How to Fix EA FC 24 Web App Can’t Change Platform

After the EA and FIFA partnership ends, the new-generation EA SPORTS FC 24 delivers the same football simulation gaming experience and true-to-ultimate feel with HyperMotionV technology. It’s also optimized with the Opta for playstyles, an enhanced Frostbite Engine, and more. But somehow, several players are experiencing many issues or bugs that become frustrating. Meanwhile, multiple players reported that the EA FC 24 Web App Can’t Change the Platform.

If you are also encountering the same issue on the web app and are worried about it, don’t worry. As the EA FC 24 web app is available for all players and works well on the PC, sometimes it acts weirdly. The web app regarding issues has appeared previously with older titles, too. Now, if you’re unable to switch the platform on the EA FC 24 Web App, then make sure to check out this troubleshooting guide to resolve it. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Web App Can't Change Platform

How to Fix EA FC 24 Web App Can’t Change Platform

We should mention that the EA Sports FC 24 Web App is one of the popular platforms for football players to manage their Ultimate Team and participate in various game modes. However, some players are facing some difficulties with the changing platforms while using the Web App. Well, these issues can be pretty much frustrating and prevent players from accessing specific features. Another issue is the ‘Objectives Not Activating’ problem that occurs whenever players become unable to complete objectives or claim rewards on different platforms.

Some unfortunate players are also facing login issues while switching platforms on the web app, which eventually ruins the overall gaming experience. If we take a quick look at the multiple reports, players cannot switch platforms on the EA FC 24 web app because it keeps redirecting back to the same platform again or prevents completing objectives. Luckily, there are a couple of possible workarounds mentioned below that should come in handy.

1. Restart the Device

First, you’ll need to simply restart your specific gaming device no matter what you’re using. Rebooting the system will help in fixing temporary glitches or cache data issues whatsoever.

2. Cross-check the Valid EA Account

You’ll need to check out the EA account to see whether it’s correctly showing and whether you’re using the same valid profile. To do so:

  • Log in with your EA credentials whenever you visit this official EA website.
  • Select My Account in the top left corner.
  • It’ll display all accounts associated with your Origin account.
  • So, make sure to use only one account whatever you’ve used to purchase the EA FC 24 game.
  • Now, try to remove any other accounts that you don’t need at the moment.

3. Check the EA FC 24 Server Status

Ensure to check for the EA FC 24 Server Status here to ensure there is no server-related issue or web app issue that troubles you or not. Sometimes, the game servers aren’t active or operational in the background, which can cause web app launching issues. You can also check the official @EAHelp and @EASFCDirect Twitter pages for the latest updates.

4. Update the Chrome Browser

Another thing you can do is to update the Google Chrome browser manually on Windows to check if the problem has been fixed or not. Sometimes, the Chrome browser doesn’t update automatically. So, follow the steps below to do so.

  • Launch Google Chrome > Click on the Menu (three vertical dots icon) from the upper right side.
  • Go to Settings > Click on About Chrome from the left pane.
  • It’ll automatically check for available updates. If yes, it’ll automatically download and install the update.
  • Finally, close and restart your Chrome browser to apply changes.

5. Clear Browsing Data and Cookies

Sometimes issues with the web browser cache data and cookies can eventually cause several issues with the webpage loading or forcefully redirecting. It’s recommended to clear browsing data and cookies manually to fix multiple issues.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser > Click on the Menu (three vertical dots icon) from the upper right side.
  • Now, hover over the More tools field to expand the drop-down list.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.

  • Next, under the Basic tab, select the Time range according to your preference.
  • Then click on the checkbox of Browsing historyCookies and other site dataCached images and files to select them.
  • Click on Clear data.
  • Now, click on Cookies and other site data. [Deleting cookies and site data will log out of the accounts]
  • Once done, restart your Chrome browser, and check whether the problem has been fixed or not.

6. Log Out of the EA Account and Log Back In

Make sure to completely log out of your EA account and wait for a couple of minutes before signing back into it. Sometimes temporary account-related glitches can also trouble a lot of players. You should also keep in mind that use the same EA account and credentials to log into the EA FC 24 game to avoid issues. You can follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open the specific game launcher (such as Origin) > Head over to the main menu.
  • Make sure to Sign Out of the EA account.
  • Head over to Task Manager > Go to Processes.
  • Select EA FC 24 or the game launcher.
  • Click on End Task to close properly > Reboot the PC to apply changes.
  • Now, open the game launcher again > Sign into your valid EA account.
  • Finally, try launching the EA FC 24 web app to check for the issue.

7. Retry Changing the Platform

The chances are high that somehow changing the platform on the web app might not work for the first time. So, make sure to retry changing the platform by following the steps below.

  • Open the EA FC 24 Web App > Click on the Gear icon (settings) at the bottom left side.
  • Select the Platform icon depending on what you want (Xbox, PS5 or PC icon).
  • Finally, click on Change to confirm the platform.

8. Contact EA Help

If none of the methods come in handy, then Contact EA Help for further assistance. Make sure to submit the support ticket and elaborate on the issue with required details like screenshots so that devs can deep dive into it.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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