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From this post, you could download the latest MRT Dongle Setup V5.37. There are quite a few devices with underlying Mediatek chipset that are currently ruling the smartphone market. OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Meizu have some decent devices lined up in this regard. What’s even great to see is the active custom development support that they receive. Once you unlock the device’s bootloader, then there are literally a plethora of tweaks that you could try out.

The basic ones include enable USB Debugging and executing ADB commands. Then at the top of the priority list for many users stands the ability to root the device. This in turn will give you SuperUser access to your device. As a result, you could easily flash tons of mods, frameworks modules among others. However, all these might prove to be somewhat challenging for many users. This is where the MRT Dongle Setup V5.37 will come in handy. In this guide, we have shared its latest version as well as listed out its usage instructions.MRT Dongle Latest Setup v3.65

What is MRT Tool (Mobile Repair Tool Dongle)?

The Mobile Repair Tool or more popularly known as the MRT Tool, provides all the useful functionalities that your MediaTek device could ever need. First, many tweaks require the execution of a lot of effort. Apart from that, a few fastboot binaries and commands needed to be perfectly executed. However, this tool streamlines the entire process and makes it quite easy for you, the user, to get on with the desired tweaks.

But that is just one side of the coins. For the unawares, these modifications do bring in some risks as well. Making a note of the same, you could use this dongle to preserve some of your data, including the ability to repair your International Mobile Equipment Identity right from within the tool. On that note, let us check out some of the advantages that the MRT Key Dongle brings in with itself.

Advantages of MRT Key Dongle

This tool has quite a lot of useful features that might come in useful for the MediaTek devices. Here are some of the noteworthy ones that caught our attention:

Unlock Bootloader/ReLock Bootloader

To carry out any of the aforementioned tweaks, an unlocked bootloader is a first and foremost requirement. This is because, by default every OEM ships their device with a locked bootloader. You will then have to execute a few lines of command and use some drivers to start the unlock process. Well, the MRT Key Dongle tool streamlines the entire process and make the entire unlock process quite easy. If you wish to revert to stock and relock the bootloader along the same lines, you could do the same right from this tool itself.

FRP Unlock

Once you have formatted your device, then on the next boot, you will have to enter your Google credentials before you could gain access to the device. The Silicon Valley giants have put in place the Factory Reset Protection. However, in some cases, a user might face an issue or two in logging into their Gmail account. This is where the FRP Unlock feature comes to the fore. Using this functionality, you could easily unlock the FRP from your device.

IMEI repair

By carrying any modifications or tweaks to your MediaTek powered chances, if you end up corrupting the EFS partition, then you might have a hard time getting your IMEI number back. For the unawares, the said partition holds all the important unique IMEI numbers, and once you end up messing with this, you might face quite a lot of issues later on. Well, not anymore. Using the MRT Key Dongle tool, you could easily repair your IMEI without any issues as such.

Support for the Aliyun OS system

Aliyun OS is a Linux distribution developed by the Alibaba Clouds. Based on the Android Open Source Project, there are quite a few devices using the said OS. However, there isn’t much support for the devices with the said underlying OS, and users might have to dig into the corners of the World Wide Web in finding help. Well, that could be a thing of the past. MRT Key Dongle tool supports all the devices with the Aliyun OS, and hence you could carry out the desired activities onto your Aliyun OS devices.

Various device supports

One of the major takeaway from this tool is that it supports near-about all major OEMs having the MediaTek chipset. Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, HongMi, Huawei, and LeEco are some of the noteworthy smartphone manufacturers that could make full use of this tool. Apart from that, the support list also includes various MTK Android device models (MT6580 or MTK X10 6753/6752/6595/6795 and older CPUs like MTK 6575/6577/6572/6571).


mrt dongle flash

  • Root/Unroot: With just a single click, you could gain access to the system partition of your device by rooting it. Along the same lines, you could unroot the device and bring it back to stock.
  • Enable USB Debugging: To execute any of your preferred ADB commands, you need to enable Developer Options and then USB Debugging through it. This calls for quite a lot of effort for the end-users. However using this tool, you could easily do so by just enabling a toggle.
  • Support for Multiple Devices: It supports Meizu, Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei, Coolpad, and many other smartphones having the MTK chipset.
  • Devmo Fix: Along the same lines, you could also fix the Devmo on Huawei And Vivo devices.
  • Bypass FRP Lock: As soon as you enter your Google Account credentials, the FRP kicks in. Until and unless you have the correct account credentials, you wouldn’t be able to format the device or gain access to it. This might prove to be a cause of concern for the users who have forgotten their ID or password. But with the help of MRT Dongle V5.37, you could bypass the FRP lock from your device.
  • Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade: You could directly upgrade your Huawei device’s OS to the latest version using this tool. Or, if the latest build doesn’t meet your requirement or proves to be quite buggy, then downgrading to an earlier build is also a possibility.
  • Account Removal: You could also remove an account from Huawei devices or Mi Account from Xiaomi and Redmi devices through this tool.
  • IMEI Repair: If you flash an incorrect binary on your device, then it might corrupt the EFS partition. This is the partition that stores your device’s unique identifier aka IMEI number. So losing your IMEI number is the last thing that one could hope for. However, if that happens with you, then the tool will help you repair the International Mobile Equipment Identity and hence your IMEI stands restored.

Download Latest MRT Key V3.29 Setup - Mobile Repair Tool Dongle

Download Latest MRT Setup:

  • MRT Dongle Latest Setup V5.52: Download
  • MRT Dongle Latest Setup V5.37: Download
  • MRT Dongle Latest Setup v3.65: Download
  • MRT Dongle Latest Setup v3.62: Download
  • MRT Dongle Latest Setup V3.59: Download
  • MRT Key V3.95: Download
  • MRT Key V3.57 Setup – Link [Latest]
  • MRT Key V3.29 Setup – Link
  • Huawei-MRT-Tool – Link
  • MRT-Vivo-V1.3 – Link
  • AE Tool V5.3 – Link
  • Huawei-FRP-v8 – Link

What’s New in MRT Dongle Latest Setup V5.52

  • New update adds support for Vivo iQOO Z3 and Vivo iQOO Neo5 in MRT V5.52
  • Vivo X60 Pro support in beta (select iQOO Neo5 to proceed)
  • Added Huawei V40 and Huawei PDA C3 support in Huawei flasher unlock account function
  • BK Vivo: FRP unlock, IMEI repair, and flashing
  • OPPO: FRP unlock, IMEI repair, and flashing
  • HongMi (MTK CPU): password unlock, FRP unlock, IMEI repair, and flashing
  • Meizu: One-click removal of password, FRP (account) without opening the phone, flashing and unlocking supported for Aliyun OS system
  • Huawei: FRP removal, bootloader unlocking, and relocking
  • LeEco Qualcomm: Comprehensive FRP support (account and Google ID removal) without relocking upon internet connection; support for X800, X800+, X900, X900+, etc.
  • Compatibility with all MTK Android phones, including latest chips like MT6580, MTK X10 6753, 6752, 6595, and 6795; support for older CPUs like MTK 6575, 6577, 6572, and 6571

MRT Key V3.95 New Update Changelog:

  • Xiaomi account unlock without relock added (no VPN installation, no 3rd ROM flashing, no bootloader unlocking required)
  • Supports all Xiaomi Redmi phones with Qualcomm CPUs listed in MRT
  • Adjustments made for Vivo Qualcomm CPU password unlocking
  • Hw Flasher Unlock Account feature added for Hisilicon (Kirin) 980, enabling one-click read/write of OEM info
  • Fixes for other minor bugs
  • MRT Version 3.87 addresses a major bug in version 3.86, where Vivo phones remained password-protected after unlocking

How to Use MRT Dongle Latest Setup

  1. First and foremost, you will have to disable your antivirus software as well as the Windows Defender. As far as Defender is concerned, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Virus and Threat protection > Manage Settings > Disable the Real-Time Protection toggle.
    disable defender
  2. Once that is done, extract the contents of the MRT Dongle Setup that you have downloaded from the above section.
    mrt latest setup
  3. There should be MTK, Qualcomm, Huawei, and Mi Unlock drivers packed in with the tool. If you haven’t installed them, then do so right away using the given drivers.
  4. Connect your device to PV via USB cable and then launch the MRT application via its EXE file. You might see the “Repair MRT key 009”. Click on it and it will automatically activate the MRT dongle (if you are using it).
    mrt vivo
  5. Now simply follow the onscreen instructions to carry out the desired tasks.

So this was all from this guide regarding the latest MRT Dongle Setup V5.37. If you have any queries related to this tool, do let us know in the comments section below. Likewise, don’t forget to check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick section as well.


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