How to Enable Developer Option on OnePlus 8 Pro

Developer Option will allow you to use many of the hidden features. The Developer Options become necessary for some tasks. The steps to enable the Developer Option is very simple and useful. You can enable it from your device itself and can perform a lot of other tasks as well. In this article, we have the steps to Enable Developer Option on OnePlus 8 Pro in very straightforward steps.

The Developer Options can be used to manage the performance of OnePlus 8 Pro and other Android devices. However, most of the time it remains turned off. Once you master this mode on OnePlus 8 Pro, you’ll be able to manage this smartphone effectively. It has many maintenance related options that keep the device running smooth and lag-free.

OnePlus 8 Pro

What are Developer Options?

Every Android smartphone and Android tablet contains a secret set of options: Android Developer Options. As the name suggests these are intended principally for developers – people who need additional functions to test software and apps they are writing for Android devices. There are many options that allow you to simulate app stresses or enable debugging options. Android Developer Options allow you to enable debugging over USB, capture bug reports on to your Android device, and show CPU usage on the screen to measure the impact of your software. Android Developer Options also allow you to draw debugging information on the screen including layout bounds, updates on GPU views and hardware layers, and other information.


Developer Options or Mode is hidden by default for a reason. Google and phone makers don’t want average users to tinker with the options under this sub-menu as that can cause performance bugs and problems.

Enable Developer Option on OnePlus 8 Pro

  • Open App Drawer and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and go to About Phone.
  • Now, go to the Build Number and tap 7 times on it.
  • Go back to Settings, Scroll down and tap on Developer Option.

Disable Developer Option on OnePlus 8 Pro

  • Open App Drawer and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Developer Option.
  • Toggle the slider towards the left to disable the developer option.


This was the easiest way to enable and disable the developer option on OnePlus 8 Pro. Follow them carefully to enable the feature in your device.

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