How to Fix Echo Dot Stuck in Setup Mode

Amazon is a very popular brand in the whole world. They are not only providing services but they are also making smart devices. The Amazon Echo Dot which is the Smart Speaker is very much famous due to the features it’s providing. It is a voice-enabled smart speaker which can do a lot of things for you.

Many users are loving it, whereas some users are facing issues with the setting up of smart speakers. Yes, users are reporting that they are facing that their Echo Dot is Stuck in Setup Mode. So, we are here with the guide on How to Fix Echo Dot Issue. Therefore, read the full article to know how to fix this issue and what is the reason behind the issue.

How to Fix Echo Dot Stuck in Setup Mode

Why Is My Echo Dot Facing Issue While Setup?

The Echo Dot sometimes faces this issue which can happen due to many reasons. So, first of all, check the reasons below.

  • Network Issue
  • Software Issue
  • Hardware Issue
  • Outdated Software

How to Fix Echo Dot Issue While Setup?

The Amazon Echo Dot might get stuck in setup mode, and we have mentioned the reasons above. So, we are here with the methods through which you can easily fix Echo Dot which has been stuck in the setup mode.

Restart the Smart Speaker

If you are facing this issue with your Amazon Echo Dot, then the first fix that you should try is to restart the Echo Dot. By restarting, the files will be loaded again and through it, the device will again get in the Setup Mode and this time it is likely that you will not get stuck.

Check Network Connection

You are likely to face this issue if your Echo Dot is not connected with a good network connection. So, we will suggest you to get ensure your Internet Connection and after it, check whether the issue is happening or not. Also, you can easily check your internet connection by using the Internet Speed Checker. So, check whether your Internet Connection has a good download speed or not. If not, then try switching the data connections.

Update Your Alexa App

For setting up the Amazon Echo Dot, the smart speaker requires to have the updated Alexa App. So, make sure that you are using the latest Alexa App to set up your Echo Dot. You can check whether the Alexa App is updated or not by going to the Play Store and clicking on the app and checking whether the update is available or not.

Use Amazon Website

If you are still facing the issue and your Echo Dot is stuck in the setup mode then you can complete the full setup by going to Amazon’s Official Website. So, after going to the website, follow the steps which are given below to complete the setup.

  • First of all, visit the Website
  • After it, Enter your login details on the website
  • Now, go to the Settings
  • Click on the setup a device option
  • After it, complete the setup of your Echo Dot


So, in this guide, we have tried to explain the reasons through which you are facing this issue. Also, after it, we have mentioned the methods through which you can easily try resolving this issue. So, implement the methods carefully. Also, if you have fixed the same issue through any other method then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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