When You Should Consider Downgrading Your Phone

We live in a society where mobile phone usage is at an all-time high – so much so, that even Google had taken a mobile-first approach to its indexing process. With over 2.5 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s easy to see just why these devices are being considered addictive but more noticeably, why they’re becoming more and more high-tech. With better technology, however, comes a higher price. For this reason, more and more of us are starting to consider downgrading to lower models. Here, we’re exploring just why you should consider downgrading your phone.

When You Should Consider Downgrading Your Phone

Low Concentration

While smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, particularly for those of us who are fans of social media or who use our phones for business, the unfortunate truth of constant use is that our motivation can seriously suffer. Productivity at work can be drastically affected, as can our relationships at work and at home.

While taking breaks at work to scroll or play a game is said to help improve productivity and reduce stress, this can quickly get out of hand. Constantly being distracted by notifications, and even thinking about potential notifications can keep us distracted, reducing our concentration and productivity at work. For this reason, downgrading from a smartphone could help to reduce the number of notifications you receive and therefore, how often you find yourself drifting away from tasks at work.


While the gaming world has certainly benefited from the rise in mobile technology, some of our classic favorites have suffered from the changes. These classics come in the form of browser-hosted gaming. Many of us would while away hours on browsers, playing everything from card games to quick-play platform games, often run off of Adobe Flash. However, despite being the birthplace of some of our favorites, it’s not as simple to get our hands on them anymore. In fact, some of the older software required to play may not be available to download or are simply incompatible with the browser on mobile.

Take Apple devices, for example – to the annoyance of many, Apple’s mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop devices aren’t compatible with Adobe Flash. Due to concerns with security, a lack of reliability and most Flash games being incompatible with a touch screen, Apple had opted not to allow or enable Adobe Flash on mobile devices. While Flash isn’t a necessity for a lot of the videos and games we find online or on social media today, fans of older games are missing out on mobile.


If you aren’t concerned with Flash games, then the cost of a higher-grade phone alone could be enough to warrant a downgrade. With the new iPhone X listed at over £999 and the new Samsung s10 costing £799, those on stricter budgets could benefit from a lower-spec model – or at least a budget alternative. Apple, for example, have the iPhone XR available for £499, which offers great quality and the same seamless use as any other Apple device.

Whether you’re on a budget, a fan of older games or simply looking to invest more in your concentration at work or school, downgrading your phone to a cheaper, lower-spec model could offer you everything you need. Will you be downgrading your phone?

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