Fix: Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11

In today’s modern hyper connected world, internet acts as an important yet indispensable feature. You can use the Internet via various means such as a Cellular connection, Wifi connection or an Ethernet connection. The majority of us like to use the ethernet connection due to its reliability and fast transmission speeds. However, there are instances where you will see an error message saying Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11. This could be very frustrating, especially when you are working on something important or in the middle of sending an important email.

Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration error can disrupt your online activities and productivity as well. So it is important that we understand the cause of this error and deploy several troubleshooting ways to resolve it. Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11 typically occurs due to system failure to assign a valid IP address to your Ethernet adapter. An IP address is a digital footprint of your computer on the network that shows other computers including internet services to communicate with your device. When this is not configured properly, you will not be able to use the internet and will face the configuration error.

Fix Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11

What Is Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Error

When we need to connect our computers to a reliable internet connection, we often use either Wireless or wired mode of connection. Ethernet is a wired mode of communication channel and is used widely in the modern industry. The wires used to establish an Internet connection are the Ethernet cables, and they provide network communication and access to the system.

But sometimes, there could be an issue with the wire, or the connecting channel or due to a network being down, you might see the valid IP configuration error. This error means the system cannot provide access to the Ethernet IP configuration. Oftentimes, the issue is purely a technical glitch and can be solved by restarting all the connected devices. However, in many cases, you have to troubleshoot the ethernet settings to fix the same.

How To Fix Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11

The internet and its related services have turned out to be a boon for everyone in the 21st century. An Ethernet connection allows you to easily share data with others, ain records smartly and allows you to communicate across thousands of miles away in a snap. However, when you connect multiple devices with the same ethernet cable, the chances of getting a configuration error increase. If you are also facing a similar issue, below are some troubleshooting ways to fix the same.

Method 1: Restart Connected Devices

Turning your computer and network adapter on and off can work miracles. It is one of the best ways to fix the Ethernet that doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error is to restart all your connected devices. When you turn off your devices including the computer, network adapter and internet router, make sure to count until 10 before turning it on.

Method 2: Clear Network Cache

Whenever you connect to your internet connection, it stores some network cache to help you stay connected to the network. However, this cache might get corrupted over time and may cause several internet or IP related issues.

In order to clear the network cache, you have to use the ipconfig command in the Elevated Command Prompt. This command displays the current configuration of the installed IP stack. Using it allows you to reset the contents of the DNS client resolver cache and renew the DHCP configuration.

  • Type “cmd” in the Windows search bar and open “Command prompt.”

  • Make sure to open the command prompt as an administrator mode.

  • Run the following ip config commands to clear network cache.
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

Once done, restart your computer and see if this helps.

Method 3: Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Windows comes with an advanced troubleshooting mechanism that can identify and solve the majority of issues. So that you can easily run the network troubleshooter on the system and fix the error. You may do so by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Search for Network troubleshooter on the search bar and click on “Identify and repair network problems”.

  • The troubleshooter will start searching for the errors present in the network. Wait for this process to finish.

  • Once done, the troubleshooter will provide the fix for the error. If not, you can follow the next methods.

Method 4: Reset TCP/IP

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a service that is responsible for transferring data from one device to another, while IP stands for Internet Protocol. Both of these services work together to give you a seamless internet experience. However, sometimes they not may work in sync causing the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration problem. So to fix this, you have to reset your device’s TCP/IP configuration.

  • Type “cmd” in the Windows search bar and open “Command prompt.”

  • Make sure to open the command prompt as an administrator mode.
  • Type in the following commands (Press the Enter key after each command to execute them)

netsh Winsock reset

netsh int IP reset


Once both commands have successfully been executed, you may restart the computer to see if the error is resolved.

Method 5: Disable VPN

To fix the Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration error, one of the troubleshooting steps you can try is disabling your VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. This error typically occurs when your computer is unable to obtain a valid IP address from your network, and a VPN can sometimes interfere with this process.

Locate the VPN software on your computer. This is often a program running in your system tray or a separate application. Within the VPN client, there should be an option to disconnect or turn off the VPN connection. Click on this option to disconnect from the VPN server.

Method 6: Disable IPv6

IPv6, or Internet Protocol version 6, is a communication protocol used on the Internet. However, not all networks and internet service providers fully support IPv6 yet, which can lead to compatibility issues. So it’s better to disable this service as it might help you to solve the IP configuration error.

  • Open the control panel and navigate to Wifi > Properties.

  • Here uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 and click OK.

  • Now reconnect to your network and check if the error is fixed.

Method 7: Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is a feature in Windows that combines elements of a traditional shutdown and hibernation. However, this feature can sometimes lead to problems with network-related processes. When your computer boots up quickly, it may not initialize network components correctly, causing issues like the Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11 error.

  • Open Settings and navigate to System > Power & Sleep. A window will appear, resembling the image below. From here, click on “Additional power settings.”

  • Next, choose “Choose what the power buttons do” (for laptops, select “Choose what closing the lid does”). You can refer to the image below for guidance.

  • In the following step, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable,” as indicated in the image below.

  • Now, unmark the box labeled “Turn on fast startup” to deactivate it, and then click “Save changes.”

Method 8: Reinstall or Update Network Adapter Driver

The network adapter driver is responsible for all the outgoing and incoming internet requests through your computer. If the adapter driver is old and not updated for a long time, it may not be able to process the internet requests according to modern security standards. This causes the Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11 problem. So to fix this, you have to update or re-install the network adapter driver.

  • First, open the settings app and open the Device Manager portal. You can open this via searching in the windows bar.
  • In the device manager, navigate to network adapters and find the one which is not updated for a long time.

  • Here right click and choose the update driver option. Windows will ask you to automatically search for the latest drivers from the internet.

  • Wait for Windows to search and install the latest drivers for the network adapter. Once done, restart your computer to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 9: Disabling Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter

Microsoft Kernel Debug is a feature used for troubleshooting and debugging Windows operating systems. While it’s a useful tool for developers, it’s not something most regular users need to have enabled. So it is best suited to disable the Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter to avoid any IP Configuration issues.

  • First, open the settings app and open the Device Manager portal. You can open this by searching in the windows bar.

  • In the device manager, click on the view menu and click on the show hidden devices option.
  • Now navigate to the network adapters section, and right click on Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter.

  • Choose the disable option and then restart your computer to take effect.

Method 10: Temporarily Disable the Antivirus

It’s possible that the antivirus software installed on your computer could be one of the reasons why you’re experiencing an error. Antivirus programs sometimes conflict with other software or falsely identify legitimate programs as threats, which can lead to errors or malfunctions. By temporarily disabling it, you can determine if the antivirus is indeed the source of the problem.

To troubleshoot this issue, we recommend temporarily disabling your antivirus through the settings menu. Once you’ve done that, check to see if the error persists or if it’s resolved.

Method 11: Contact ISP

If none of the above methods help you, then the issue might be with your internet account or with your internet service provider. If so, please connect with your ISP and discuss about reliable and fast internet plans.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration in Windows 11 issue. It’s important to note that sometimes the issue is just a technical glitch and can be fixed by restarting your computer and the ethernet modem/router. Whether you’re a novice user or an experienced tech enthusiast, the above troubleshooting methods will help you to fix your Ethernet connection back up and running.

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