Download Honor MagicBook 14 and 15 Drivers: WiFi, Fingerprint, Audio, Touchpad, Camera, Bluetooth and More

Looking to update drivers on your Honor MagicBook 14 or MagicBook 15 laptop? Whether your laptop is running into any problems or facing performance issues, it’s generally recommended to update the drivers first. Windows laptops can have a host of problems and most of them usually get fixed after installing the latest driver. Even when there are no issues, updating the drivers is still a good move as there won’t be any compatibility issues with the latest software.

In this guide, we shall provide you with direct download links to download the latest driver for your Honor MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15 laptops.

Honor MagicBook 14, 15 drivers

Honor MagicBook 14: Overview

Honor MagicBook 14 is a compact, lightweight yet powerful laptop built for students and working professionals. The laptop has a metallic finish with a sleek profile and high portability to carry it anywhere you go. It offers a 14-inch display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a screen-to-body ratio of 84%.

Whether you prefer an AMD or Intel chipset, you have both options as the laptop comes in AMD Ryzen 5, Intel Core-i5, and Core-i7 chipset options. The MagicBook 14 has high-speed DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD, and a power button with an integrated fingerprint scanner. While the Intel and AMD variants do not differ much, the Intel version gets additional benefits in terms of dual heat pipes and a supersized cooling fan. As far as the battery is concerned, you get a 56Wh battery with 65W fast Type-C charger.

Honor MagicBook 15: Overview

Honor MagicBook 15 is another great compact laptop from the Chinese manufacturer. It’s a slim laptop with a lightweight profile and slim bezels. Similar to MagicBook 14, this one also ships with Intel and AMD chipset variants – Ryzen 5 and Core-i5. While the Ryzen 5 models are packed with 8GB DDR4 RAM, the Core-i5 model gets 16GB DDR4 RAM, paired with 512GB fast SSD storage.

The Honor MagicBook 15 can easily handle all your day-to-day tasks and is good enough for lightweight gaming. There’s a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Since the Intel model was released a year later than the AMD model, it has got better connectivity options. The MagicBook 15 supports 65W Type-C charging, however, the battery capacity has been reduced to 42Wh, compared to 56Wh in MagicBook 14.


The download links for drivers and BIOS for your Honor laptop below may be outdated. In that case, you can follow the steps mentioned at the bottom of this article to grab the latest driver.

Download Latest Drivers for Honor MagicBook 14

Honor MagicBook 14 (NMH-WDQ9CHNE)

Honor MagicBook 14 (NDR-WDH9HN)

  • BIOS
  • PC Manager
  • Chipset
    • IntelChipset_10.1.24.5_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQS – Download Link
  • Graphics Card
    • Graphics_27.20.100.8853_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQQ – Download Link
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint
    • FingerPrint_1.1.17.132_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQP – Download Link
  • Hot Key
  • Sound Card
  • Others
    • WDT_1.0.3.10_Firmware_general_NA_05017JRC – Download Link
    • Monitor_20.6.5.1_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQY – Download Link
    • IntelME_2031.15.0.1743_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQV – Download Link
    • IntelDPTF_8.7.10400.15556_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQT – Download Link
    • IntelSerialIO_30.100.2031.2_Firmware_general_NA_05017JQW – Download Link

Download Latest Drivers for Honor MagicBook 15

Honor MagicBook 15 (BMH-WDQ9HN)

How to Download the Latest Driver for Your Honor Laptop

Follow these steps to grab the latest drivers for your Honor laptop:

  1. Go to the Honor support website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select your region.
  3. Enter your Honor laptop details and click Search.

You should see all the drivers for your Honor laptop. Download the required driver(s) and install it on your Honor laptop. Once the drivers are updated, restart the device.

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