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