Download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software

Smartphones have grown into the single gadget a man needs today. It is stuffed with features and services to make a user’s daily life easier. But it is always a wise idea to sync all your data into your computer. The smartphone is a small device and the chances of losing it and getting it damaged are really high. If you are an HTC device owner and are looking to sync your data, you can do it in style with the help of the HTC Sync Manager software. This article will help you to download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software.

Download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software

What is the HTC Sync Manager Software?

The HTC Sync Manager Software is a free application available for your computer. Using this cool software you can easily sync all of your media between the HTC device and computer. In addition, this software supports syncing of your phone contacts, bookmarks, calendar events and also other documents. This can be a great form of backup which at any time can be updated to your device using the same software.

Features of latest HTC Sync Manager

The latest HTC manager is stuffed with features which help the user to Sync data and also organize the synced data. Some of the major features provided by this software are:

  1. Organizing your media contents like photos, videos, and music
  2. Importing windows media player or iTunes music libraries
  3. Creating playlists
  4. Edit photos
  5. Syncing all of your personal information like contacts, calendar events, and bookmarks
  6. A full backup of your device
  7. Restoring iTunes backup to HTC devices directly

Where to Download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software

It is free to download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software. You can download it by clicking HERE and accepting the terms and conditions.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to download Latest HTC Sync Manager Software. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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