Download Walton MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Walton Group is a conglomerate based in Bangladesh motors, mobiles, electronics, and other products. The brand manufactures some great budget category competitive smartphones that look stunning and offers good hardware specifications. If you’re using any Walton smartphone powered by MediaTek chipset and getting issues while flashing the firmware on it, then this guide is for you. Here we have shared the link to Download Walton MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA].

The Walton MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader files can access the internal storage of the MediaTek powered devices and can easily bypass the secure boot of the MTK handsets. Almost every MediaTek chipset running phones comes with a secure boot system that may cause issue during flashing firmware files or any image files. Another reason behind using the MTK Download Agent files is to perform backups, remove FRP Lock, and more.

Download Walton MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files and Its Advantages

The Download Agent or DA files are actually the boot file or firmware files. The DA files help users to flash any file on a MediaTek chipset device that has secure boot enabled by default. Usually, DA files access the onboard storage of an MTK handset and provide additional features.

As the latest MTK running devices are now coming with a secure boot system by default that doesn’t allow the user to access internal files using the DA files. To bypass the secure boot lock, you have to use a separate Secure Boot DA files.

Check out some of the useful advantages:

  • Can remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP Lock)
  • Backup of the system image on your device
  • Can read security codes of the MTK device
  • Install firmware files
  • Make a clone of recovery image file
  • Clone the boot files

Download Walton MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Here we have put up the download links of the Walton MediaTek processor device models. You can flash the DA files in place of the basic MTK DA file during using the SP Flash tool or Miracle Box. Check out the Download Agent file for the specific Walton model below.

Models Download Link
Walton Primo S7 Link
Walton Primo F9 Link
Walton Primo NF4 Turbo Link
Primo NH4 Link
Primo S7 Link
Walton Primo H8 Turbo Link
Primo EF9 Link
Primo E9 Link
Walton Primo NF4 Link
Primo H8 Link
Primo E9 Exclusive Link
Walton Primo GM3+ (3GB) Link
Primo R5+ Link
Primo X5 Link
Walton Primo GH7i Link
Primo F8s Link
Primo S6 Dual Link
Walton Primo H7s Link
Primo GM3+ Link
Primo RX6 Link
Walton Primo R5 Link
Primo GM3 Link
Primo GF7 Link
Walton Primo HM4i Link
Primo F8 Link
Primo S6 Infinity Link
Walton Primo H7 Link
Primo F7s Link
Primo HM4+ Link
Walton Primo RH3 Link
Primo GH7 Link
Primo NF3 Link
Walton Primo G8 Link
Primo NH3i Link
Primo GF6 Link
Walton HM4 Link
Primo S6 Link
Primo ZX3 Link
Walton GM2+ Link
Primo H6 Lite Link
Primo NH3 Link
Walton Primo NH3 Lite Link
Primo GM2 Link
Primo N3 Link
Walton Primo RM3s Link
Primo G7+ Link
Primo H6+ Link
Walton Primo G7 Link
Primo S5 Link
Walpad 10b Link
Walton Walpad G3 Link
Primo X4 Pro Link
Primo NH2 Link
Walton Primo NH2 Lite Link
Primo NX4 Mini Link
Primo D8 Link
Walton Primo RM3 Link
Primo F7 Link
Primo NX4 Link
Walton Primo NF2+ Link
Primo NH Link
Primo NH Lite Link
Walton Primo HM3+ Link
Primo X4 Link
Primo HM3 Link
Walton Primo RX5 Link
Primo H6 Link
Primo GH6+ Link
Walton Primo GH6 Link
Primo GH5+ Link
Primo ZX2 Lite Link
Walton Primo H5 Link
Primo R4s Link
Primo N2 Link
Walton Primo NF2 Link
Primo R4+ Link
Primo NX3+ Link
Walton Primo RM2 Mini Link
Primo VX+ Link
Primo ZX2 Mini Link
Walton Primo R4 Link
Primo NX3 Link
Primo ZX2 Link
Walton HM2 Link
Primo H4 Link
Primo RX4 Link
Walton Primo S4 Link
Primo F6 Link
Primo E4+ Link
Walton Primo RM2 Link
Primo RH2 Link
Primo RX3 Link
Walton Primo RM Link
Primo GM Link
Primo NX2 Link
Walton GM Mini Link
Primo RH Link
Primo S3 Mini Link
Walpad 8X Link
Walpad 10X Link
Primo X3 Mini Link
EF2 Link
Primo G5 Link
Primo S3 Link
Walton Primo GH3 Link
Primo E3 Link
Primo HM Link
Walton Primo X3 Link
Primo RX2 Link
Primo F4 Link
Walton Primo V1 Link
Primo H3 Link
Walpad 8b Link
Primo R2 Link
Walpad 8w Link
Walpad 8 Link
Primo X2 Mini Link
Primo X1 Link
Walpad 7 Link
Primo X2 Link


You should backup the device data at first and follow this guide at your own risk. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any kind of damage/error that occurs to your device by following this guide or flashing any.

How to use the MTK Secure Boot DA Loader Files

The steps to use DA files on the SP Flash Tool is quite easy. Let’s have a look.

  • First, you have to download the SP Flash Tool on your PC and open it.
  • Next, head over to the Download tab.
  • Click on the Choose button and select the Walton secure boot DA file that you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • The Custom DA file will load and now you can install any firmware or image file on your MTK device easily.
  • That’s it.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful. For any queries, let us know in the comments below.

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