Download Aqua Dongle V4.4 Latest Setup File 2021

From this post, you could download the latest version of the Aqua Dongle V4.4 Setup file. The devices from MediaTek were always among the most-demanding ones, and you could now add Spreadtrum to this list. While the latter is yet to reach the stature of the former, yet it is quickly climbing up the ladders. As a result, there are now quite a few users across the globe with devices having either of the two as the underlying chipset.

However, there’s still one concern from these device owners. They aren’t able to get hold of a single standalone tool that could manage all of the important device tweaks under one roof. Well if you are also on the lookout for such a tool, then your search shall stop right here. From this guide, you could download the latest Aqua Dongle V4.4 Setup and use it to effectively manage your MediaTek or Spreadtrum device. Follow along.

AQUA Dongle v4.4 latest setup 2021

What is Aqua Dongle Tool?

The Aqua Dongle Tool is a standalone software that beholds quite a lot of nifty features for MediaTek and Spreadtrum devices. Here are some of its noteworthy ones:

Disable Authentication

OEMs such as Oppo, Vivo Realme, and Mi now require an authenticated account in order to carry out any flashing or repairing activity. However, these accounts are only available with authorized service centers and beyond the reach of normal users. Well, you could now easily disable this authentication mode and login without any issue.

Read or Write Firmware

This tool could identify the firmware type and flash it onto the supported devices. This is another reason why users are looking to download the latest Aqua Dongle V4.4 Setup file.

Backup Restore Firmware

You could also create a complete device backup of the currently installed firmware. Likewise, if something goes wrong, you could easily restore the backup and bring your device to normal working condition.

Bypass FRP

Factory Reset Protection is a security measure put in place by Google that requires you to log in with your Google account after a device reset. However, in some instances, a user ends up forgetting their account credentials. In those cases, you could download and use the Aqua Dongle V4.4 tool to reset or even bypass this FRP lock.

Remove Pattern Lock

If you don’t remember your device’s lock screen pattern and hence are unable to it, then you may use this tool to remove or reset this lock.

IMEI Repair

By flashing an incorrect binary, there’s always a risk of the EFS partition getting corrupted. And when that happens, it tends to corrupt the IMEI number. In those cases, this tool is known to easily repair the IMEI Number as well.

With this, you would have got perfect knowledge regarding Aqua Dongle V4.4 Setup Tool’s functionalities, let’s now get you acquainted with its download link.

Download Aqua Dongle V4.4 Latest Setup 2021

You may now grab hold of the latest build of this tool from the below link:

Once downloaded, extract the setup file to any convenient location on your PC. Then double click on its EXE file to launch the setup and proceed with the on-screen instructions to install it.

So on that note, we conclude this guide. If you have any queries concerning the usage instructions of this tool, do let us know in the comments. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks that deserve your attention as well.

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