How to Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo

Samsung has rolled out the latest Pie update on all their devices If you also have upgraded your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the latest firmware and didn’t like it much, then you can downgrade it. Today in this post, we will guide you on How to downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo. You need to Downgrade Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo if you are facing issues in the latest Pie update.

After the latest Pie update, many customers are complaining about several issues. Such as battery drain issue, performance issue, camera lag issue etc. To fix this problem, you need to downgrade Galaxy Note 8 to Oreo. This is a fairly complicated process but doesn’t worry. As we will guide you through each step of the process.

How to Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo

What is Downgrade process?

Downgrade process refers to the process where a user installs an outdated os version than the current OS. You might need to downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if you’re not liking the latest pie update. To downgrade your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you need ODIN tool and rollback files for your device. You can find these in the download section below.

Rollback Firmware Details:

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Model: SM-N950U, SM-N950W, SM-N9500, SM-N950N, SM-N950F, or SM-N950FD
  • Android Rollback Version: 9.0 Pie -> 8.0 Oreo
  • Rollback UI: One UI –> Samsung Experience UI
  • Status: Official
  • Type: Rollback firmware Package
  • Changelog: This update will roll back your phone’s operating system to Android 8.0

Download Drivers and Rollback Files

To downgrade you must download the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rollback file from the link given below in respect of the region code.

Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo

If you have upgraded your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and don’t like the update or facing any issues like Lag, or your battery draining quickly, then you can downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android 9.0 Pie to Oreo by following this steps.


  • This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Make sure to download all the required tools, drivers and Rollback package
  • Charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to at least 50% before following this guide
  • By rolling back, you may lose all your data. So take a complete backup of your data.
  • I don’t guarantee that this will work on all Samsung Galaxy Note 8 variant. So make sure to comment below with your model

GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any internal/external damages to the device that may happen while/after following this guide. Please proceed if you know what you’re doing!


Now you can easily revert back to Android Oreo using this guide. The Guide is simple and easy to return to Oreo from 9.0 Pie Update.

Guide to flash Samsung Firmware using Odin Tool Video Guide to flash Stock Firmware on your device

I hope this guide has helped you to downgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Pie to Oreo. In case you’re facing any kind of issue during the flashing/installing process, then let us know via the comment section.


  1. Downgrading on Note8 from Oreo to Nougat, does that considered custom firmware? does this affect the warranty?
    Anyway for this to be automated.. ie OTA, or other official way?

  2. Sorry for any ignorance here (I’m maybe one step above amish when it comes to tech) but will this work on a completely stock non unlocked Verizon Note 8, or will I have to unlock it first?

    1. Devices have multiple locks. Sounds like you are referring to carrier locked. Carrier locked only affects being able to use on a different carrier. Android devices come with locked or unlocked bootloaders which drastically affects customizing it’s software.

      This seems like a normal flashing of OEM software so nothing special should be needed.

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