Everything You Need to know about GVM PRO SD300B

I have discovered two game-changing studio lighting – the GVM Pro SD300B LED Monolight coupled with a 2.4-meter softbox and GVM-BD45R. It adapts to various creative needs by seamlessly transitioning between warm and cool tones. So, in this review, you will get to know the features, pricing points, etc., more or less everything.

What Are The Features of GVM PRO SD300B?

Professional shooters will appreciate the range of features offered by the GVM PRO-SD300B spotlight. With COB lamp beads of the highest quality, your shots will be rendered accurately and consistently with a CRI of 97+ and TLCI of 97+. Furthermore, the spotlight offers four dimming rate curves commonly used by film producers. It is easy to use these curves to adjust the intensity of the light to create the desired atmosphere for your scenes. Whether you are shooting micro-movies, short videos, or anything else, this spotlight will provide exceptional fill light.

  • Continuous Output Lighting: The COB LED continuous studio light provides 45400lux per meter and is flicker-free. You can adjust the brightness between 0% and 100% and the colour temperature between 2700K and 6800K. This camera has a CRI/TLCI 97+ rating that provides accurate colour reproduction so that photos and videos are vivid and attractive. It is the perfect tool for recording video, taking pictures of people, recording weddings, or photographing products.
  • 12 dynamic light effects & 12 light source match: You’ll find 12 effects included in this photography lighting setup: Television, Paparazzi, Explosion, Breathing Light, Strobe, Flame, Fireworks, and Welding. The App also offers 12 different types of light sources to choose from, saving you lots of time when adjusting the light source.
  • APP Intelligent Control System & DMX Control: Users can control the GVM-SD200B Studio Light with their mobile devices running IOS or Android. In addition, it supports Bluetooth mesh networking and can be controlled alongside GVM brand products that support mesh networking. These include GVM SD80D, GVM YU150R, GVM SD300B, and GVM SD400B. It can handle DMX control and high precision 16bit and low precision 8bit modes through standard DMX interface.
  • Rugged Construction and Practical Design: This aluminium alloy video spotlight is built to withstand daily intensive usage and is manufactured to be as durable as possible. With an integrated handle and bottom legs, the sturdy enclosure makes handling, installing, and storing the panel easy. It features built-in fans and an active cooling system for optimum heat dissipation to prolong its lifespan and maintain stable performance.
  • 200W Constant Power: SD200B consumes 208W of power continuously. This new SD200B continuous lighting algorithm takes continuous lighting to a whole new level. During the colouring process, it automatically calculates the appropriate power for various lamp beads so that the colour temperatures and colours have consistent power. Make sure that the brightness remains constant while the colour temperature is adjusted.
  • Bowens Mount & Upgraded U-Bracket: With the Silver Inner Surface Reflector on this continuous lighting kit, the light is emitted evenly. In addition to reflectors and softboxes, Bowens Mount can accommodate light modulators. With the updated U-shaped bracket, you are able to adjust the beam angle 360°. In order to keep the angle of the light steady, the knob has been enlarged to increase friction.



You can easily get it at $389.00 on Amazon or their official website.



  • GVM PRO-SD300B spotlights have excellent lighting capabilities and are constructed with intelligent cooling systems and a silent fan to ensure optimal performance.
  • There is an optic lens in front of the COB lamp beads on the GVM PRO-SD300B spotlight.
  • Using a compatible smartphone or tablet, you can control and adjust various settings of the GVM PRO-SD300B spotlight remotely.


What Are The Features of GVM-BD45R?

I am impressed with its full RGB+WY five-colour light source, the GVM BD45R handheld stick light is a powerful light source. The more colours it has, the wider the colour gamut, resulting in tens of millions of vibrant colours. As a result of the high colour rendering index (CRI 97+ and TLCI 97+), the camera can render colours accurately and restore the colour of objects in the most realistic manner.

  • Upgraded Handheld Stick Light: It’s a powerful light source with the newly updated GVM BD45R handheld stick light. It uses a five-color RGB+WY light source. It can be adjusted from warm to cool to match any lighting situation, such as the warm hues of a sunset, the cool hues of bright sunlight in summer or the blue illumination of a full moon.
  • 6-Pixel Light Effects: The GVM-BD45R comes with five-pixel light effects, allowing tens of thousands of colours to change dynamically and giving a beautiful, colourful atmosphere. There are a number of parameters affecting the light effect that can be adjusted manually or through the application. These include the background colour, the colour block speed, the direction of movement, and the beam length.
  • APP Bluetooth/MESH/DMX Control: If you’re interested in controlling your lights from a phone, you can search for “GVM_LED” on the App Store (iOS and Android) and download the relevant App; users can manage multiple BD45R devices simultaneously via the Bluetooth Mesh networking system, and the intuitive control panel on the App allows the layout of lighting scenes much faster and easier.
  • 12 Scene Lighting Effects: Touch Lighting, CCTLoop, Candlelight, Bad Bulb, TV Light, Paparazzi, Explosion, Pulse, Disco, Police Car, Party, HUE Loop. A multi-purpose LED light, this light allows you to light up 12 different scenes with great colour performance. It can also be used for many other purposes, such as stage lighting, party lighting, emergency lighting, dinner lighting, and car lighting.
  • Two Power Supply Modes To Choose: Indoor use can be accomplished with an adapter, or outdoor use can be accomplished with NP-F series batteries. There is a quick-installation chute design on the back, which covers the whole back panel of the light. It is possible to convert the chute adapter into 1/4, 3/8 standard threaded holes, ensuring seamless and efficient installation by integrating the light body with other industrial mounting accessories as well.



You can easily get it at $349.00 on Amazon or their official website.



  • The most valuable advantage for me is the ability to adjust light intensity and colour temperature in the white light colour temperature adjustment mode, allowing for precise temperature adjustment.
  • You can adjust the colour of red, green, and blue light independently.
  • You can rename, and group control the connected lighting equipment. Therefore, the equipment can better match different scenarios of use using the intuitive interface of the App. This can save the user hundreds of hours of time and energy.


*Note: All pricing information is as of the latest available data and may be subject to change. For the most accurate pricing, please refer to the respective official websites or authorized retailers.*

So, that’s all we have for you about the GVM PRO-SD300B and GVM-BD45R. It’s our hope that you do not know if you need these lights or not. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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