Fix: DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Since the launch of the DJI FPV Googles setup, many users have been reporting multiple instances where either the FPV system doesn’t work or the FPV Goggles not turning on or lack calibration. Today in this article, we will touch down on these issues and check for some troubleshooting methods as well.

Long gone are the days when we used to think and dream about drone technology, drone delivery, drone videography, and most importantly – drone fights and drone racing. With the new DJI FPV system, any person can take advantage of the highly calibrated FPV flying systems and enjoy drone visuals while in a VR-type experience.

With the DJI FPV system, you can finally fulfill your dream to fly in the sky without hardcore pilot training. This article intends to be a helping guide for whoever is facing any device issues with the DJI FPV Goggles system.

Fix DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Fix: DJI FPV Not Turning On

DJI comes with a unique FPV system or First Person View system, which allows you to experience the beautiful world of flying from the comfort of sitting in your home. It is more like playing a drone racing game with your VR headset, but in this case, you will be flying the drone for real.

Since many users have been complaining along the lines of the DJI FPV system not turning on or not working, here are some troubleshooting methods that will help you bring the system to life again.

Method 1: Reboot FPV System

In most cases, a simple reboot of FPV will fix most of the issues including not turning on. It may be possible that due to some technical glitch, you’re not able to turn on the FPV system, or the system is turned on, but you don’t get any notification or update. So restarting your FPV will be the best solution here. Simple press the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the system completely, then press the power button after waiting 2 minutes to turn it on again.

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Method 2: Wait For Battery To Cool

If you recently have done a flight session, then the motors, as well as the battery for the FPV drone, may be hot and unable to fly. You have to let it wait for a few minutes to cool down and then try to start the FPV drone. In most cases, you should also wait for at least 10 minutes to cool down and start the drone if you recently have taken a flight session.

Method 3: Charge FPV Battery

It is quite possible that the battery is discharged, and that’s the reason why DJI FPV is not turning on. don’t worry as you can always charge your drone battery with the provided charger.

Note: If you haven’t used the drone for a very long time, then the battery may go into hibernation mode. In such cases, you have to charge the battery multiple times to pull it back from hibernation mode. Our recommendation will be to charge the battery for 10 minutes multiple times.

Method 4: Clean Battery Pins

Fix: DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Maybe you are trying to charge the drone battery but still, the drone and the FPV system is not turning on. This could be due to corroded or dirty battery pins. Battery pins allow your drone to connect with the battery. If for any reason, this connection is not made, the drone may not turn on at all.

Cleaning battery pins is very easy as you can take out the battery from the drone and use a cotton cloth to clean the pins. You may also use a solution of Isoprepohyl alcohol (nail polish remover) to clean any corrosion remarks.

Method 5: Update Firmware

Since the launch of DJI FPV drone, many users have been complaining about software glitches that happen from time to time. This also includes an instance where the drone simply shuts down midflight without any warning. After a while, DJI has released many firmware updates which fix all of these minor bugs including the drone not turning on.

15th July 2021: DJI has released another updated firmware version (v01.02.0001) for the DJI FPV Goggles that supposedly fixes the issue with the goggles going to a black screen or not turning on.

We recommend you to update the drone firmware to the latest version as soon as possible.

Method 6: Send to DJI Repair center

According to the official reports from DJI, the FPV system does have a flaw where once it go on low battery mode, it doesn’t not power on. The issue can only be solved when you send your FPV drone to the DJI centers where the officials will reset the device.

The whole process is obviously tedious as you have to send your device just to fix this simple problem. You may contact DJI support via email at to start a case.

Method 7: Check for any Water Damage

Although DJI has made sure the drone has enought against water, wind, and heavy terrain areas. But it can be very difficult to protect your small drone from all such damaging elements. So it’s quite possible that your drone has some sort of water damage, or any hardware level damage due to the drone being hit during flight. In such cases, it is best to contact DJI and ask for a device replacement if possible.

Fix: DJI FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Once you have fixed the FPV issue, you can again go back to the fly mode. However, there can be many instances where the VR goggles pair might not turn on. So for such instances, you may follow the troubleshooting guide below.

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Method 1: Use Correct Power On Sequence

Many people (especially the users who haven’t used DJI drones before) regarding the correct turning-on sequence. Due to this, many people are not even able to turn on their FPV goggles to enjoy the ultimate realistic VR flying experience.

[PSA] How to turn on the DJI FPV Goggles V2 (not a joke) from fpv

To turn on your FPV goggles, you first have to press the power button and then press it again while holding it for a few seconds. You will see the lights will have a sequence that marks as the device is turned on.

Method 2: Wear Googles while turning on

Fix: DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Quite weird, but goggles have a sensor that allows the DJI goggles to turn on when you actually wear them. Apparently, this particular trick works, so just make sure next time you wear the goggles first and then turn it on using the correct boot sequence.

Method 3: Reboot Googles

Sometimes the issue is some technical glitch that doesn’t allow you to turn off your device completely, leaving it in a boot-stuck stage. In such cases, you must force turn off DJI Goggles, and then turn it on again using the correct sequence.

You must plug in charging cable into the goggles with the battery in order to power up the goggles. Any other USB cable won’t allow you to power up the battery pack.

Method 4: Change Cable

Fix: DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On

Sometimes the issue is not with the goggles, but the cable itself. Due to multiple use or other wear and tear factors, the cable might get damaged and will not be supported for charging the goggle. So make sure to change the cable.

Method 5: Check for Hardware Damage

It’s quite possible that your DJI goggles have some sort of water, or any hardware level damage. In such cases, it is best to contact DJI and ask for a device replacement if possible. You may contact DJI support via email at to start a case.


This brings us to the end of this guide for DJI FPV and FPV Goggles Not Turning On. Please note that the device is still new, and many updates are yet to come. I’m sure DJI will roll out with software updates to address these issues, and you can enjoy your flight time once again.

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