Doordash App Unable to Sign in or Not Working, How to Fix?

Is the Doordash app keeps crashing on your phone or is not letting your sign in? Don’t stress yourself much as you are not alone. Multiple users are reporting similar issues on the Doordash application. This is not the first time the Doordash app is experiencing sign-in or crashing issues, it has happened multiple times in the past and each time the company has managed to fix it in a short span of time.

Multiple users on Twitter are facing the issue with the application. Many of them are reporting that the application is down. According to Down Detector – a tool to check if a website is facing any downtime – also shows that Doordash is experiencing some problems. Why is it that the Doordash app is not working on your phone or not allowing you to sign in? Well, there is a list of reasons why are facing the issue. But if multiple users are facing the same issue then it is most likely a server issue, which you can’t fix from your end. In such a case, all you can do is report the issue to Doordash and wait for them to fix it.

Doordash app not working or sign in issue

If Doordash’s server is not an issue, it could be related to your internet connection, VPN connection, or app version. In case you are not able to sign in on Doordash, double-check your username and password. Here are some possible workarounds that might help you in fixing the Doordash app crashing or sign-in issue.

Possible Fixes to Doordash App Not Working or Sign In Issue

1. Install the latest software update

If you’re facing downtime on Doordash, it’s most likely a server-related problem that you can’t do much about. But if the problem is related to signing in, signing up, or forgetting the password, a software update can fix them as it contains fixes to all previously known issues. Whether you are facing any issue or not, it’s always good to have the latest software version for a better experience.

To update the Doordash app, open Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (on iOS) and search Doordash. Download and install the latest update, if available.

2. Check the date & time on your phone

Many applications face issues when the date or time on the device is not correct. Please check on your device and make changes if required. Otherwise, move on to the next fix.

 3. Check your internet connection

A slow internet connection could result in failing the app to start. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection. You can test your internet connection speed using to make sure that internet connection speed is not a problem.

4. Restart Doordash

 It is the most common method to fix basic issues and you can try it here too. Sometimes other processes running in the background can conflict with other processes. So, restarting an app closes the running processes of the app, which can fix the issue.

First, close the application from the recent apps, and wait for 10-15 seconds after you open it again.

5. Clear the app cache

Clearing the app cache does the trick many times. To clear the cache of Doordash, open the application’s details page through the Settings app, and clear the cache.

Steps to clear Doordash app cache

If clearing the cache does not work, try deleting the app’s data. It will remove your account from the app. So, remember to get the login info before doing this.

6. Restart your phone

If none of the fixes has done the trick on your phone, you should try restarting your phone. It might help you in fixing issues like not being able to place an order, not being able to access the internet, memory issues with the app, etc.

You can simply restart an Android phone by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds. After that, tap on the reboot/restart option. For iPhone users, press and hold the power button, a slider will open, slide it to the right to turn off the phone. Turn on your phone after 1 minute and check if the issue persists. If you are still facing issues with the Doordash app, reach out to their customer support. 

We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Did you manage to fix the issue with the Doordash app? Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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